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Here comes the Sun!

Summer is upon us!

My favourite season of the year! I’m so happyyyyy!

The sun will be shining all the time, I’ll get an amazing tan, I’ll get to wear shorts and bikinis all the time… And then I remember I live in England. Ah, well. I guess there will be sun at some point!

Anyway, as everyone seemed to love my Spring goals post so much and I have some more goals for summer, I decided to do a repeat of that post (which you can find HERE)

Walk 10,000 steps as many days as possible.

I was originally going to set this as a New Years Resolution but I realised with so many exams this year and therefore days spent doing revision, this was going to be near impossible for the whole year.

However, once I finish my exams on the 16th, I’m aiming to try to walk at least 10,000 steps a day.

I suppose, it would be better to set my goal as ‘Walk 810,000 steps’ because I already know there are some days where I won’t be able to walk this much without being killed (I’ll explain soon!) but I’d like to do it so that I walk the equivalent of 10,000 steps a day.

As I won’t be doing rowing training over the summer, this seems like a good way to make sure I’m doing at least some exercise over the summer and don’t end up going back to rowing in September unable to even walk anywhere!

Cut out excess sugar where I can.

I am a sugar addict.

That sounds so melodramatic but I’m not joking or exaggerating or anything. I eat sugar constantly and even if I’m not full, I need more sugar.

I’ve got to the point where I’m spending £20 a week just on chocolate which might not sound like loads to some of you but for me, I could be spending this on something better.

I don’t need the chocolate or sugar in general, I’m never hungry when I eat it and I purely have to have it because I’m bored as strange as that sounds.

Eating gives me something to do and I want to break this habit now while I’m still fortunate enough to do exercise so often and therefore can sort of deal with the sugar.

I need to stop the addiction before I stop doing as much exercise and the effects of my diet start to catch up with me.

Save money.

I need to have a word with my friends’ parents to find out whose idea it was for 4 of my friends to be born in less than a month of each other.

While I love getting people presents, it’s not been kind on my bank account. Given I started off May with no money, buying amazing presents hasn’t been easy given I have nothing to get them with.

Over the summer I’ve set aside several days for shopping and so I want to save up for those days because I’m in desperate need for some new clothes and shoes!

Go self-hosted.

I’m basically contradicting my last point but this has been something I’ve been thinking about since Christmas.

I decided then that I’d wait until after my exams to go self-hosted so that it gave me time to save up because it’s surprisingly (for me at least) expensive. As you can probably tell by my last point, that hasn’t gone to plan!

I’m still hoping to buy my domain name as I’m hoping to be blogging loads over the summer and it’d be nice if it was on a new spangley website! Maybe I’ll ask for it for my birthday (I actually just thought of that as I typed it and it’s actually a really good idea!)

Get a job.

As I’ve mentioned multiple times above, I’m low on money, I have no income, I’d like an income. I’ve not got a job yet is for three reasons.

One, I have rowing almost every night after school and for most of Saturday. I need time to do homework and relax so I just haven’t had the time to fit in a job as well.

Two, most places near me require you to be 16 before you can get a job and I don’t turn 16 until August (the ninth, for anyone wondering).

And finally, I basically live in the middle of nowhere so any job I have is going to require my parents for transportation and I already use them so much as a taxi, I don’t want to give them any more journeys to do.

However, if I can find a job that I can get to by bike or is somewhere that isn’t making my parents drive out of their way, I’d be very up for it!

Care less about money.

This is a spontaneous one I came up with just now because I realised how many of my points this season seem to be money related or at least depend on money and I know having fun with your life doesn’t depend on money.

I want to do some activities this summer that don’t require money and are so fun. I can’t think of anything yet but don’t worry, I am blogging a lot this summer so I will definitely keep you updated!

Do something for Charity.

Again, another spontaneous thought but continuing with my money theme still!

My family donates a reasonable amount of money to charities and my school does A LOT of charity work but even for all the sponsored events and stuff, I don’t feel comfortable asking people to sponsor me doing things so even then I just take part and make a donation.

But anyway, I don’t think I personally do enough for charity and I want to make a change to that this summer.

But please comment down below what I should do because I want to do something unusual and not just another sponsored something. Please help me think of ideas because I do want to make a difference!!

Make a photo album of my memories with my friends.

Finally, a non-money related goal.

I have well over 6000 photos on my phone and that’s not even including the blogging ones. I’d much rather be taking photos than in them because I never like how I look and I love photography but anyway, at parties, I’m normally the only one who walks around and takes photos of everyone and everything. Doesn’t that makes me sound so cool… not.

But anyway, thanks to this, I have loads of photos of things I’ve done and places I’ve been with my group of friends and I want to get them printed out and into an album so that I actually look at them and as a little thing to lift my mood when I’m not feeling great…

I hope you enjoyed this and I can’t wait for you to read the posts I have planned for over the holidays. Do stay tuned!!

What should I do for Charity? (see above if you missed it!)





18 thoughts on “Here comes the Sun!

  1. You’ve got yourself a fabulous set of goals here, and it’s nice to see some that are a bit different! As for charity ideas, you could do something as big as hosting some sort of entertainment event, or something (slightly more managable) like having a table at a local fete, with the money made going to a designated charity. Good luck with everything!


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  2. These are such great goals! One of mine is also to go self-hosted, I don’t understand Blog things like that at all but hopefully I will work out how to go it this summer! I’m also thinking of making scrapbooks of memories too kind of like the photo album with your friends, I’m going to do one with photos of concerts and one of memories of my years at high school now I’m finished. Lovely photos, I really want them pastel sharpies and I’m so glad you’re back blogging again! X

    Erin // Everything Erin

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  3. You’ve got a great list of goals here! I’ve been thinking about getting a Fitbit lately, because I’m so curious about how many steps I take each day. Good look hitting 810,000!!

    And asking for the self-hosting fees for your birthday is a great idea!

    Might I recommend volunteering at a senior citizens’ center or a nursing home? Some people in this places don’t ever get visits from family and it’s quite sad.



    1. That’s a good idea! I will look into it. As for the FitBit, I definitely recommend. I have a Fitbit Alta and my brother has a FitBit Charge which tracks your heart rate too. 💕


  4. This is a really great idea !!! The one to do with going self-hosted is something I’ve been deliberating for a while now, but don’t know enough about. But seen as it’s coming up, I also might ask for it for my birthday !! The photo album sounds like such a fun and cute way to document the summer. Good luck with your goals xxx

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  5. i’m planning on making a photo album of my friends and i over the summer, too! i just got a new photo printer that connects to your phone. i have way too many photo printers tbh

    Liked by 1 person

      1. the one i got was on the pricier side because i wanted the highest quality photos possible, but there are definitely more affordable options out there. plus i saved like $130 by using amazon prime lol. although i gotta say, most of those printers use a special kind of paper because they have inkless technology and getting refills can get expensive. also if you already have a regular printer then you can just any a4 photo paper and sync the photos to your laptop or something and it’ll probably save you a lot.


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