Q&A #1


Can you believe I’ve never done a Q&A on my blog yet. I decided it was time I finally got around to doing one so I asked on both Twitter and Instagram for questions and I’m going to answer them now. I hope you enjoy!


(@_monochromedaisies) What made you start blogging?

This is something everyone seems to want to know about a blogger and for me, I honestly have no idea. My favourite thing to do from about the age of 10 until last June was to create blogs on so many different topics and then write two posts and delete the blog. I think I must have created more than 20 blogs before deleting them. Anyway for some reason, this time it just stuck! ‘Life in Kateish’ was originally a book blog but I literally now only post a book post every few months or something so I really have branched off!

Do you feel like you’ve improved in certain areas since starting?

I feel like I’ve improved in so many areas since I started. My posts are longer and I put in more effort and in my opinion, the posts are more interesting…? (Do correct me if I’m wrong!) I do now include photos in my posts although I don’t think the photos are particularly good yet! My promoting could still do with a bit of work but it’s getting there!

Do you take inspiration from other blogs/bloggers? Which ones?

I like to take inspiration from similar/likeminded bloggers so most of the blogs that inspire me are often teen bloggers. The main ones are ‘Thoughtful Tash’, ‘Daisies and Delights’, ‘Life as Tilly Rose’ (I swear I mention her in so many of my posts!). They’re the people I look at for inspiration for post ideas or photo opportunities and I have read every single one of their posts! They’re not the only ones but the most recent.

(@girlyblogger.xx) What is the best and worst thing about blogging from your point of view?

I love the actual blogging part of blogging (obviously). I love the community as cheesy as that is but I love the fact that blogging ties us all together but we can all be so different. I love the bloggers that are all out to promote and support other people. I often hear things about how hateful the blogging world is and while I do feel that some people feel it is very competitive, I’ve never experienced the hate they talk about. I don’t like blog photography. I love photography but I struggle soo much with making them turn out how I want. I’m working on that though (as I say in every post!)

(@vagaryfox) Who are your favourite bloggers?

My favourite bloggers definitely include the people I mentioned above but I literally have a list as long as my arm. At the top of my list is ‘It’s Everything Erin’, ‘Elzita‘, ‘Rose Tinted Pics’ and ‘Bepbeee’. There are so many bloggers I love so I’m doing a whole blog post on them soon!

(@amyslifeblogs) What is your favourite type of post to write?

I love goal posts and lists and things like that. As in terms of actual topics, I love lifestyle posts the most at the moment although as I mention quite a lot, I want to branch out into other areas like Beauty and Fashion, maybe?

(@basiicallygrace) Favourite Yankee candle scent?

I only have 5 Yankee candles. They’re the really small ones, 4 of them I got for Christmas and I bought during summer last year. I love the fresh smelling ones. I think my favourite is ‘Vanilla’ or ‘Summer scoop’. I haven’t actually burnt these yet but just from smell… And ones I don’t have but love the smell of, The black yankee candle. Coconut something? I don’t know, do you know which one I mean?


Would you ever go cruelty free?

This is definitely something I’m interested in doing especially for makeup. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but from my research so far, very little of my makeup is cruelty free so I definitely will give it more research. It wasn’t really something I was that aware about, I guess you could say, but due to some of my favourite bloggers talking about it so much (particularly Eleanor Claudie) I’ve become more aware of it and will be taking steps to become cruelty free soon.

(@Cassidy_siler) What’s your favourite candy?

I love Chocolate but I’m not really a sweets person, as it were. I love sweet stuff but not really anything sugar coated. I also am quite particular about my chocolate. Plain chocolate only, please. No fillings, especially not honeycomb or something like that!

(@lifeofabbiejenkins) What music are you loving at the moment?

There’s so much but not really the latest music as it were. I love ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran and also ‘Scars to you’re Beautiful’ by Alissa Cara. I love the ‘La La Land’ soundtrack and the ‘Moana’ Soundtrack. Again, I could go on and on!

(@HarrietDayBlog) Ketchup or BBQ Sauce?

BBQ Sauce. I’m not really a huge fan of either but particularly not Ketchup as I can’t stand tomatoes and believe it or not, Ketchup is made up of Tomatoes. Therefore BBQ sauce. I like it when it’s covering Chicken but not much else!

I hope you enjoyed this and I will be doing another one soon if you have any questions for me!



2 thoughts on “Q&A #1

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog as one of your favourites, that has actually made my day so thank you! I have a really similar music taste, I am loving Shape Of You lately and also the La La Land soundtrack x

    Erin // Everything Erin


  2. In the first second I saw your photo on this post I was all like “gosh, I love this girl’s photos so so much” and then I read the part when you said you didn’t think they were so good. Giiiirl, they’re not good, they’re awesome!!! I love them. Great post


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