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Prom is sort of a big event for the girls in my year. I knew, however excited I was, I would never compare to their levels of excitedness. I mean, I was excited for it but it wasn’t the highlight of my life and thing I was looking forward to most from the moment I was born.

I find Prom a bit weird. I’d never really heard of it before last year and I find it a bit strange that we have it in fifth form (year 11) given that my school still continues on for another 2 years. IMG_4303

My dad describes it as ‘the worst American import’ and points out that it should be the Prom not just Prom.

My Prom was over a month ago now which is crazy especially as the preparation for it began a year and a half ago. I told you the girls in my year were obsessed about it!

My school has absolutely no involvement with Prom and we have to organise it all ourselves which in some respects is good as we can do it how we want it but in quite a few other respects is bad. It’s a lot of work to try to organise while also do the exams.

I was on Prom committee as the only ‘uupopular’ girl but I ended up leaving it before anything big was organised as even though I was there to ensure that it wasn’t just going to be organised to be good for ‘the populars’, I wasn’t being listened to and it was becoming to much of a waste of time. Luckily, Prom still turned out to be great.


I got my dress back in April which I thought was quite late especially as everyone else seemed to already have their dresses, however I’ve been told that it’s actually very early compared to ‘normal’ people!

I didn’t have any clue how I wanted the dress to be before I went shopping but I had a list of things it shouldn’t be: patterned, puffy skirt, strapless, black.

At my school we have a special Facebook group chat for sharing our dresses with each other once we had bought them because unless you travel to get your dress, there are only 2 shops you can get it from in my area. I decided to travel.

Anyway, I went down to London to get my dress partially to make sure I didn’t have an awkward matching disaster with someone at school and also because my aunt told me that they have a very good range of shops.

Tip for anyone buying any sort of formal dress, I highly recommend going to Finsbury Park in London as there’s a street opposite the tube station that is just hundreds of dress shops. Some of the shops have more OTT dresses (one had fluorescent yellow dresses with massive puffy skirts!) but compared to the shops in central London or other cities, they’re for really good prices. Definitely go and check them out if your Prom is next year.

The biggest problem I have is that all the dresses were designed for big chests i.e. they have very plunging necklines or something like that, and I don’t really have much of a cleavage so they didn’t really fit and just looked a bit stupid. However, my dress didn’t require a cleavage so that was a big reason why I chose this dress!

The dress to begin with ‘fitted me like a glove’ as my mum would say but then revision happened. I’m not really a stress eater but more of a boredom eater. During May and June, I ate and ate and ate.

Anyway, the zip just didn’t do up by the time of my last exam. It was almost close to zipping up but I only had a week to lose a little bit of weight or at least shrink in some way! Luckily I managed it although I don’t really know how!

I guess the dress it quite simple but I didn’t really want to go all out for a few reasons. 1. It would be too attention grabbing 2. I have another Prom in 2 years and I feel then would be better time for massive detailing or something 3. I didn’t necessarily want to look that much older than I am.

Anyway, I really like this dress because it was one of the colours my mum wanted me to wear and I like the fact its figure hugging without becoming a ridiculously constricting thing. I also love the train on the dress as it makes me feel so posh for some reason!

For shoes, I found some from ‘Dune’ which are honestly the highest heels I think I could ever wear. They made me be over 6 foot and I basically towered over my friends! I didn’t really match my dress because it was royal blue and silver and the shoes were glittery pink but for some reason it seemed to work. The jewellery I wore was also simple and I bought it as the same time as my dress.

I did the hair and makeup myself which I found very stressful as I really can’t do makeup very well and my mum wanted me to have a sleek bun which I knew would make look bald.

I will admit to having a bit of a breakdown the night before about it all. I don’t really know why it was but I think it was due to my dislike of the photos from boat club dinner which had been the night before.

Anyway, on the morning of Prom, my mum experimented with 4 different bun hairstyles just so we could make a decision and eventually went for a sort of braided chignon bun thing. I just went for my regular makeup with a few extra layers of foundation to try to make my skin look somewhat even in the photos.


As for the event itself, we had it on a Monday evening which was a bit weird as it meant quite a few parents had to leave early from work to see their children in Prom outfits. Anyway, the reasoning for this was that it made the night cheaper but yeah.

Prom itself was from 6 until midnight but I’d arranged 2 pre-prom drinks meet-ups with my friends which meant that preparations began at 11am which was later than most of my friends but as I was doing it myself, I didn’t have to fit my preparations around a hairdresser or makeup artist’s schedule.

After I was all ready, I took photos with my family. Then travelled to a friend’s house and took more photos with my close friends and then travelled to another friend’s house and took even more photos with other friends. And then to Prom for about a billion more photos! I realised I have over 500 photos from Prom alone!!

We hadn’t really thought about our arrival to Prom. I know some people hire limos or Ferraris or something but as we’d all just been together down the road, we car shared and turned up however we piled into the cars.

When we turned up, there was a red carpet. An actual red carpet. Why? did they want us to be extremely embarrassed as we climbed out a car with bird poo splattered down the side? They had a photographer and all the parents queued up taking photos as we walked into the building. It was sooo embarrassing and awkward! However it didn’t compare to the awkwardness of having to walk out into the gardens at the back with our whole year watching.

The thing I found most awkward about all this was the sense of fakeness from everyone wandering telling everyone how lovely they looked and begging them for photos even though they didn’t know each others name. I think I’m probably a bit bitter about this because no one wanted a photo with me or came to talk to me so I was designated to photographer which I didn’t mind it just would’ve been nice to have a bit of a confidence boost! Me and a few of my friends tried to find a way to go home after a few minutes because the awkwardness levels were so high. I’m glad I didn’t.

After we were called in for dinner I started enjoying it a lot more as the awkwardness decreased. The food was OK, better than I’d been expecting but not 5 stars but the thing I really enjoyed were the prom awards.

We didn’t do Prom King and Queen because it was pretty predictable who was going to win those (a popular) but they did other awards that tried to include everyone. I had been nominated for ‘Kindest friend to all’ but I really didn’t want to win it as I don’t have the confidence to walk up in front of everyone so I was really happy when one of my closest friends won it instead. She really deserved it.

I was particularly glad that none of the people who had been nominated for an award as a mean joke ended up winning as I knew that none of them would find it funny.

After a pudding of surprisingly tasty profiteroles (I’m not normally their biggest fan) we headed downstairs into the cellar for the final 2 1/2 hours. When I had still been on the Prom Committee, I’d been the one voting against the place with the cellar as I felt if we had spent so long getting dressed up, there was no point us then heading down into the pitch black where no one could see each other however the cellar actually made the whole of prom for me. SO it was probably a good thing that no one listened to my opinion.

We had a photo booth, a DJ and dance floor and a bar which served a wide range of orange juice and water! Most of the ‘party animals’ in our year headed home at 9:30ish when they realised that there wasn’t any alcohol for sale and there was no way they were going to be able to get their hands on any. The night improved even more after they left.

So basically you could say we danced the night away and it was a lot of fun. As much as I love my heels, I had to abandon them after about 10 minutes of dancing because my legs started cramping. This led to very grubby feet that stained the bath black when we came home and washed them…

The highlight of the night was definitely when ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘Don’t look back in Anger’ were played because despite the fact that none of us were born or close to being born when they were released, everyone knew every word and we all joined hands and ran into the middle as if we were doing the ‘hokey cokey’ (I really hope you understand what I’m trying to say here!) when the song went ‘ANd soooo Sally can waitt,’ which was surprisingly fun. I’m easily amused.

Another highlight was watching my friends climb into the fountain and dance just because they felt like it. They got kicked out of the fountain and a security guard was positioned by the fountain for the rest of the night but it was still lots of fun while it lasted.

Finally, at 12ish, we all began to head home as it was past the DJ’s bedtime (seriously, he was really young) and we were left soaked in sweat from all the dancing (or at least I was) but very happy. No, we didn’t dance the night away until dawn, that’s what the after-prom party is for (which happened the following evening) but it was just long enough for us to properly relax and have fun.

One final story from the night to finish off the post: My mum picked me and 2 friends up from Prom and drove us home. It was quiet with no other cars in sight and as we were going around a roundabout, the whole car suddenly juddered and stopped. It was almost as if we’d hit something but we couldn’t have done.

Anyway one of my friends had been thrown into the door by us stopping and we didn’t really know why but it turned out that her dress had this waistband tie thing while had been dangling out of the car door and had become tangled in the car wheel. The juddering was the wheel stopping as it tore the material.

Luckily the tear doesn’t look too bad and my friend wasn’t hurt but the moral of the story is, always make sure that none of your clothes are trailing out of the car. My mum always tells the story of the same thing happening to a woman in the 1930s but instead of the back of her dress, it was a scarf and she ended up being strangled and died because of it. So yeah, be careful.

Prom overall was a lot better than I expected, I actually had fun! I’ve decided that dressing up is really fun so if anyone has any invitations that give me a reason to dress up let me know!


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Apps, Websites and channels to help you smash your exams!

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a great day. I wanted to start today’s post off in a happy/cheerful way as I know revision is something that automatically puts people in a bad mood. It shouldn’t! Admittedly it’s not fun but neither’s failing (just saying it how it is!!)

As I mentioned in my recent post (HERE), today I’m bringing you a list of apps, websites and other internet-y stuff that have helped me revise and I think will help you too.

As always, if you have any other websites/other internet-y things that you think will help, leave them down in the comments!

  • The Student Room/Get Revising– This is technically the same website but I count them as sort of ‘sister websites’. Basically The Student Room is a bigger version of Get Revising. Get Revising is focused on revision help and equipment so it has past papers, creates revision timetables and stuff like that whilst TSR has all this plus a section of forums to discuss both school and non-school related stuff. I find this part very useful as it helps me to know that everyone else is struggling with a specific topic and to learn tips from people who are aceing their exams.
  • StudyBlue– and other flashcard websites. These are particularly helpful for languages vocab maybe definitions. The only real way to learn these is to repeat, Repeat, REPEAT!! so it helps when the websites have games and multiple ways to learn the flashcards. And they all have apps so you can go over them on the go if you wish to!
  • Wordreference– This is another one for languages, especially if you have coursework or are preparing speaking exam answers. if you know what you want to say and want to know how to say it in, let’s say, French you type it in and it gives you all the possible words. The only problem is, you can only type in one word at a time. The good news is that it’s more reliable than Google Translate so you won’t get caught with silly mistakes. I find it useful as it’s basically an online dictionary and I can never find my actual french dictionary!
  •– This, yet again, is a language learning website but I think only for French, Spanish and German. It features lots of videos of real people speaking which are graded by difficulty. this means you can practise your listening as they have lots of tests and you can test your vocab as well with tests that require you to type in the missing words. And then after all this goodness, there’s a new grammar section which is definitely the most helpful section for me, as grammar is the bit I struggle with the most. So yes, this is a good website. I’m a member of it through school so I have a feeling it might cost a bit of money but not much and it’s definitely worth it!
  • GCSE Bitesize– I’m sure most people in the UK have heard of Bitesize but if you haven’t it’s a website created by the BBC to help aid studying. It covers ages from Key Stage 1 to A level and personally, I find it so helpful! It explains the basic topics clearly with small tests and sometimes games. It doesn’t go into harder topics and it doesn’t explain them deeply but it’s good if you’re unsure of the essential learning points for a subject. They’ve just created a ‘campaign section’ where they basically take you step by step through the practical side of taking GCSEs (managing stress etc)
  • GCSEPOD– This is a website my school suggested I used and as of now, I haven’t really used but I thought I’d include it in case you want to check it out. It’s free, I know that but I don’t know much more about it! Let me know what you think if you try it out!
  • Minimalist– This ones an app which isn’t school related as such but is good if you don’t want to put your phone away when revising. You type in all the jobs you have to do that day and then click on which one you’re doing and how long it will take and if you pick up your phone during the specified time, it buzzes at you until you put it down. Clever, huh?
  • YouTube-As I mentioned in previous posts, YouTube is a huge source of knowledge and can be very useful during the revision process so make use of it. I have a few favourites but it depends on subject. There’s channels like the ‘Fuse School’ which is Chemistry. Eve Bennett also has some great tips and her favourite channels linked in her profile. Her video on Languages literally saved me in my french speaking exam!

  • CGP guides and Collins Books– as you can probably tell, these are both books of some sort! The CGP guides are given to me by school and are basically guides (surprise, surprise!) containing pages on every topic as well as ways of remembering the harder stuff. Then at the end of the larger topic here are questions to answer. I personally love these! Apparently if I properly learnt every word of the guides I’d get an A* which is no surprise but that’s also not very achievable!! Then the Collins books contain summaries of the topics and then longer exam style questions. These are quite similar but a lot more practical. I advise getting both but if you can only get 1, choose CGP and print off practise questions off the internet (just google search it!)

I hoped these helped/ will help. And do check out my last revision related post (HERE) and look out for a new one in 3 days.


(I’m trying to help as many people as possible with this post, so if you found it useful, please share it!)


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How to Revise Successfully

My exams are starting shortly, 45 days to be exact, not that I want to be reminded, which means I’ve started revision. Not very successfully but the thought was there! I’d aimed to have done so much more than I have by now but oops, I guess I lost track of time!

Revision isn’t something you can avoid until you get into a steady job with no aim of progressing through studying so the earlier you can learn what works for you, the better.

I’m not going to talk to you today about how to revise because I don’t necessarily know that myself yet, there are so many supposedly useful methods out there I just try everything, but I’ll talk to you about things that will help you revise. These tips are generalised tips for any revisions circumstances so whether you’re doing your first lot of revision even for your very last exams, I hope these tips will be useful to you!

  • Wake up early. It’s easy on exam leave or if you’re revising during the holiday to  you wake up whenever and then get started with revision. Now I’m not a late sleeper but even if I wake up at 9, I’ve already missed at least an hour that I could be revising. I suggest waking up at ‘normal’ time, as if you have school to go to. Get dressed and have breakfast and be ready to start at 8. This means you can have more breaks later on and feel as if you’ve actually worked hard that day.
  • I touched on this above but eat a good breakfast. If your stomach is rumbling constantly, it will distract you! I’m sometimes guilty of not eating as much as I should but I never miss breakfast, it’s an essential to my day!
  • Always turn your phone off and give it to someone to look after or put it in a different room. As much as I know that I won’t work if I have my phone nearby, I still struggle so much to not go on it as revision is sooo boring! If I give it to my mum I know she’ll give it back if I ask for it but that she won’t be happy if I ask while I’m meant to be doing revision. It just removes the possibility of me being able to play on my phone which I pretend I don’t do instead of school work but let’s be real!
  • Schedule in snack breaks. One of my friends who did her GCSEs last year told me that the time she put on the most weight in her life was during exam leave and at the moment, I can definitely see where she’s coming from! I’m eating soo much, it’s insane! If you have a specific time designated to eating, it stops you from getting distracted by the thought of food at other times. I boredom eat which basically means I keep getting up to get more food just so I’m doing something interesting even if I’m completely full of food!
  • Have a revision timetable. This was somewhere I went wrong in my mock exam revision, I did start off with a timetable but everything took longer than I expected and so I didn’t stick to it. I found that only revised the topics I enjoyed, not things like physics. Make sure you write your timetable in pen so you can’t alter it when you want a break!
  • Have a countdown to the start of exams, end of exams and results day. No matter how much people told me this year would fly by, I didn’t believe them, but wow, it’s flown by!! It’s easy to think that the exams are weeks or months away when actually they’re not far away! If you have a countdown yo can keep reminding yourself every time you want to take an unscheduled break. There are plenty of apps or websites that do countdowns or you could just have a calendar to cross off every time you go to bed.

  • Drink loads of water. I only drink water but I don’t drink enough of it, however I am working on my water intake. Water keeps your brain working and stops headaches and makes you feel more awake. (Also, if you really want to skip revision, drink water makes you need the toilet more, hence more breaks!)
  • Make sure you have everything you need in your revising space. By this I mean pens, pencils, rulers, paper of every kind, flashcards, revision guides, school books…. It stops you from having the excuse to wander around the house to ‘find’ the stuff you need.
  • If you’re ill, take a break. Over Christmas, when I was revising, I was ill and just felt generally terrible but I carried on working and couldn’t get rid of it. Therefore, my next piece of advice is, if you’re ill, take a break and put all your efforts into beating your illness. There’s nothing worse then doing an exam while ill! I mean, don’t do nothing, maybe if you do English Literature, you could re-read the book but probably from your bed filled with medicine!
  • Get dressed everyday. I first saw this on someone else’s blog a year or so ago, sorry, I can’t remember who but I’ve remembered it everyday. It’s important to get dressed everyday into something comfortable but smart. If you get dressed in something loungey and lazy or don’t get dressed at all (I mean PJs, cheeky!), you will act and feel loungey and lazy. By making sure you get dressed everyday, you’re more likely to actually get stuff done!
  • Revise with a friend. If you have a friend who’s particularly great at, let’s say, biology and you’re not good at that but you are good at chemistry which is their weak subject, you can help each other to revise. I understand that you just want to hang out without the revision but you could meet up in the afternoon, you could do 2 hours of revision and then 2 hours of ‘hanging out’ once you’ve finished revision for the day.
  • Or, if you can’t do that, teach someone/anyone. Basically, you understand topics much better if you’re questioned on them so teach someone about your topic, maybe your mum or dad or sibling and get them to ask questions and ask questions about anything they don’t understand. Or if no one’s free to listen to you get a pet or teddy and explain it to them. Speaking it out loud really helps especially for spotting areas of your course you really can’t explain out loud but thought you could when you said it in your head.
  • Make use of any extra revision you can. This is easier when you’re not on holiday but say that your school does extra revision sessions for anyone who wants to go, go along! It might be the worlds most boring thing but just remember the extra step you’ll have over people who didn’t go. Ultimately, trying to get good grades is just a matter of beating someone else to get the little boost to get better grades so anything you can do to get that edge over them will help you.
  • If you’re listening to music, make it plain. Words tend to distract you, so listen to something plain like piano music. It doesn’t have to be boring but not sing-along-able! I know piano music probably isn’t nearly as fun but sorry, do you want good grades or not!?

  • Make use of everything online. I’m aiming to do a post on websites and apps to help with revision so look out for that but there’s so much available on the amazing thing we call the internet which will help with revision. YouTube is something I personally find so useful and you can find really helpful videos on virtually any topic you’re struggling or videos on how to revise.
  • Revision songs are a must! I find memorising lyrics to songs so useful so I love researching for songs to help me remember stuff like the ‘electromagnetic song’ or any songs to help me remember physics equations. Have a search, the songs out there are catchy and make revision a little bit more fun. If you can learn every word of Ed Sheeran’s new song, you can learn every word of something that is only 30 seconds long. I’m sure some of them deserve to be on the Top 50 Charts for creativeness if not singing ability!!
  • Set yourself reasonable goals. Decide what you want to achieve in each subject and work your butt off to get those results and if you think you’ve done enough, aim for the next grade up until you can’t work any harder. Obviously make the grades achievable, don’t aim to get an A* if you got an F in coursework but don’t set your aims to low.
  • Take a break. Working 12 hours everyday might be successful for a short time but then, it will stop working. You need breaks. Maybe one day you could go on a run or a walk, another day you could bake a cake or meet up with a friend for an hour or two. Don’t take too many breaks but don’t work flat out, it’s not good for your bodily health or mental health. There’s only so much you can do.

Finally good luck on any exams you do. And look out for my next few posts which are also on ‘Exam-related’ topics!

‘Hard Work Pays Off’


(The aim of this post is to help as many people as I can, so if you found this useful, please share it!)


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My views on School | Mocks 2017

This isn’t a philosophical post or anything even if the title sounds like it but tomorrow is the first day of my GCSE mocks. I’m not going to lie, even though I devoted ‘so many hours’ of my time over the holidays to revising (not…), I don’t feel prepared. I guess it’s just lucky these don’t actually count for anything and so therefore are a good time to see if my revision techniques actually work! I wanted to write a post taking about how I’m finding each subject so that if you’re about to chose your GCSE options I can give you some advance warning, or if you’re midway through starting, you know what is heading your way or if you’re in the same situation as me, can feel comforted it’s not just you who feels like that. And I guess if you’ve already done your GCSEs you can use this as a morale booster to remind you what you’ve left behind you!

I’m generally happy with my subjects but I do wish I wasn’t doing one or two of them!

Biology– This is without a doubt my favourite subject. It was the one with the most to learn for the mocks but I enjoy what we learn about (well, the human biology parts…) and so don’t find revising it too annoying. I really like my teacher as she’s taught me literally every year since I was 11. I think that this mock will go well ut that’s probably far too full of myself. Pride comes before a fall! This is one of the subjects I’m certain I will continue to Sixth Form.

Chemistry– Chemistry for me isn’t easy but it isn’t impossible. I can do it if I put in the effort to learn. For mocks we only had to learn a few topics but for me I find it hard to apply to a situation. I might know the theory of a certain experiment but as soon as they put chemical names I get confused. And then Structure and Bonding and stuff like that I have no idea about. I can tell you the tests for hydrogen and oxygen and that though (please let that come up in the mock!) I really don’t know how this will go, I think if I keep calm it won’t go dreadfully but it has the possibility of completely going wrong…. This is another of my certains for Sixth Form. Possibly my most challenging option but it’s good to challenge yourself, this might just be too much!

Physics– Physics is definitely the subject I’m least gifted in. I don’t hate it but I also don’t enjoy it. I guess the problem for me is I don’t understand it. I’ve got to the point where I’ve given up understanding it. If my teacher says it happens, it must happen. I can’t tell you why it happens but as long as I write the right thing n my exam paper no one will really care that I don’t actually know why that happens. Physics was an option for Sixth Form because the universities I’m interested in generally only take you if you’ve done physics at A level but I spoke to my teacher and we both decided that me and physics are not a match made in heaven and continuing it to A level might just be the straw that breaks the camels back! So now I just have to do particularly well at GCSEs to get into Uni….

Maths– The biggest problem I have with Maths is my teacher. I don’t doubt that she’s very clever and a good teacher but she’s just disgusting. She spends our lessons bare-foot even though our classroom if filled with pairs of her shoes. She burps regularly and acts as if everyone burps while teaching a lesson. And her room STINKS. Me and my friend had to leave the class because we were feeling ill for the smell/humidity. Anyway enough of a rant! As for the actual maths, I don’t find it too hard. As long as you know the equations needed, you have a calculator so really it isn’t too difficult (apart from algebra, that is quite tricky!) I’m hoping this exam will go relatively well as it would be a good one to be confident in! This is my most likely option for one of the options for Sixth form but possibly the one I’ll give up after a year.

English– I did my English Language exam last May because that’s just how my school does it. I sort of regret that because English Language with all the creative writing is a subject I’m confident in and it would be nice to go into my exams in May knowing I could ace an exam but oh well… English Literature is definitely one of my horrible subjects. I don’t have a natural talent for noticing what the author actually means when they say something strange and I just don’t know how to revise it. If anyone has tips do let me know! Why do teachers try to make a point out of any words in Literature? If the author says there are blue curtains, they probably mean that there are blue curtains not that ‘blue shows the characters melancholy feeling and gives a sense of sadness to the story’. Seriously! It was a possibility for A level but I realised I couldn’t bear to do this for another 2 years!

French– I do love French and it’s an aspiration of mine to become fluent in it. I can do it all but not necessarily well. I struggle especially with my accent when speaking, I know what I should say but it doesn’t sound french! And the tenses are also a tricky topic for me but I’m working on them. I’m hoping french will be an ‘easy’ GCSE for me but it probably won’t be! I’ve spent quite a while just speaking french everywhere I can. I speak it around the house as my parents are both almost fluent, I babysit french children and I visit my french exchange by choice (She’s really lovely so I don’t mind too much!). Why am I not good at it! This is probably going to be my fourth option for A level but I need to decide as it also features Literature. I guess I care less about Literature when it’s in French…

History– History is a subject I enjoy and don’t find too difficult although I can’t do the Cold War! I’ve done my coursework but I don’t know how I’ve done yet… All I had to do for Revision is read through my notes, I remembered it all which surprised me. I find it interesting and I love writing notes. History is the only subject I do where the teacher gives you a slide for you to make notes from, all the other subjects give you pre-prepared notes. My mum really wants me to continue History to A Level but really, it just doesn’t interest me enough!

Latin– Why did I choose Latin? I can’t do Latin! For me, the Literature part’s ok but grammar, I can’t do that! It doesn’t help that my teacher last year didn’t teach me the right stuff… This year’s teacher is amazing especially as she’s trying to catch up last year’s work as well. The only thing that’s really keeping me going and working hard with Latin is the fact I get 2 GCSEs for it if I pass! I will 100% not be continuing this. The girl who sits next to me in orchestra does Latin A Level and she has to learn about 150 words a week. I’m not even exaggerating!

Music– Again, why did I take this?? There’s nothing majorly wrong with Music other than the fact that everyone else is a music genius (seriously they have diplomas in piano and stuff) and play the piano whereas I can’t get the tunes I’m thinking of down on paper. And all my ideas are too simple. I’m hoping to pick up as many points as I can in the exam to make up for my lack of points in the composing side of things. I won’t be continuing this!

In all my subjects I’m doing the ‘old’ GCSEs which is good in my opinion, for example, in the new GCSE you only get 1 GCSE for the same amount of work and the history topics sound so boring! However, the new Music GCSE does sound good, they study songs from Wicked for goodness sake! That’s amazing!!

As for school in general, I find it ok. Of course, I’d love to be at home all day instead but I understand that I need an education to be a vet and that I should appreciate school more as many people especially girls would give anything for an education. I try hard in lessons but this year I need to work on speaking out in class and doing my homework on the night it’s set. I used to be good at doing homework but now I get distracted by things like this blog. Oppsie!!

I really hope my mocks go well as I know that my parents think it’ll go badly and I want to prove them wrong!



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School Goals- Year 11

WOW, I can’t believe I started year 11 on Monday. I swear I was 11 years old a few days ago… It sounds so old and I’m in no way mature enough, especially if I compare myself to other girls in my year… I feel like Year 11 is a BIG year, not only have I got GCSEs next summer but I feel like life gets more serious. Like, you’re not just playing at life, this is an ACTUAL SERIOUS LIFE SITUATION. The things I do this year could affect the rest of my actual grown-up life. People older than me probably think I’m so weird for freaking out so much over this year, it’s probably no different from other years. But oh, well!!

Anyway, I think it’s fair to say I’m not a very popular/social person (for some reason, I seem to freak people out…:)) so as well as academic goals for this year, I also have some personal ones. Ok, let’s go!!


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o   Improve handwriting, even in exams My handwriting isn’t bad… It just could be neater… Some of the girls in my year have LOVELY handwriting and it’s so neat and amazing and I just want that to be my handwriting. The boys handwriting, not so neat!! (No sexism meant!!)

o   Have pretty and organised revision notesI’ve been looking on Pinterest for ideas to help me stay motivated when it comes to revision and some of the notes are gorgeous and you could probably frame them in an art gallery and people wouldn’t look twice. This is probably linked to number one because you need nice handwriting for nice notes.

o   Get A* in most GCSEs OK, so I made a bet with my brother about my GCSE results and there’s £55 to play for and I can’t afford to give away that money so…He bet I couldn’t get all A* in my GCSEs and I bet I can. I have the recording to go with it! I got my first GCSE result this summer and, really shocked myself, got an A*!! I’m so happy so now just 10 more subjects to keep that up with… I’m not sure it’s going to happen, especially as I chose Latin and Music as two of my options… why??
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o   Do a speech in front of a large number of people I actually had the choice of doing this yesterday but it was in front of too many people for my first speech. The whole school, of about 1000 people, is too much for my first speech given that I can’t talk in front of my class without feeling very sick with nerves… Hopefully, I can start with a smaller speech (as a matter of fact, I have one planned for a week on Tuesday).

o   Go to at least one of each subject clinic As my mum keeps reminding me, my school provides a lot of help if you’re struggling or just generally don’t understand something. They provide clinics with the teachers, for each subject, at breaks for you to go to but the only time people go, is if they’re forced to. This year I want to go once to each clinic especially during my revision times later this year, voluntarily and actually get something out of it!


o   Make at least one new close friend who I would feel happy inviting to a party As I mentioned before, I’m not a very sociable person. I end up insulting or scaring away or hating anyone new I meet. I guess the fact that I don’t wear makeup and get glammed up etc. often (although I’d like to!) also give people a reason to hate me for some reason. I’m a quite shy person, or seem like it to the untrained eye, but rowing in the past year has really made me feel like I have a lot more friends, even if there are moments I feel I haven’t. There are still more people to ‘explore’ and find friends in (wow, that sounds dodgier than expected!) so that’s what I want to do this year.

o   Get invited to 3 parties It makes me laugh when the girls (and boys) who I consider to be popular, complain about only being invited to 20 parties this year when their friend has been to 21. Err, HELLO! I’ve not attended a party in 3 years!! Anyway, hopefully this year will be my year! Most people in my year are turning 16 soon so there will lots of parties for that. So far this is going well with my first party next weekend, AND with people I don’t really know that great. Maybe a solution to no.1 has arrived!!
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o   Spend more time outside/in the gardens at school My group of ‘friends’ (more on that later) spend every break time, winter or summer in the same locker room. It’s just no fun so this year, when the sun is shining, you will find me outside! I need sunshine to stop me fro being vampire pale, I can’t live inside!

o   Leave behind the people I hate OK, so, a lot of my friendship troubles all lead back to this one group of friends. I might write a post sometime about our problems but it’s got to the point where I can’t stand them anymore. So me and my best friend (hello Emily!!!) have decided to get away from them. Yes, so far, it means our lives are a bit lonelier but it’s so much better!! I want to make sure I don’t end up drifting back to them later…

o   Become less afraid of boys and popular people Some of you will probably scoff but talking to the ‘popular people’ in my year, especially my ex-best friend, scares me so much. I just find them so judgmental and can’t deal with it. It all comes back to by bad confidence levels but I really want to sort it out. They have no reason to scare me. Oh, and boys, they scare me too.
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o   Be top of the library ‘Top borrowers’ list This is probably the geekiest thing on the list but, every year, our school library published a list of the people who have borrowed the most items from the library. I’ve never been 1st. I’ve been 3rd and 2ndin the past two years always just a few books away from the top. It’s actually sad how few books it takes to get on there. I think 5th borrowed 9 books last year and 6th was 2 or something!!

Ok, so I hope you are all having a splendid back to school/university/work time. I’m most certainly not enjoying the homework, thanks teachers! Let me know your goals for this academic year below and I’ll check back in with these goals in February or March.

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