Hello Strangers!

Long time no see! And I’m really sorry about that.

I know I promised to be blogging so much more regularly once summer arrived but the truth is I haven’t really thought about blogging in the last 6 weeks.

Actually, that’s a lie but I’ve only thought about it so far as to feel guilty for my lack of posts and my absence from social media. To be honest, I opened up WordPress for the first time in a fortnight 3 minutes ago to write this post.

I feel kinda bad, but at the same time, I don’t.

You see, blogging for me is a way of escaping from school and the boringness of all that -all the posts that have been published here since finishing school were all written while I was meant to be revising.

And since finishing school, I’ve been actually out doing things which isn’t a common thing for me. I’ve been busy living and haven’t managed to give much thought to composing blog posts. I knew June and July would be busy but I didn’t think that they’d be quite so busy that I haven’t had time to breathe. It hasn’t been uncomfortably busy though and I guess it’s been nice to live life as myself rather than just through a computer screen (ew, sentimental sentence alert!)

So what have I been doing recently?

If you saw THIS post about what I had planned for this summer, you’ll know it was busy and I’ll give a little spoiler that the majority of the bullet points have happened already (11/15!).

So let’s head through them in a little chronological story. I’ve included most things no matter how uninteresting they might be to some of you but I have taken out 2 days that I called ‘recovery’ days just because all I did was lounge about with friends!

PANCAKES – My granddad arrived down from Scotland on the day before my exams finished. It’s not often that he come’s down to visit us and I do feel a bit bad that I was so busy all the time while he was here.

However after my last exam finished at 10am, I went out for a celebration meal with him and my parents to Cream’s (it’s a pancake and waffles place and I think can also be called Kaspar’s in some towns). I did warn them the food was big but they insisted that I underestimated their eating ability and then grumbled through the meal about how big it all was! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Then after a meeting about summer homework (what sort of monster starts talking about summer homework 4 hours after exams finish?!) it was time to really start the holidays!

PARTY – As I’ve mentioned before with a lot of friends missing out on birthday celebrations over the exam season, there were a few parties we needed to catch up on. This was the first and it was much-needed unwind from exams. It was nice especially as it was good weather and just my close friends and a few of their boyfriends.

It was a great catch-up as we all said that throughout the exams we found ourselves craving time to talk to people. We didn’t have school as a reason to be together and even when we were in for exams we were really only in for the duration of the exam. SO even though not much had happened because exams and revision had literally taken over our lives, it was just nice to talk, yanno,,,? (I used the word ‘nice’ far too much here, idk why, I hate that word!)

It was very satisfying!!

CAR BOOT SALE – So as I might have mentioned once or twice, last summer I went to America and obviously it was a lot of money to just produce so I had to do a bit of fundraising.

One of these methods was a car boot sale and it actually went really well. It’s very easy after making the money in a seemingly easy manner to then start thinking about selling everything in car boot sales. I’m not joking when I say that I debated living in 1 pair of jeans and 2 t-shirts for the rest of my life just to get a bit of extra money.

Anyway, we had gathered up a few bits and bobs which were now overflowing the guest room so needed to be sold ASAP. I don’t know if you remember the really hot week in mid-June but this Sunday, it was so hot I could leave the house at 5:30 am in a t-shirt and skirt. I can NEVER do that as I’m so cold-blooded!! (idk if I mean cold-blooded, basically I feel the cold really badly)

The sale went ok, not as well as last time but we still got a bit of extra cash so it definitely was worth spending the morning doing, even if my dad wasn’t happy about the lack of lie-in on Father’s Day!!

WORK – So… I mentioned in my ‘Summer goals’ post (HERE) that I wanted a job, and I got one but I don’t really know if it counts… Firstly, it was only for 2 days and secondly it was for my parents but it’s still work, right?

I worked from 8/8:30 ish until about 6 which was longer hours than the other people at the job and finally sort of began to understand what they go on about when they’re talking about their work. They work in computing and my job was basically to build these computers.

I can’t say it’s what I’m going to do when I grow up or that its something I’m particularly passionate about but it didn’t make me die of boredom so I guess that’s a good thing. I could definitely do more work there (hint hint, parents!)

ALTON TOWERS – This was so much fun. I went with my friends and when we got there we split into 2 groups: those who wanted to go on the ‘big rides’ and those who would be found on the rides in CeeBeebies Land.

I went in the first group and was a bit nervous tbh as I’ve never really ever gone on any rides but it was fine because I loved all the rides I went on except one, Oblivion (google it if you don’t know which ride this is). I did almost all the ones I wanted to do except Galactica which in the end was probably a good thing because a) it means I’ll have to go back again soon and b) it ended up breaking down while hanging upside down!!

Comment down below which of the Alton Towers rides is your favourite or if you’ve never been which ‘theme park’ you recommend I go to!

TB TESTING / WORK EXPERIENCE – As I’m sure you know I want to be a vet and I need about 6 weeks of work experience to get into university so I’m trying to grab any bits of experience I can and helping out with TB testing at my local farm (by local, I mean next-door neighbour) is always very interesting even if it’s ‘too dangerous’ for me to be in with the cattle I can still spray them with flyspray or whatever they need.

It’s sometimes very heart-breaking as you know that each result could impact the farmer’s life and livelihood so much. This time we were lucky with only one bad/inconclusive result which means that cow will need to be retested in 2 months.

However, it was still quite close to my heart as out of all the cows it could’ve been, it was the only one I’ve ever particularly got to know by name, if that doesn’t make me sound crazy! However, for the farmer, I felt that he was relieved that the results weren’t a lot worse!

BOAT CLUB DINNER – I actually quite enjoyed it. I mean it wasn’t my favourite night ever but I certainly didn’t hate it. I enjoyed the night itself I just hate the photos part of the night. You see, I do love photos to remember moments with and I always see photos on Instagram or Pinterest and think how amazing it would be to recreate these photos but I just can never get a photo I like or am anywhere near happy with.

I enjoyed the actual night, I just REALLY hated how I looked in all of the photos and I guess I let it get to me a bit too much. I wore a flowy lace bright red dress that was definitely really nice but just didn’t help with the photo situation. A) everyone else’s dresses where tight whereas mine wasn’t tight but wasn’t shapeless. Anyway, it just made me look rather large compared to everyone else B) it was bright red so I couldn’t blend in with the neutral/light blue dresses around me. It meant that attention (at least my attention) would be brought to me first in the photo and I really didn’t like it. However, in the end, I did manage to find one photo I liked which is of me and my parents because we al look so happy that it sort of blends out the dress and other areas I don’t like about the photo.

OLLY MURS – At the same venue as Boat Club dinner, the next morning was a Olly Murs Concert. It was definitely interesting not only because of the crazy woman in front of us who almost gave us black eyes. Basically we arrived there 2 hours early and sat as far forward as we could that wasn’t the special priority section. Because it was a cricket pitch it was a bit weird as we had to avoid that little rectangle in the middle of the pitch. It meant the concert was a little separated between those who were basically up on the stage with Olly and everyone else who basically had him as backing music. Anyway the woman in front of us was one of those constantly screaming people. and she seemed so oblivious to the fact she was slapping us so much as she waved her hands around (we think she was rather drunk!) and I feel so sorry for the people behind us who slowly got more and more squashed as we shuffled backwards to try to avoid her dangerous dance moves. We could just imagine turning up at prom and having to explain how we got black eyes!! The concert itself was really good especially the songs we knew and could sing along to! I don’t remember the other time I saw Olly in concert but what surprised me was how desperate he seemed. Like, he was constantly hinting how much he wanted/needed a girlfriend. I don’t know why, it just really surprised me!

More photos on the way but here’s a little sneakpeak!!

PROM – There’s a whole new post coming on this purely for the photos but I will say it got a lot better after the initial awkwardness disappeared. I also will share the fact that my mum thought I’d been swimming my dress was that soaked in sweat from me dancing. lovely…

AFTER PROM – We have our after prom party the next night from prom as we really like to spread out the celebrations. It was held in the field at one of the boys in my year’s house. Luckily, one of my friends lives a few houses down and offered for us to sleep over there as a sort of late birthday celebration. I really didn’t want to spend the night in a field with the whole of my year. I think they thought we were a bit strange for not sleeping over but it rained so the jokes on them!! Only real drama of the night was one of the boys in my year being taken to hospital for downing a litre of vodka. It was a bad idea…

HENLEY REGATTA – Henley was a very fun but very long day. We stuck to the strict dress code for the enclosure we were in even if we chose to avoid the hats it ‘advised’ us to wear. The particular fun of obeying the rules was being able to tut at anyone who wasn’t listening to the dress code! My dad and friend, Emily, both seemed to know so many people either from rowing with them (my dad) or because they row internationally (Emily). I felt a little clueless but I did enjoy the competition to find the ugliest rowing blazer. They never make them in  normal colours!! It surprised me how many international crews (mainly from America) there were but apparently there were more than usual due to the drop in dollar to pound since Brexit… The food there was absolutely amazing if not a bit ridiculously priced but hey, it’s a posh event, it’s not going to be cheap!!

ALPACA SHEARING – This was the first time I’d ever been around for alpaca shearing and it was definitely interesting although finding a long enough extension lead to go from the nearest plug to the field took longer than the sheering itself! I was going to say that it was fun but really, as stress-free as they try to make it, the poor animals still do get pretty stressed out. It was good however to get hands on with one of the alpacas who’s a little more flighty than the others but is limping and be able to inspect his shoulders as they appear to be the cause of his limp. If anyone would like more in-depth talks about each animal we have, do let me know as I would like to do more animal themed posts.

SURREY OPEN DAY – Another month, Another university open day! Surrey Vet School was one I was really excited for and I can’t decide if it lived up to my expectations… It definitely wasn’t bottom of the ones I’ve looked at so far but I just don’t know… It’s very convenient in terms of doing sport so I guess its ranking with the other vet schools depend on whether I’m aiming to continue with my rowing or not. I just don’t knowww… Ah well, I have a year and a bit before I need to really start thinking about it!

I didn’t really take any photos so this will have to do!

CARDIFF – Another experience with my friend Emily. We went for a few days to stay with her grandparents and had so much fun. And I might have bought a lot too but I keep telling everyone it was mostly for school in September (it was!). We also went to a Welsh festival which was very weird because, despite it being in Wales, I never realised how many welsh speaking people there were in the area. Now that makes me sound really stupid! I did however get the festival glittery face thing which I loved because I LOVE GLITTER!!! Along with this, Emily also forced me to watch Love Island(Ok, maybe not forced, I wanted to watch it too!!). I’ve watched 5 episodes all series and I feel like I know everything there is to know about them. I definitely need to watch it from the start next year…

And then we had the end of year service which meant getting back into my school uniform. urgh…

So if you’ve been observant, you’ll notice that the events I’ve talked about have only covered 2 1/2 weeks. What about the other 3 1/2 weeks. Well, since my brother’s now finished school for the summer it was time for holidays!! Firstly London, then Tanzania and Zanzibar but I think I’ll spare the details of them for another post or 2. This posts already 2 1/2 thousand words long and its only meant to be a short catch-up! I guess I really can’t do short posts…

So, in conclusion, I’m sorry for abandoning you in these last 6 weeks. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’ve certainly felt absent. And if, for some strange reason you still feel like I’m a good blogger in any way, it would mean the world to me if you could vote for me in the Teen Bloggers Awards. I’ve been nominated for 3 categories: best book blog, best music blog (from my one music related post 😂) and best blogger aged 16-19. You can find the voting page HERE and the closing date is 1st August at 12 noon.


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