10 Things I love about Spring

Spring, glorious Spring!

Technically, the first day of Spring is in 6 days but I cannot wait! Winter will be over and the spring days will arrive. I personally can’t stand Winter from 1st January onwards but love every other season of the year. My favourite is, of course, Summer but Spring is a close runner-up. Today, I want to share with you my top 10 favourite things about my 2nd favourite season!

  1. Baby animals. I don’t know about you but I’ve already seen so many baby animals springing up all over the place. Lambs, chicks, piglets… They’re all so cute! I love the arrival of new life that Spring brings that I don’t think you really see in any other month. No other season sees so much new life of both plants and animals as Spring does. I know that the first thing people think of when they think of spring is generally the baby animals but there’s a reason for that, they’re the best part of spring!!
  2. Blossom. I always think of this as a late spring thing, but this year I’ve already seem several trees full of Blossom. I think it’s so pretty and is always a sign Summer will arrive this year (because we all start to doubt it on the cold Winter days). The only thing about Blossom that I don’t like is how vicious it makes spring weather look. One gust of wind and every petal on the tree falls off! Blossom is very Instagramable which is good as anything that provides easy photos for your ‘feed’ has to be high on the list!
  3. Bluebells and Daffodils. These are normally the first exciting signs of spring. There’s just something so happy about spring flowers. The colours are usually so iniques for spring. Daffodils are a lot more common, in my opinion, so there are always loads of them in clusters everywhere which I love. I also love it when you go to woods and the whole forest floor is covered in bluebells. SO pretty!
  4. Bright green plants and trees. I know this might seem strange because you might be thinking ‘trees are always green, at least while they still have leaves’. But anyway, in spring, the trees turn a vibrant, lighter green rather than the darker, duller green. And the grass starts growing too! This makes everything seem more optimistic, a key theme in this post!
  5. Easter. (aka the CHOCOLATE!!!) I love chocolate. You probably already know this because I mentioned it before. Anyway, I love Easter and it’s so rare I have any chocolate left by the end of Easter Sunday. This year, I be eating my first bit of chocolate since 1st March on the morning of Easter Sunday and leaving to go on rowing camp (which will no doubt be a ‘no chocolate and healthy eating’ week) in the afternoon. How much chocolate can I scoff in a few hours? We’ll have to wait and see! (Spoiler: a lot!!)
  6. Spring/Summer clothes. I love it when the shops refresh their clothes and get rid of the jumpers and replace them with shorts and tank tops. I love LOVE the summery clothes and I can’t wait to go on a shopping spree and fill my wardrobe with pretty spring clothes. If you saw my last post (HERE), you’ll know that the colours of spring clothes really suit me and it’s impossible to find clothes of the right colour in the colder months!
  7. Longer Days. I can’t wait to be able to leave home and then return after school while it’s still light outside. I don’t know about you, but I feel a lot more productive with longer days. When I get home and it’s already dark outside, I just want to climb into bed whereas if it’s still light outside, I work to get my work out of the way so I can get on with other things as the evening seems so much longer. Do you get what i mean?? Using this word again, but it all seems more optimistic and less dreary. 
  8. General Liveliness. I feel that March turns a corner in how we feel. Everyone feels like a spring lamb, metaphorically. They feel like springing around with joy and smiling so much more often. That might just be me but I can’t stop smiling when spring arrives! It’s a sign to me that better things are on the way. Not that I hate winter but, summer’s so much better!!
  9. Going out without a jumper. I’m such a cold blooded human. Not as in a cruel human, but as in, I actually cannot go outside without a jumper if it’s not over 30 degrees outside. That might be a very small exageration but not by much. The only time I felt truely comfortable without a jumper last year was in Crete (27-34 degrees) and America (above 30 degrees). So I don’t feel comfortable without a jumper in spring but it’s close. And at least I don’t get a cold if I attempt to lower the number of layers I’m wearing!!
  10. Sunshine. I love love love the sun. Even if it’s not tanning weather, the sun on my face makes me very happy!! Spring sunsets and sunrises are a step up from those of winter although they’re harder to see as you have to be up earlier but still!! Again, a sign of optimism and hopefully, it will be a common part of our lives this year. That’s not common in the UK!!

I hope you enjoyed this! This post was actually a part of the ‘Bloggers go on Spring Break’ collab which you can find out more about here.

I’d love it if you checked out the other blogs which are linked in the link above. 

What are your favourite things about spring??



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