What’s in my Exam Bag? 2017


I’m sorry for the lack of posts in the last few weeks. If you follow me in twitter, which you totally should HERE (cheeky self promo!), you’ll know I decided to post when I can during exam season (i.e. until the 16th June) and then as much as possible in the holidays. I promise I have lots of posts planned to make up for my bad blogging this month.

Anyway, onto the actual topic of my post. It’s 5 days until my first exam/s (which are French and Biology for anyone who is curious) and I’m determined to keep myself organised during exam season because I’m normally not very organised and because of this out-of-character decision, I’ve already planned what will be in my bag for every day of my exams and I’m going to share it with you today. This post is a collab with Erin from ‘Everything Erin’ who is also sitting her GCSEs this year and so is someone I can have a mini panic to from time to time! Please do go and check out her blog HERE.

The bag

This isn’t my actual school bag but I decided it was more photogenic than my other backpack which I’m desperately trying to make last until the end of the school year but it’s currently more hole than bag and is only held together by Duct tape! Anyway, if you were wondering, this bag is from Accessories. I know lots of people at school make fun about the fact I have a backpack rather than a handbag sort of thing but to be honest, It’s just more comfortable for me. I know next year I will probably get a handbag thing instead purely because I need a new bag anyway and my backpack’s actually a bit too small for all my folders and stuff. If you know good places to buy these sorts of bags for reasonable prices, do let me know as normally I just go to Animal and buy one of their backpacks. I haven’t really explored other options…


Ok, so I might be seen as either optimistic or very weird but for anyone who’s judging me, I’m preparing myself for all conditions! This might seem a bit of a weird thing to have in my bag especially as the school won’t let us revise in the gardens but there will be some breaks and I would hate to get a headache from the bright sunlight Britain is so well known for having (not…) My sunglasses are from Primark for £3 but if you ant ones that actually keep th sun out of your eyes instead of just looking like they will, there are identical ones in Accessorise for £12.


These will be mostly for my tears which sounds so sad but as I seem to mention in every blog post, I’m a very emotional person and if an exam goes even slightly badly, is it 100% confirmed that I will dissolve into a puddle of tears. God help my friends in the next few weeks!

I’ve also got tissues because, again, I’m preparing for all conditions. I hate it when you sneeze in an exam and then feel you can’t sneeze again because you’ve already had your distraction for the exam. Do you ever find that? And even sniffles sound so loud when everyone else is SILENT.


Another just-in-case item. I can give reasonable justifications for this one though. Basically, my school has a very strict lunch policy during exams for the year that is on exam leave and you can only have lunch for that day if you’ve signed up before a specific deadline. Knowing my organisation, I’ll probably forget and have to go into town to get lunch a few times!

Also the time that we’re allowed to eat lunch is such a small amount of time. We can eat lunch from 1:15 and our exams all start at 1:45 which might sound long enough but when you add in queuing, going to the toilet before the exam, last minute revision and being at the exam 10 minutes early, I expect I’ll get indigestion most meals from gulping down my food!

My purse is also from Accessorise and matches my bag even though, I don’t think they were part of a set. And, they’re my favourite colour, how handy!

Chocolate/ Snacks

Partially to do with how quiet the exam hall is and partially to do with the fact that I love food, I don’t know about you but I always seem to enter the exam hall hungry and my stomach rumbles loudly the whole exam and I slowly turn redder and redder because I feel like everyone can hear it rumbling. No one can but it sounds loud enough for someone in Australia to hear.

Also I can just predict that there are going to be some exams that are going to require a chocolate bar to pick me up after the exam (I’m looking at you, Physics!). I’m trying to cut back on my sugar/chocolate intake but it doesn’t count if it’s after exams, right?!

Small Notebook

I want to know exactly how I felt each exam went and have it recorded so that on results day I can match the feelings with the results and also writing my thought s down as soon as I leave the exam will make sure my post on my exams will be as accurate as possible. And another reason for the notebook, which I’ve only just thought of, is to make lists of what featured in the exam to work out what might come up in the second paper.

I’ll probably take a notebook I bought from IKEA last summer as part of a 3 notebook set because they look nice and are small enough. Plus it’s cheap enough to ruin by talking about exams in!

Revision stuff

Duhrrr… I mean it’s not like I’m going to revise before an exam is it? (That was all sarcasm, I feel it doesn’t quite translate across the computer screen) It’s mostly just take the syllabus for that subject, the briefest notes I have on the important things and a revision guide apart for the ones where I have the whole morning to revise, where I’ll also take practice questions as well. Sorry if that was boring to any of you, I thought it might be interesting to anyone in the same situation as me…

Hair stuff

At the moment my hair is really annoying me. It’s not really long enough to not look funny in a bun or plaits but it gets in my face when I lean forwards over some work. And I have so many short pieces of hair that just won’t stay put. They insist on getting in my mouth and eyes and just generally annoying me so much. I’ll be taking hair bobbles because no one cares how stupid your hair looks once your in your exam as long as it doesn’t distract you and my annoying short hairs will probably be held back by approximately 36528 hair grips just to make sure they don’t get in my eyes. My head will be more hair grip than hair.

Revision pencil case

with: Pens, highlighters, rubber, ruler, maths stuff and pencils. Plus calculator. Have you seen then new pastel highlighters from Stabilo by the way? They make all my work look a lot more interesting and less boring. 100% recommend!!!


Before my exams, I’m going to behave like an Olympic athlete. You know, hood up and head down, vaguely bouncing along to some obviously very motivational music and just generally ignoring everyone else. I know it sounds rude, but I really do not care how stressed everyone else is for this exam, I’ve already got enough stress without adding your stress to it!

I hope some of you found this interesting and if not, I promise there will be no more exam related posts shortly.

Stay tuned for my next post whenever that might be!



6 thoughts on “What’s in my Exam Bag? 2017

  1. Good luck for your exams! I’ve already started mine and I am not looking forward to the ones next week. I purchased a handbag from Primark to use next year. They are usually good enough to last a year and since they’re so affordable, you won’t even feel bad for replacing it the year after. Mine was about 10-15 Euros. x Nikita


    1. At the moment, I’m about halfway through! 12 down and 8 to go. They finish on the 16th and I can’t wait for the summer break. So far they’ve gone well apart from Advanced Latin Language which was today but oh well…


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