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Colour analysis with House of Colour

I wasn’t sure if I was going to write this because I didn’t know if anyone was interested in colour analysis but I ran a poll on twitter and 73% of voters wanted it! So here we go!

Colour analysis is something that has really interested me in the last few weeks. It’s basically the science of why certain colours suit you and make you glow and other colours drain you. It was a very popular trend in the 80s to ‘get your colours done’ and apparently this year is  the year that it is coming back into fashion!

If you remember back to my ‘What I got for Christmas’ post, you might remember that my parents got me a ‘colour analysis’ session. I had it the other week and I found it so interesting. I learnt a lot about both myself and the history of colour analysis! The initial explorations into colour analysis were first done in the 1930s but in Germany so when Hitler came to power, he banished these explorations and the scientists had to flee therefore abandoning further exploration. It was basically forgotten until the 50s when Hollywood costume designers became curious as to why some actresses (and actors but mainly the ladies) looked as though they’d aged 10 years just by a costume change. The previous research was brought to light and ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ was born in the US. Scientists realised that everyone has fatty acids beneath their skin and whether these acids reflected blue or yellow decides what colours suit to you. More recently, this science technique has been used to decide the colour of the iconic dresses in La La Land to make sure they looked stunning!

The techniques and science used by ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ was brought over to the UK and ‘House of Colour’ (HoC) was developed. HoC works on the basis of 4 seasons split into pairs of ‘Spring and Autumn’ and ‘Summer and Winter’. The former pair are the ‘gold’ seasons and the latter are the silver seasons. Each season contains a unique colour spectrum. Red is the only colour which is featured in every spectrum. The initial diagnosis of which pair you belong in is pretty simple. Makeup free, a piece of gold jewellery is held up to your face before being removed and replaced by a piece of silver jewellery. One will make you look amazing and will make the jewellery look expensive while the other will look cheap and tacky. Once this has been decided, it narrows down the possibilities of your season to 2. For me, my ‘metal colour’ was gold so I had the possibilities of Spring or Autumn.

The next part of the analysis is done using numerous coloured scarves. To begin with, your clothes are covered with a large white sheet to prevent them from altering your results. Next your ‘stylist’ starts comparing the seasons by placing 1 corresponding scarf from each of the 2 seasons around your neck. An example is ‘apple green’ (from Spring) and ‘Forest Green’ (from Autumn). She keeps comparing the scarves (and the ones of other colours) until she has worked out which seasons colours suit you best overall. Then just to confirm, they will drape bunches of scarves over your shoulders. A bunch from each possible season. If anyone is wondering what it is the stylist is looking for, one colour/season will make you glow and make the material look expensive, the other colour will drain you and make the fabric look cheap. Not every colour from your season will suit you head to toe but in general every colour will look good on you. Sometimes, it’s easy to tell which season you are and other times, it’s more difficult. For example, there was a moment when we thought I might fit into the Autumn colours but when we put the fabric into bunches it became obvious spring suited me much better! There are varying degrees of a season. For example, if you’re a spring but there was a possibility of you being a autumn, you’re a ‘gold spring’. If it’s the other way around, you’re a ‘gold autumn’.

After your season has been decided, your colour stylist will make you up using the ‘House of Colour’ makeup range to suit your skin and season (I’ll talk more about this is a moment). Then begins a really fun part although it’s quite fast! In a process called…, your stylist will place each colour from your season around your neck and decide how it suits you using a specially coded table. The columns vary from 100% (you could wear this colour head-to-toe) to 25% (this should just be an accent colour). Your stylist quickly decides how well each colour suits you and then decides your optimal colours. For me, they were … and are my possible prom dress colours for this year! Then you receive your wallet. It’s a carefully coloured display of all your season’s colours to carry around with you to help you decide if the colours of clothes etc are ones that will suit you.

I talked about this earlier but ‘HoC’ have their own makeup range too. It’s made at the same place as MAC apparently (although I don’t know if this means they have the same animal cruelty policy as them) but it is specifically designed with the seasons in mind. You can buy it on their website even if you don’t have a consultation session with them although it’s cheaper if you buy it after a session! For me, having my colours done has really helped from both the makeup and clothes side. I’ve always struggled to know what colour lipsticks suit me and I’ve wondered if brown or something like that would suit me. Well now I know! (it wouldn’t!) It’s also really encouraging me to be more adventurous with my eyeshadow. I barely leave the neutrals but it suggests moss green (!?) We’ll have to see!

Of course, colour analysis might not interest you now After all, fashion is all about what you want to wear but wearing the right colour clothes and makeup shades sets you apart from the others as you glow. Even if it’s only for work, wearing your colours makes you seem more put together and professional. And, as I mentioned earlier, colour analysis is coming back into fashion. It’s going to be less about the ‘in fashion’ colours and more about the ‘you’ colours.

Ever since my consultation, me and my mum have been wondering around, thinking about what seasons other people fit into and what season each piece of clothing we see belongs in. We really are obsessed! And also bad news if you ‘only wear black’, you only have a 1 in 4 chance of getting it in your season. Black only appears in Winter!

So what now? You’ve had your consultation, you know your colours. Now you can go and have fun and basically replace your whole wardrobe! And once you’ve done that you can go to one of ‘House of Colour’s’ image sessions where they’ll define what shapes of clothes will suit you. I can’t wait to go on my shape day although they suggest you wait until you’re at least 17. Only 1 and 1/2 years to go!

To find out more about House of Colour, visit their website.


(This post is not sponsored by House of Colour in any way, I just really enjoyed my experience!)


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