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It’s been ages since I shared with you my favourite songs of the moment.

In favourites posts, I only tell you one song and apart from that I’ve only done one playlist post before. That was literally my 4th or 5th post ever so it’s not very good!! Even though it was 9 months ago, a lot of the songs on my playlist are still the same!

I don’t really listen to music much and I only have one playlist on Spotify which has about 50 songs on it. These songs are such a mix of genres but I like all of them so that’s good. There haven’t been many new songs that I’ve liked so these are more the ‘classic’ new songs if you get what I mean! I’ve not listened to many of Ed Sheeran’s new songs hence why they’re not on my list but maybe next time I do a playlist post they’ll feature!

My favourite genres are: Pop, musicals, ballads, general sad/feelings songs.

  • Love me Like you– Little Mix
  • Human Nature– Taylor Henderson. (Makes me so sad!)
  • How to save a Life – The Fray
  • Final Song– Mø
  • The Greatest– Sia
  • Audition (The fools who dream)- Emma Stone from La La Land
  • Secret Love Song– Little Mix
  • Scars to your Beautiful– Alessia Cara (see my March Favourites post for more on this)
  • You ruin me– The Veronicas
  • Fix you– Coldplay
  • Pride– Amy MacDonald
  • Slow it down– Amy MacDonald
  • Rise- Katy Perry
  • Brave– Sara Bareilles
  • Our Last Summer– ABBA
  • How long will I love you– Ellie Goulding
  • Don’t you Worry Child– Swedish House Mafia

As you can probably tell due to the repetition of their song’s on this list, Little Mix’s new album is currently top of my Wish List. If you like the look of the songs I’m featuring here, I’ve made a special playlist of this post over on my Spotify which you can find HERE.

This is a bit of a shorter post but I hope you enjoyed it. What’s your favourite songs at the moment?? I’m always looking for more.


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7 thoughts on “Current Playlist

  1. I love this playlist omg, the fray how to save a life is one of my favourite songs of all time. This is such a good idea for a post – is it alright if I do a current playlist too? (i’ll credit you no worries)


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