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Yeah, we’re gonna blog, blog, blog, blog to the top!

As you probably read in my recent posts, I’m trying to blog as much as possible this summer. Maybe everyday, maybe not but whatever I do manage will be a huge step up on what I’ve been blogging about in the last few months.

Of course, with blogging more, normally comes more interaction with your blog from both you and the readers and so I decided to set goals for this summer to help me.

I seem to have goal posts on my blog all the time but the reason for that is because I enjoy setting myself things to do and I also find that if I have them written out here on the internet for everyone to see, I’m more likely to do them.

I know everyone says not to focus on numbers but instead your enjoyment and happiness when blogging, and I am trying to do that, but I have set some numerical goals for this summer to help make sure I keep working hard on it.

I think, and I might be wrong here, that it would be very easy for me to rush posts just so I’m posting something everyday but that’s not what I want. People following you helps you know if people are enjoying what you’re writing and will hopefully make sure I take the time to make every post the best they can be.

I really want this summer to be the time my blog progresses from an averagely bad blog to one that people want to read and one that shows how much I love blogging. I’ve been blogging for over a year now, it’s time to take it to the next level.


Current Followers: 183   Wanted Followers: 250 (Need 67)


Current Followers: 146  Wanted Followers: 200 (Need 54)


Current Followers: 780 Wanted Followers: 1000 (Need 220)


Current Followers: 257 Wanted Followers: 1000 (Need 743)

I also have some non-numerical goals because who doesn’t love a good goal to get them motivated?

Come up with better blog titles.

My titles always tell the reader what the blog post is about but it doesn’t really give a reason to draw them in.

I can’t help but read other people’s blogs and think ‘I wish I could come up with titles that make even the slightly mundane sounding posts sound so interesting’. You know what I mean?

I want to have a play around with the titles of my posts and be less direct and to the point. I want them to intrigue the reader as, hopefully, this title did? (Also bonus points if you get the semi-play on words in the title… High School Musical, anyone? I don’t think it was very obvious…)

Use twitter for more than just promotion.

I was having a look on my twitter the other day and it occurred to me that I honestly don’t know why people follow me. All I post on there is constant blog post promotions, I don’t share life stories or thoughts or jokes.

I’m not going to stop the promotion because, while I do sometimes feel bad about how much I promote my blog posts, it works as people do actually read them. Not many people, but people nonetheless!

I want to start to use twitter to keep people updated on my life and things and just start interacting with people instead of just sending them all constant links of my latest post.

Make a blog Pinterest.

I have Pinterest but I mainly use it for saving workout ideas and motivation.

I don’t really know much about how to use it at all but even when I’ve done a bit of searching, I’ve seen so many posts saying how much Pinterest helped bring traffic to their blogs and I thought I’d at least have a go at Pinterest.

It can’t go that wrong can it? I’ll keep you updated!

Tell my friends about my blog.

I’ve never purposefully not told my friends about my blog. To begin with, I wasn’t even friends with them when I created this blog and then afterwards, I was never proud enough of it to feel it would interest them.

I hope at some point this summer I will be proud of it and therefore want to tell them about it. If they found out about it now, I wouldn’t be embarrassed or annoyed but I would like to get to the point where I’m happy with it before I tell them.

After all, a lot of my blog post ideas come from conversations I’ve had with them so I think they should at least get to know what their conversations prompt.

Get an Instagram theme.

Ah, the sacred and sought-after Instagram theme!

I just don’t have enough photos to keep up a theme but I hope that as I’ll be taking so many photos this summer for my blog posts, I should have enough to keep me ‘stocked up’ and actually increase my following from the 200 and something it’s been on for the last 6 months!

We’ll have to see if I can manage it, we’ll have to see… And if I get the hang of Instagram, I’d love to start using Instagram stories too! Although I do hate my voice so maybe only photos not videos!

So I have a lot of aims blogging wise and one that I haven’t mentioned above is, get to know some new bloggers so leave your links down below and tell me 1 thing you want to do ‘blog wise’ this summer.





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