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Mini things of fun under the Sun

When it comes to summer, I always have BIG plans and then on the days where I don’t have something planned, I tend to get bored.

My aim this summer is to not have a single day of boredom and actually do something every day. Now obviously, I can’t fill my time chock-a-block with things to do because I do need a rest but I don’t want to waste a day.

I don’t want to have a day where I just lounge about in PJs all day because, for me, that’s not something I enjoy, it just makes me feel lazy.

So anyway, I came up with a few things that will fill up some time in the next few months.

Films to Watch

  • See Everything Everything the movie
  • Watch Despicable me 3
  • Rewatch Grease
  • Watch the Princess Diaries
  • Have a Chickflick movie marathon
  • Watch the Harry Potter films I haven’t watched yet (movies 6&8)
  • Finally get around to watching a Miss Marple film
  • Watch Gossip Girl

Things to Bake

  • Make a Bakewell tart
  • Make s’mores
  • Make macaroons
  • Bake a rainbow layer cake
  • Make a smoothie bowl
  • PYO strawberries
  • Make Banana Bread

Places to go

  • Go to the Cereal Killer cafe
  • Visit Molly’s Bakes
  • Take photos at God’s own junkyard
  • Find the most photogenic place I can
  • Visit pretty gardens

Random Bits n bobs

  • Collab with a brand on a post
  • Try yoga or Pilates
  • Have a complete cupboard clean out
  • Do a car boot sale
  • learn a song on the ukulele
  • do something out-of-characteristicly bold
  • Play messy twister
  • Try out new school proof hairstyles
  • Have a massive spending spree
  • Go on a photo shoot
  • Burn all my GCSE school work
  • Repaint my bedroom white
  • spend a day without my phone

Beauty stuff

  • Dye (part of) my hair pastel
  • Learn to fill in eyebrows
  • Learn to do eyeliner

I know this is a bit of a random list but if they were similar, I think I’d get bored!

What things should I add to this list?




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