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5 ways to de-stress – Collab


So this is the 3rd post in my sort of ‘exam series’. And if that made you go to click off this post, please just stop for a second!

While this is to do with exams because exams are stressful, it can also be used in everyday life because that’s stressful too!! So, yes, I’m aiming this at exam taking people just because that’s the situation I’m in at the moment, you can alter this post to whatever situation you’re in at the moment!

If you’d like some more suggestions or just fancy reading another blog, this post is a collab with Anna from ‘Me and My Beauty Blog’. Definitely go and check out her blog!

  1. Listen to music– This is quite a well-know destresser. I suppose it depends what you like to listen to as to how successful it is. My friend likes to listen to heavy metal songs and apparently they work especially well to help remove stress and to help her sleep. I don’t see how it works so well for her as to me it just sounds like a complete mess of loud noises but for her, it works. Catchy songs with great lyrics work well also as you can create a karaoke dance party in your bedroom which is great fun and definitely distracts you from whatever else is going on!
  2. Have a bath and pamper yourself. For this, you need to be able to take your time. It’s not relaxing if you know you only have 15 minutes to have your bath and get out. I recommend a bath bomb (especially LUSH bath bombs e.g Shoot for the stars), a face mask and some relaxing music. Just sit back and relax in the bath. If you feel like it, you could paint your nails or something but basically use the bath as a good long time to just step out of your life at the moment and into another world of deep relaxation. I love to just take the time to pamper myself as this is definitely a favourite tip of mine.
  3. Read a book– escape into another world with a book. I don’t know about you but a book is such a good way for me to escape whatever is happening. I can visit another country, another world or another universe all in the space of a few minutes. There are so many books out there that you could visit every century since the Big Bang, visit 100s of countries around the world, have every job you could imagine and meet people you never actually could meet all in the space of the time it reads you to read the books! If you ever need book recommendations, I have loads but there are so many out there that you will always find something you like! (Side Note: I wrote a guest post on ‘How to encourage Reluctant Readers to read’ if anyone’s interested: HERE). Also leave any book suggestions down in the comments!
  4. Exercise or Food. People have different ways of dealing with stress. For some people, exercise is the first port of call after a stressful day, for others, their destination is the fridge. I’m not going to discriminate against either of these but I would suggest a mix of the two. Food, especially chocolate, can really raise your mood while exercise both helps balance out the food and, due to the release of endorphins, makes you feel good. AND, the actual actions involved in exercise help you forget your stress!
  5. Go for a walk/be at one with nature. Take your dog for a walk if you have one or just get out of the house. Not only does walking count as exercise (see point above!) but it’s so peaceful and beautiful especially if the sun is out. Also it keeps you healthy as being attached to a screen 24/7 doesn’t help you calm down. A fun game to play would be get a coin and head means left, tails is right. Basically every time you reach a junction, flip the coin to decide which way to go. Don’t get lost though!!

In exam season, try to prevent the stress as much as possible. The main way to do this is make sure you put in enough revision (as much as I hate it, I know it’s important, see the last few posts!) and also, once you’ve done your exam/s, avoid talking about them.

If you felt it went badly or even if you felt it went well, talking about it with your friends/class mates isn’t going to help! If you have got different answers, it’s not going to make either of you feel better about yourself! The best way to prevent stress after exams is to copy the famous trio in ‘Harry Potter’ with their OWL exams and just not talk about the exam you’ve just been in. 

If you really have to tell someone about how the exam went, chose someone who didn’t just do the same exam and can’t compare answers with you!

I really hoped this helped.

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20 thoughts on “5 ways to de-stress – Collab

  1. Great post, Kate. I’m long since my exam phase but these are great tips and ways you can de-stress, not just from exams too! I always find a long bath with some chocolate, a book and watching some YouTube always really relaxes me and helps me switch off xx


  2. When are your exams? I’m dreading mine! This really helped me, thank you for writing it! Exercise also definitely helps me to relax, but I worry that I’m wasting time when I should be revising, so it’s a bad circle I’m in!


  3. I love pampering myself when I’m stressed out – Also the soap & glory clean on me is one of my faveee shower washes!!! It makes my skin feel so silky.
    I also love Malorie Blackman.. I haven’t read that book in the picture though! Reading is great xxx


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