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Prom is sort of a big event for the girls in my year. I knew, however excited I was, I would never compare to their levels of excitedness. I mean, I was excited for it but it wasn’t the highlight of my life and thing I was looking forward to most from the moment I was born.

I find Prom a bit weird. I’d never really heard of it before last year and I find it a bit strange that we have it in fifth form (year 11) given that my school still continues on for another 2 years. IMG_4303

My dad describes it as ‘the worst American import’ and points out that it should be the Prom not just Prom.

My Prom was over a month ago now which is crazy especially as the preparation for it began a year and a half ago. I told you the girls in my year were obsessed about it!

My school has absolutely no involvement with Prom and we have to organise it all ourselves which in some respects is good as we can do it how we want it but in quite a few other respects is bad. It’s a lot of work to try to organise while also do the exams.

I was on Prom committee as the only ‘uupopular’ girl but I ended up leaving it before anything big was organised as even though I was there to ensure that it wasn’t just going to be organised to be good for ‘the populars’, I wasn’t being listened to and it was becoming to much of a waste of time. Luckily, Prom still turned out to be great.


I got my dress back in April which I thought was quite late especially as everyone else seemed to already have their dresses, however I’ve been told that it’s actually very early compared to ‘normal’ people!

I didn’t have any clue how I wanted the dress to be before I went shopping but I had a list of things it shouldn’t be: patterned, puffy skirt, strapless, black.

At my school we have a special Facebook group chat for sharing our dresses with each other once we had bought them because unless you travel to get your dress, there are only 2 shops you can get it from in my area. I decided to travel.

Anyway, I went down to London to get my dress partially to make sure I didn’t have an awkward matching disaster with someone at school and also because my aunt told me that they have a very good range of shops.

Tip for anyone buying any sort of formal dress, I highly recommend going to Finsbury Park in London as there’s a street opposite the tube station that is just hundreds of dress shops. Some of the shops have more OTT dresses (one had fluorescent yellow dresses with massive puffy skirts!) but compared to the shops in central London or other cities, they’re for really good prices. Definitely go and check them out if your Prom is next year.

The biggest problem I have is that all the dresses were designed for big chests i.e. they have very plunging necklines or something like that, and I don’t really have much of a cleavage so they didn’t really fit and just looked a bit stupid. However, my dress didn’t require a cleavage so that was a big reason why I chose this dress!

The dress to begin with ‘fitted me like a glove’ as my mum would say but then revision happened. I’m not really a stress eater but more of a boredom eater. During May and June, I ate and ate and ate.

Anyway, the zip just didn’t do up by the time of my last exam. It was almost close to zipping up but I only had a week to lose a little bit of weight or at least shrink in some way! Luckily I managed it although I don’t really know how!

I guess the dress it quite simple but I didn’t really want to go all out for a few reasons. 1. It would be too attention grabbing 2. I have another Prom in 2 years and I feel then would be better time for massive detailing or something 3. I didn’t necessarily want to look that much older than I am.

Anyway, I really like this dress because it was one of the colours my mum wanted me to wear and I like the fact its figure hugging without becoming a ridiculously constricting thing. I also love the train on the dress as it makes me feel so posh for some reason!

For shoes, I found some from ‘Dune’ which are honestly the highest heels I think I could ever wear. They made me be over 6 foot and I basically towered over my friends! I didn’t really match my dress because it was royal blue and silver and the shoes were glittery pink but for some reason it seemed to work. The jewellery I wore was also simple and I bought it as the same time as my dress.

I did the hair and makeup myself which I found very stressful as I really can’t do makeup very well and my mum wanted me to have a sleek bun which I knew would make look bald.

I will admit to having a bit of a breakdown the night before about it all. I don’t really know why it was but I think it was due to my dislike of the photos from boat club dinner which had been the night before.

Anyway, on the morning of Prom, my mum experimented with 4 different bun hairstyles just so we could make a decision and eventually went for a sort of braided chignon bun thing. I just went for my regular makeup with a few extra layers of foundation to try to make my skin look somewhat even in the photos.


As for the event itself, we had it on a Monday evening which was a bit weird as it meant quite a few parents had to leave early from work to see their children in Prom outfits. Anyway, the reasoning for this was that it made the night cheaper but yeah.

Prom itself was from 6 until midnight but I’d arranged 2 pre-prom drinks meet-ups with my friends which meant that preparations began at 11am which was later than most of my friends but as I was doing it myself, I didn’t have to fit my preparations around a hairdresser or makeup artist’s schedule.

After I was all ready, I took photos with my family. Then travelled to a friend’s house and took more photos with my close friends and then travelled to another friend’s house and took even more photos with other friends. And then to Prom for about a billion more photos! I realised I have over 500 photos from Prom alone!!

We hadn’t really thought about our arrival to Prom. I know some people hire limos or Ferraris or something but as we’d all just been together down the road, we car shared and turned up however we piled into the cars.

When we turned up, there was a red carpet. An actual red carpet. Why? did they want us to be extremely embarrassed as we climbed out a car with bird poo splattered down the side? They had a photographer and all the parents queued up taking photos as we walked into the building. It was sooo embarrassing and awkward! However it didn’t compare to the awkwardness of having to walk out into the gardens at the back with our whole year watching.

The thing I found most awkward about all this was the sense of fakeness from everyone wandering telling everyone how lovely they looked and begging them for photos even though they didn’t know each others name. I think I’m probably a bit bitter about this because no one wanted a photo with me or came to talk to me so I was designated to photographer which I didn’t mind it just would’ve been nice to have a bit of a confidence boost! Me and a few of my friends tried to find a way to go home after a few minutes because the awkwardness levels were so high. I’m glad I didn’t.

After we were called in for dinner I started enjoying it a lot more as the awkwardness decreased. The food was OK, better than I’d been expecting but not 5 stars but the thing I really enjoyed were the prom awards.

We didn’t do Prom King and Queen because it was pretty predictable who was going to win those (a popular) but they did other awards that tried to include everyone. I had been nominated for ‘Kindest friend to all’ but I really didn’t want to win it as I don’t have the confidence to walk up in front of everyone so I was really happy when one of my closest friends won it instead. She really deserved it.

I was particularly glad that none of the people who had been nominated for an award as a mean joke ended up winning as I knew that none of them would find it funny.

After a pudding of surprisingly tasty profiteroles (I’m not normally their biggest fan) we headed downstairs into the cellar for the final 2 1/2 hours. When I had still been on the Prom Committee, I’d been the one voting against the place with the cellar as I felt if we had spent so long getting dressed up, there was no point us then heading down into the pitch black where no one could see each other however the cellar actually made the whole of prom for me. SO it was probably a good thing that no one listened to my opinion.

We had a photo booth, a DJ and dance floor and a bar which served a wide range of orange juice and water! Most of the ‘party animals’ in our year headed home at 9:30ish when they realised that there wasn’t any alcohol for sale and there was no way they were going to be able to get their hands on any. The night improved even more after they left.

So basically you could say we danced the night away and it was a lot of fun. As much as I love my heels, I had to abandon them after about 10 minutes of dancing because my legs started cramping. This led to very grubby feet that stained the bath black when we came home and washed them…

The highlight of the night was definitely when ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘Don’t look back in Anger’ were played because despite the fact that none of us were born or close to being born when they were released, everyone knew every word and we all joined hands and ran into the middle as if we were doing the ‘hokey cokey’ (I really hope you understand what I’m trying to say here!) when the song went ‘ANd soooo Sally can waitt,’ which was surprisingly fun. I’m easily amused.

Another highlight was watching my friends climb into the fountain and dance just because they felt like it. They got kicked out of the fountain and a security guard was positioned by the fountain for the rest of the night but it was still lots of fun while it lasted.

Finally, at 12ish, we all began to head home as it was past the DJ’s bedtime (seriously, he was really young) and we were left soaked in sweat from all the dancing (or at least I was) but very happy. No, we didn’t dance the night away until dawn, that’s what the after-prom party is for (which happened the following evening) but it was just long enough for us to properly relax and have fun.

One final story from the night to finish off the post: My mum picked me and 2 friends up from Prom and drove us home. It was quiet with no other cars in sight and as we were going around a roundabout, the whole car suddenly juddered and stopped. It was almost as if we’d hit something but we couldn’t have done.

Anyway one of my friends had been thrown into the door by us stopping and we didn’t really know why but it turned out that her dress had this waistband tie thing while had been dangling out of the car door and had become tangled in the car wheel. The juddering was the wheel stopping as it tore the material.

Luckily the tear doesn’t look too bad and my friend wasn’t hurt but the moral of the story is, always make sure that none of your clothes are trailing out of the car. My mum always tells the story of the same thing happening to a woman in the 1930s but instead of the back of her dress, it was a scarf and she ended up being strangled and died because of it. So yeah, be careful.

Prom overall was a lot better than I expected, I actually had fun! I’ve decided that dressing up is really fun so if anyone has any invitations that give me a reason to dress up let me know!


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Winter Makeup Haul 2017

I’m so sorry for the MASSIVE break in blogging. I’d been doing so well at sticking to my schedule and then mocks happened! I want to thank you for such a great reception to my last post (130 views in 1 day, that’s INSANE!!) and also 100 followers on here. I hope I’m now back on track! xxx

So, I know that 1 blog post doesn’t make you a genius, but can I point out that this is my 1st makeup post. I really am quite proud of myself for trying to make an effort! Who knows how it will go…

If you read my ‘What I got for Christmas’ post (HERE) you’ll know that I got a makeup lesson as a gift from my parents and along with that I got a bit of money to buy makeup, so I ended up with a bit of a haul even though most of this was bought with my own money. I’m practically bankrupt now and I have so much more I still want to buy! Donations gratefully received.

As I’m relatively new to makeup, I didn’t really want to splash out and buy the more expensive ‘high-end’ brands so I stuck with what I knew. I do have my eye on the ‘Tartelette in bloom’ palette or a neutral Morphe palette as my first non drugstore makeup item but for now I want to learn with what I have.

Maybelline Lash sensational intense black mascara – I ran out of mascara. It’s about time my last one was getting all clumpy and sticky. Anyway, several of my friends suggested this one and I’d seen it on several of my favourite blogs so I decided to actually get it. My friends suggested the one with the added oils (the one in the black packaging) but I went for this one purely because of the prettier packaging! Anyway, it was a great decision! I’ve received so many compliments on my lashes and I just generally really love it. There was a funny moment the other day at rowing training on Friday morning where we realised everyone either owned the same mascara and the majority of use were using it! I guess that shows how popular it is! Superdrug or Boots

Rimmel match perfection foundation in 100– This was sort of a rebuy. I bought this back in July when I did my first even makeup shop but I sort of knew I needed a new one by now, not because I’ve used it all or that it’s gone past it’s sell-by date but simply because I tan so easily but also lose my tan so easily and even though my other foundation was only in 101, it was still too dark already! So I rebought it because I actually really love it. And the makeup artist I had my lesson with said she used it and she looked stunning so… Superdrug or Boots

No7 Match made concealer in ‘Cool Vanilla’– the MUA I was talking about above also told me that the concealer I own is far more of an under-eye concealer (which the name ‘wake me up’ should have given away!) so I needed a new concealer to cover up the blemishes, of which I have a fair few! So I got this. I never realised how few good cover-up concealers there are in the high-street shops. It literally took me and my friend ½ an hour to find this rather than a under-eye concealer! It’s a stick concealer which I’ve never used before but I do realty like it and I think it works so well even if yo don’t use foundation as well! Boots

Makeup revolution blush palette in ‘Blush Queen’ – again this was what the MUA used and I need to take every step possible to make myself look good so I bought exactly what she suggested. I like the large number of different colours depending on how dramatic you want the look to be. I’ve only used it once so far but I thought I provided a very healthy ‘glow’! Superdrug

Sleek highlight Palette in ‘Precious Metals’ – This wasn’t what I wanted to buy. I wanted the Sleek ‘Solstice ‘ Palette but it was sold out in both Boots and Superdrug so I bought this one thinking it would be similar but I’m really not happy with it… I find it streaky and sticky as the highlights are creams. I need to try and get the Solstice one ASAP! Superdrug or Boots

Sleek Au Natural Eye Shadow Palette – The other Palette I have is quite a cheap (but good) Palette. So I wanted to try another Palette so I bought this. I’m not sure if the shadows will get ‘softer’ with use but my first impression is that they’re not very pigmented… I’ll update you on my views after I’ve used it a bit more! Superdrug or Boots

And finally, Real Techniques Beauty Blender. I was told I should get either a new foundation brush or a ‘beauty blender’ and as I’d heard so much about the sponges, I chose to get that. Personally I’m not very impressed as no matter how I use it, the foundation just seems to be absorbed by the sponge and NOTHING goes on my face. If you have had this problem and have solved it, please let me know what you did! Superdrug or Boots

I hope you have enjoyed my first makeup-y post, I’m particularly happy with the photos in this post!

What ‘high street’ makeup items would you recommend?


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What I got for Christmas 2016

When it comes to Christmas presents this year, I think I can quite happily say, I was a very lucky bunny. I received some very special gifts and I wanted to share some of my favourites with you today. I’m so grateful for everything I received especially the presents I received from my parents as they just seemed to keep coming! If you saw my wishlist (HERE) you’ll be able to see I got many of the things I wished for which is more than I could expect. I’m also really happy with the presents I got other people, especially my family. Mostly, I got my family books although I did buy my mum a lipstick as well which I think is very risky of me! And she seems to love it! My friends mostly received chocolate because I find present buying so impossible. I do enjoy picking gifts out if only it wasn’t so hard, and expensive. Anyway!

My parents gave me two ‘experience’ presents this year, a new concept for them. Firstly I received a makeup lesson with a makeup artist because as I have mentioned many a time, I can’t do makeup. My second experience is a consultation with a woman to discover my ‘colours’. Basically she’ll tell me which colours suit me and which to steer away from which I am looking forward to as I have no clue with clothes buying! The makeup experience comes with money to buy makeup which is also amazing as I have a very limited makeup collection mostly due to prices and my lack of knowledge of what I need.

I only received a few ‘beauty items’. My favourite was from a friend which is the Kate Moss with Rimmel lipstick in the shade 08 which I love because it’s a colour I would wear and it says my name on it! I also received a liquid lipstick from ‘Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ is my stocking which is interesting as I’ve never tried a liquid lipstick before. It’s in the shade Lydia. I can do swatches of these if anyone wants to see. I received some face masks and lip balm from ‘HEMA’ in my stocking which if they’re good will be a good cheap face mask as I do love HEMA. From my cousin, I got a little ‘Body Shop’ gift set with a Strawberry lip balm and hand cream. I have some other ‘Body Shop’ hand creams but not the Strawberry one coincidentally! My parents bought me the ELF 14-peice complete brush set which is very helpful as I didn’t actually have any makeup brushes before this.

I also received a surprisingly large number of books. I mean, there’s nothing against books but I’ve never got so many before. My parents bought me some which are mainly adult books rather than Young Adult as I’m used to but they look really interesting. My Uncle also got me 3, all vet related as, if you didn’t already know, I want to be a vet when I grow up. The books I got were:

  • The Hundred Year-old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared by Jonas Jonasson
  • Life after Life by Kate Atkinson
  • The Chimes by Anna Smaill
  • Grimm Tales by Philip Pullman
  • Vet on Call by Marc Abraham
  • Tales from a Young Vet by Jo Hardy
  • Tales from a Wild Vet by Jo Hardy

I got lots of other cool stuff but I can’t really think of a title for them so now we’re moving onto the miscellaneous section. My uncle got me some scented pencils which actually smell very good and strongly. He also got me a necklace holder and some gloves. The necklace holder is white so matches my furniture in my bedroom and I am a very cold-blooded person and I am always cold so gloves are always helpful! One of cousins got me a gorgeous personalised ‘winter’ necklace with snowflakes and stuff. Another cousin got me a lovely lilac sports vest which I love so much not just due to the colour but also because although I do a lot of sport, I only have school sports kit and desperately need some more. My parents got me a portable charger which is surprising small but provides so much charge and will be perfect for carrying around on the move. My brother bought me some things that were on my wish list. Firstly, he got me a ‘Swell’ water bottle in Champagne gold. I love the Swell water bottles as they give so much money to charity so it helps those in need as well as being absolutely stunning. It has glitter in the gold coating!

He also bought me 4 small yankee candles in the smells ‘Fresh cut Roses’, ‘Vanilla’, ‘Angel’s wings’ and ‘Cosy by the fire’. They were all picked out by my brother although he said he chose them by smell so he hopes I don’t have a different sense of smell to him! In my stocking, I received the happy plugs rose gold headphones which are so pretty and I can’t wait to use! My Best Friend bought me a new phone case which was something I desperately needed but this one is SO COOL!! It features unicorns and glitter that moves when you tilt it. If you didn’t know, I LOVE unicorns!

I love at Christmas when the festivities are spread out to prolong the Christmassy spirit. Every year we have a sort of ‘second Christmas’ with my mum’s side of the family who stop off at our house for a few days to catch up. I don’t see that side of my family very much at all so it’s wonderful to have a relaxing few days. This year they got me such Amazing (with a capital A!!) presents. Firstly, they got me two LUSH bath bombs. It’s been a while since I had a proper bath bomb but they got me ‘Shoot for the Stars’ and ‘Stardust’. I haven’t opened the packets and I can’t find them on the website but the smell sooooo good! I also asked for a new dressing gown which they got me in mint (which is my favourite colour) and it is sooooo soft. I wish I could send the softness through the computer screen because I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the softest thing I’ve ever felt. It’s from John Lewis if anyone wants to go and feel/buy it! We also met up with some very close friends who we haven’t seen for a year and it was so nice to see them. I’m great friends with their daughter and they were kind enough to brig me both a birthday ad Christmas present. They are great at buying presents and this year was no exception! They got me ‘Snug as a pug’ PJs from Topshop and a grey bralette and pants set from Jack Wills. Everything they got me is so comfy!

I  also received a LOT of chocolate from my friends. I promise you I’m not exaggerating, for Christmas this year I have received 14 Chocolate oranges and yes, I ate them all!! I got some other chocolate too but I’ve already eaten it. I wish I was joking! I also received a bit of money as well as a book token and a ‘Urban Outfitters’ gift card which I’m really excited as I’ve been into Urban Outfitters but never bought anything. This is basically forcing me to buy something, how wonderful!!

The reason this is a bit later than other similar posts was because I wanted to include those extra gifts from my mum’s family and we’ve only just seen them!

I hope you enjoyed this post,



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Chloe Bee’s Life Makeup Desert Island Disks

Go and check out my previous Desert Island Disks with Erin here. Now over to Chloe!!

Hi everyone!

I’m Chloe and I’m so excited to be taking part in Kate’s Desert Island Discs series! Kate gave me a list of 9 different categories and out of them I chose makeup! So without further ado here are 10 makeup items I would want with me on a desert island! (In no particular order!) 
1. No7 beautiful matte foundation in the colour calico, this foundation is one of the best I’ve found! 
2. Collection lasting perfection concealer in 01 fair, I completely swear by this concealer! You can bet it’s coming with me!
3. HIGHLIGHTER OF ANY KIND !  Highlighter is my all time favourite beauty product and I wouldn’t go anywhere without it!
4. Revolution flawless matte pallet, this pallet is my go to for eyeshadow it has everything you would need for any day to day look!
5. Revolution blush queen pallet, this pallet is the same as the eyeshadow! It just has so many beautiful shades that you would never need anything else. Also they have a beautiful highlight in them! 
6. Mac velvet teddy, I’m in love with this lipstick! I only bought it a few weeks ago but it has quickly found a place in my heart!
7. Rimmel stay matte powder, I’ve tried many different powders but I always end up back at this one, it is just such a lovely powder that doesn’t make you feel caked but still manages to keep your makeup in place all day!
8. Benefit precisely my brow eyebrow pencil, like my mac lipstick this is a new purchase that I instantly fell in love with. The one thing that bugs me the most about my makeup whenever I do it is my brows! I’m just so bad at them but this pencil makes them a little easier to do!
9. Mac false lash mascara, I don’t actually own a full size version of this product but you can bet I’ll be buying one! I got a free sample of this mascara the day I bought velvet teddy and OMG ITS FANTASTIC! It makes your lashes so long and dark, it’s honestly just amazing!
And last but not least
10. NYX felt tip liner, I don’t really have anything to say about this product? It’s an eyeliner that works but I very much doubt that it’s one of the best, it’s just one I like to use!
Also my luxury item would be my phone! I know that’s such a basic answer but that’s what I would want to take because then I could phone and get someone to come rescue me and then I wouldn’t have to only have 10 makeup items! 
Thank you so much to Kate for letting me take part in this!! I had a lot of fun being on your blog! Hopefully this won’t be the last time! 
Bye everyone!

It’s been 3 interviews in 3 weeks but I promise next week (as it’s half term) will have a bit more variety!
As always, all comments will be returned! Comment on Chloe’s blog, tell me that you’ve done that in the comments and I’ll comment on your blog!!

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Its-Annas-life interview

I’ve had the wonderful pleasure in the last few months of getting to know Anna from Its-Annas-life or defineandcontourx (if you follow her on Instagram(which btw she is very close to 2000 followers on).) I have to say I am very jealous of her makeup skills, trust me, me and eyeliner don’t get along whereas hers is PERFECT!!! She kindly agreed to let me interview her for here (and it gives me a chance to have her amazing eyeshadow skills on here!)

Lets get started with the interview!

Hey Anna! Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. Ok, so first question: How long have you been running Its-Annas-Life?
I’ll have been running it for two years on October 13th!
What inspired you to start blogging?
I thought the idea of people reading what I had to say was amazing and I just wanted to express my love for beauty.

What your favourite post/s you’ve ever written?
My favourite posts are both my Autumn look books (2015 and 2016) and also my morphe 35k palette review (here)
How long does it take you to write a post?
It depends on the post but if it includes lots of photos and lots of linking products then up to a week (because of school)

What’s your favourite shop to buy clothes from?
H&M because their clothes always fit me the best.
What’s your favourite food?
Such a hard question because I love all food but I am a Chocaholic, although my favourite dish is baked beans and potato -best comfort food!!

I mean, how does she do this? I can’t even do a simple line!

Do your friends know about your blog?
Yes, at first I didn’t tell anyone because I was terrified people would make fun of it but now I really don’t care, my friends all know and people from school know about my blog and my makeup Instagram account and I realised it doesn’t matter what people think if it makes up happy.
What’s your favourite makeup brand?
I love so many for different reasons. I like the balm, too faced, morphe and sleek!

What’s the best freebie you’ve ever received thanks to your blog?
When Lola cosmetics sent me makeup products, I was thrilled!! (Read the review here)
If you could have any accent, what would you choose?
Welsh or northern definitely!!

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Slow walkers and people that get in the way! They irritate me so much because I always walk fast
Do you have a favourite colour?
Pink! But I adore every single colour.

What is your favourite city/country that you’ve ever visited?
Cardiff will always be my favourite city and Mallorca has a special place in my heart too.
What’s top of your to-be-visited list?
I would love to visit America!

Do you still see yourself blogging in 5 years?
I hope so, I hope my blog will still be going stronger than ever in five years!

I’m so grateful to Anna for doing this interview with me and please go and check out her blog and follower her on Instagram. Her posts really make my day so yeah. Also let me know if you would like to be interviewed!
Let me know down below which is your favourite of the looks from this page.
All comments returned