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Apps, Websites and channels to help you smash your exams!

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a great day. I wanted to start today’s post off in a happy/cheerful way as I know revision is something that automatically puts people in a bad mood. It shouldn’t! Admittedly it’s not fun but neither’s failing (just saying it how it is!!)

As I mentioned in my recent post (HERE), today I’m bringing you a list of apps, websites and other internet-y stuff that have helped me revise and I think will help you too.

As always, if you have any other websites/other internet-y things that you think will help, leave them down in the comments!

  • The Student Room/Get Revising– This is technically the same website but I count them as sort of ‘sister websites’. Basically The Student Room is a bigger version of Get Revising. Get Revising is focused on revision help and equipment so it has past papers, creates revision timetables and stuff like that whilst TSR has all this plus a section of forums to discuss both school and non-school related stuff. I find this part very useful as it helps me to know that everyone else is struggling with a specific topic and to learn tips from people who are aceing their exams.
  • StudyBlue– and other flashcard websites. These are particularly helpful for languages vocab maybe definitions. The only real way to learn these is to repeat, Repeat, REPEAT!! so it helps when the websites have games and multiple ways to learn the flashcards. And they all have apps so you can go over them on the go if you wish to!
  • Wordreference– This is another one for languages, especially if you have coursework or are preparing speaking exam answers. if you know what you want to say and want to know how to say it in, let’s say, French you type it in and it gives you all the possible words. The only problem is, you can only type in one word at a time. The good news is that it’s more reliable than Google Translate so you won’t get caught with silly mistakes. I find it useful as it’s basically an online dictionary and I can never find my actual french dictionary!
  •– This, yet again, is a language learning website but I think only for French, Spanish and German. It features lots of videos of real people speaking which are graded by difficulty. this means you can practise your listening as they have lots of tests and you can test your vocab as well with tests that require you to type in the missing words. And then after all this goodness, there’s a new grammar section which is definitely the most helpful section for me, as grammar is the bit I struggle with the most. So yes, this is a good website. I’m a member of it through school so I have a feeling it might cost a bit of money but not much and it’s definitely worth it!
  • GCSE Bitesize– I’m sure most people in the UK have heard of Bitesize but if you haven’t it’s a website created by the BBC to help aid studying. It covers ages from Key Stage 1 to A level and personally, I find it so helpful! It explains the basic topics clearly with small tests and sometimes games. It doesn’t go into harder topics and it doesn’t explain them deeply but it’s good if you’re unsure of the essential learning points for a subject. They’ve just created a ‘campaign section’ where they basically take you step by step through the practical side of taking GCSEs (managing stress etc)
  • GCSEPOD– This is a website my school suggested I used and as of now, I haven’t really used but I thought I’d include it in case you want to check it out. It’s free, I know that but I don’t know much more about it! Let me know what you think if you try it out!
  • Minimalist– This ones an app which isn’t school related as such but is good if you don’t want to put your phone away when revising. You type in all the jobs you have to do that day and then click on which one you’re doing and how long it will take and if you pick up your phone during the specified time, it buzzes at you until you put it down. Clever, huh?
  • YouTube-As I mentioned in previous posts, YouTube is a huge source of knowledge and can be very useful during the revision process so make use of it. I have a few favourites but it depends on subject. There’s channels like the ‘Fuse School’ which is Chemistry. Eve Bennett also has some great tips and her favourite channels linked in her profile. Her video on Languages literally saved me in my french speaking exam!

  • CGP guides and Collins Books– as you can probably tell, these are both books of some sort! The CGP guides are given to me by school and are basically guides (surprise, surprise!) containing pages on every topic as well as ways of remembering the harder stuff. Then at the end of the larger topic here are questions to answer. I personally love these! Apparently if I properly learnt every word of the guides I’d get an A* which is no surprise but that’s also not very achievable!! Then the Collins books contain summaries of the topics and then longer exam style questions. These are quite similar but a lot more practical. I advise getting both but if you can only get 1, choose CGP and print off practise questions off the internet (just google search it!)

I hoped these helped/ will help. And do check out my last revision related post (HERE) and look out for a new one in 3 days.


(I’m trying to help as many people as possible with this post, so if you found it useful, please share it!)



14 thoughts on “Apps, Websites and channels to help you smash your exams!

  1. This is such a well thought out and informative post, Kate! I’m not in school (haven’t been for a while!) but I would have loved some more resources like these to help me through exams. I did really well but maybe I could have done that little bit better xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This post is so useful I wish I would have seen this when I was doing exams as I’m at university right now haha x


  3. Wordreference is so so useful! I use it everyday at work! Coz sometime I just forget how to say things in my own language ahah! I didn’t know most of these apps but I would have loved to know them when I was a student! xx Corinne


  4. As a matter of fact, I was studying all day today. Commenting on blogs is my break. This is EXTREMELY helpful for me. I find it so difficult to consume and contain information from my brain and remember it. This was until I stumbled across CGP books which have helped me excessively and this post. It has helped me as much as the next person. Thanks for sharing!

    #sweetreats xx


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