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About last Summer

I wish I could live my whole life like I live during the Summer.

I don’t live some crazy lifestyle during the summer but it’s just so much more enjoyable not having to think about school and work. I’m really trying to appreciate the holidays in the next few years as much as I can because I’m aware that eventually, holidays will be rare. Ugh, adulthood!

This summer is shaping up to be amazing!

It may be even better than last summer.. And last summer was definitely the best summer I’ve ever had so I thought today, on the first day of summer 2017, it would be fun to look back on July and August 2016 and re-live those memories.

Summer 2016 was back-to-back trips. I’m not joking or exaggerating when I say I had 5 days at home all summer and it was awesome but exhausting. Especially for my mum who had to hurriedly stuff all my clothes in the wasking machine in the hours between trips.

I definitely don’t have enough clothes to go travelling like that for long!

I didn’t really do many small events. Everything was a big trip and I honestly made some of my best memories then.

Last summer was the first time I really ventured out alone. I’ve travelled without family but never before had I travelled overseas without family or school. It wasn’t like I travelled across the world, just France, but it was definitely an experience…

I’m not going to say I was totally calm with it because there was half an hour when I was stranded in a french train station without being able to contact anyone. Or understand what the signs said!

But I lived to tell the tale!

And I travelled for the first time without an adult leader as a group for 2 weeks and went on my first long (ish) haul flight.

I also celebrated my birthday without my family for the first time and spent well over my budget on my phone bill.

I visited where my parents met and kissed and lived during their uni years. It was interesting but I’m not going to lie, parts of the stories they told us about their time there did gross me out!!

We also attended a family reunion thing which I enjoyed. We’re very close with some family members but not with others. For example, how did I not know that one of my cousins was pregnant and another of them had got married?!

We followed the reunion with a trip to Edinburgh and then onto another part of Scotland to visit more of my family. That wasn’t anything new, we visit them at least twice a year but it was a big dream of mine to visit Edinburgh.

Not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed by Edinburgh. It wasn’t as pretty as I thought it would be and there wasn’t as much to do.

I still enjoyed it though especially getting to see the café that Harry Potter was written in!

France was wonderful and although I found it difficult to express what I wanted to express, my host family were wonderful and helped me so much with my french, which reminds me, I must invite the girl back here.

I could happily live in France because the weather is so lovely even in the north, or at least it was while I was there, and the best day I spent there was a trip to a zoo just over the Belgian border. It was unlike any zoo I’ve visited before. England, you need to step your zoo game up! The eurotunnel was suprisingly easy and I managed to end up with a window seat both times. You know, the important stuff!

And then, YALC.

For those who don’t know, YALC is the Young Adult Literature Convention which takes place at the same time as Comic Con in London.

I was so nervous about going as I didn’t know ANYONE (other than my mum!) but it was so much fun and I think I spent the most money I have ever spent in my whole life. I even spent my emergency money which my parents weren’t too happy with but to be fair, getting those extra books was essential…

And I got to meet Holly Smale aka my absolute favourite person! I have a framed copy of the photo with her in my bedroom. If you want to know more, I did a post on it HERE! I’m sad not to be attending this year but don’t worry, I’ll be back!!

THE trip of the summer was definitely my venture off to America and Canada.

I always promised to write a post afterwards rounding up our travels but I never did so here’s a quick whistle-stop tour.

The trip was with Guides (Equivilant of Girl Scouts for Americans) and had taken over a year to plan. I was travelling out with 5 other girls the same age as me and 2 older girls to act as our leaders. We travelled to New York, to Niagara, to Toronto, to Montreal, to Boston and back to New York.

It was amazing! I loved spending my birthday at the Niagara Falls (I doubt any birthday will top that) and just generally being  tacky tourists! Given we were on such tight budgets, we got to do so much of the general touristy stuff such as The Empire State Building and Rockafeller Centre, The CN Tower in Toronto and all that jazz.

It was a year in the planning and I cannot believe its already been another year since this.

The final week was spent with my family, living on a boat and travelling down the Thames.

We were blessed by the weather and so it honestly felt like a holiday abroad. We got to visit so many places my family knows well but from the river side and it was so funny what different impressions it gave us of the places!

And really I didn’t do much else.

I told you there were no small events but trust me, I loved every single minute, even after discovering I can’t sleep on overnight buses and so had to spend a few nights awake! (luckily they weren’t all in a row!)

Roll on this summer!





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