Life in Kateish is run by me, Kate Emsley. I’m a 15 year old girl from England. Running a blog is still something relatively new for me so I’m still trying to get a hang of this blogging malarkey!

I consider my blog to be a lifestyle blog but I don’t really limit myself to a particular niche. I post about what I want to post about whether it be Beauty, Travel, Books or whatever. To begin with, it was primarily a book blog but I didn’t like the limit that provided. Life in Kateish should have something for everyone and I’ll continue to spread my blogging roots until I feel everyone is catered for.

Currently, I’m studying for my GCSEs and I don’t know if the challenge studying and blogging creates is a good or bad challenge. It’s too easy to be distracted by a new blog post idea just when homework needs doing! For anyone interested, I’m studying 3 sciences, Maths, English Literature (I’ve already studied English Language), French, History, Latin and Music. Some of these I regret but hopefully I won’t by the time results day comes around!

My main hobbies other than blogging are reading and rowing. I hope that I will start to incorporate these more into my blog because I think it’s important my blog reflects me and my loves and hates. Having been blogging since June 2016, it still suprises me I’m still going even if I have taken some substantial breaks because I’m so unorganised, it suprises me I even have the next blog post planned! I post every 3 days which I guess is a bit of a weird schedule but it works for me. It constantly amazes me that people take the time to read my blog so no matter how you stumbled upon my lowly blog, hello and thank you!