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March Favourites

I swear I start every ‘time of the year’ post of with this but:

OMG! How is it already the end of March? That means it’s basically a month until my exams and I’m not ready!!

It’s been a while since I did a favourites post, and so I thought I’d sum up my recent favourites for you today. I can’t say they’re particularly adventurous, as my life at the minute isn’t varying much from school, school, school and rowing! Anyway, enough of my rambling and let get on with the blog!
Book: The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr.

Can I have a round of applause? I’ve finished my 2nd book of the year! Yes, I know I said I’d have read 70 by the end of 2017 but it hasn’t quite gone to plan. I somehow greatly misinterpreted the amount of free time I’d have this year. However, I did finally pick up another book and I really enjoyed it!

For those of you who don’t know, ‘The One Memory of Flora Banks’ is about a girl with amnesia which means she can still remember life before amnesia but only very recent events. The book is basically how she survives like this (and somehow, I’ve managed to make it sound very uninteresting! It’s great, I swear!!) For a full and detailed explanation, click HERE. The weird thing about reading a book which has a character with amnesia, is that it slowly convinced me that I also had amnesia. I don’t think that it was the author’s aim but still, it really freaked me out and I got in a bit of a panic about how I was going to do my exams with basically no memory! Yes, I was a bit sleep deprived at this point but I enjoyed it so much, I couldn’t put it down and therefore stayed up all night reading it. I 100% recommend and it has catapulted itself into my top 5 books ever.

Song: Scars to your Beautiful by Alessia Cara.

This isn’t a very recent song and not a new discovery for me but for some reason I’ve found it particularly poignant and resonant recently. I don’t get tired of constantly listening to it unlike other songs (e.g Castle on a hill. I almost can’t stand that song anymore, sorry!) although the original is definitely the best compared to any of the remixes. I’ve been loving Alessia Cara in general recently especially ‘How far I’ll go’ because Disney/Moana!

Film: Beauty and the Beast.

Talking of Disney films, I finally got to see Beauty and the Beast. I managed to sneak (and by sneak I mean, I bought a ticket and walked to the right screen!)  into the 16:30 3D screening of it after school on the day it came out. I cannot tell you how excited I’ve been for this film. Every music lesson since Christmas or before I have spent watching trailers and other sneak peaks of the film. I’m not even joking which probably why I haven’t finished my coursework and the deadline’s TODAY!!! Anyway, the trailer and songs have brought me to tears multiple times during my lesson just because of how sweet each song is and how excited for the film I was.

Going back to the film, I definitely recommend seeing it in 3D if you can, as it really played the film to its best. The songs luckily lived up to my expectations as did the film in general. To be honest, I was a little disappointed by Emma Watson (only a very little bit!) as I didn’t feel she brought much to the film that any other actress could’ve brought, other than the publicity which I’m not sure it needed extra of, it is a remake of one of Disney’s most loved films after all.

However, I didn’t realise quite how many other ‘big’ actors and actresses were in the film. Emma Thompson, Ian McKellen, Ewan McGregor. How didn’t I know this!! So yes, I recommend you go and watch this but don’t expect magical acting from Emma Watson just because she was Hermione!

Beauty: MAC lipsticks. (Kinda Sexy, Brave and Velvet Teddy)

I have finally branched out and bought some MAC lipsticks! Admittedly second hand but I’m still very happy with them. I’ve bought ‘Kinda Sexy’ ‘Velvet Teddy’ and ‘Brave’.

This is also my first taste of Matte Lipsticks and I can’t make up my mind on what I think, I’m not sure I quite understand the hype of both matte lipsticks and MAC… I definitely love the smell of them but is the formula so much greater than any high-street brand I’ve tried? I’m not sure… If anyone would be interested in a first impressions/review type post, let me know as I’d definitely be up for that. I’ve been loving Brave in particular in the last few days as its a very ‘spring’ shade in my opinion!

Clothing- Lilac polo neck top from H&M.

I got this back in January as a possibility for a party but decided it wasn’t right for the event however liked it enough to keep it and have worn it a few times in the last few weeks. It’s just about getting to the right time of year to wear it as while it is a polo neck, it’s very thin (and quite see-through which I like but don’t think my family does!).

It’s a lovely colour and I hope to wear it lots in the next month! I am a big fan of polo necks just because I think it masks my lack of boobs (It probably doesn’t!) but I like that this isn’t as heavy as some of my other polo necks and therefore doesn’t make me look like too much of an egg!

Food: Jordan’s Fusilli Bars.

As the 1st March was also the first day of Lent, I’ve spent the whole of March without chocolate/sweets/cakes/biscuits which hasn’t really bothered me other than the lack of options it’s left me with for snacking and deserts. It has meant I’ve been eating about a packet (with 6 bars in!!) of these, a day. My favourites are the apple one and the blueberry ones and I could eat so many! I’ve also been eating NutriGrain bars but as they’re slightly more expensive, it’s more frowned on to eat a packet of them a day! Plus Nutrigrain bars are a bit more processed and less of the healthy fruitiness and I’m all about the healthiness of food (not)!

Blog: Daisies and Delights.

A new discovery for me and I’m so glad I found her blog. Not only is her blog ultimate blog goals but Daisy herself is so lovely. We’ve had some great conversations on Twitter and have plans to meet up in the summer. Let’s hope we manage it. I have read every single one of Daisy’s posts and have loved seeing her blogging progression through her posts! Definitely go and check her out HERE.

Blog Post: ‘My UK ‘to visit’ list – I don’t really know why I like this post so much but I feel the ide was quite unusual (sorry if it isn’t!) and I’m just really happy with how it turned out. It terms of other people’s posts, I loved ‘Why it’s important to take a break’ on ‘It’s Everything Erin’s Blog. I feel it was something I really needed to read as I often just don’t have the time to write a blog post and it gets me down but my life is so busy at the moment and it’s OK if I can’t do it.  I just felt it arrived at a perfect time for me. Thank you Erin!!

Other: Bloglovin

In the last few weeks, I’ve been loving Bloglovin. I’ve always had it downloaded I’ve just never really used it but now 90% of my reading happens here. I only follow blogs I know that I’ll enjoy the posts of and I love the fact that every time I refresh the app, there’s a new post or two for me to read. I also just hit 100 followers over there which has been a goal for a while. I know quite a few people don’t like Bloglovin but in my opinion, it’s great and one of my ‘must-have’ apps! I know there’s been so much controversy about it’s recent updates but to be honest, I don’t really understand what’s wrong… If someone explained it to me well, I’d be open to change my opinion!

I hope that you have all had a good March. I have basically the whole of April off from school and so have quite a bit planned amongst my revision and I can’t wait until Easter when I can eat Chocolate again (Ok, maybe I’m not dealing with it quite as well as it appeared above!!)

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10 Things I love about Spring

Spring, glorious Spring!

Technically, the first day of Spring is in 6 days but I cannot wait! Winter will be over and the spring days will arrive. I personally can’t stand Winter from 1st January onwards but love every other season of the year. My favourite is, of course, Summer but Spring is a close runner-up. Today, I want to share with you my top 10 favourite things about my 2nd favourite season!

  1. Baby animals. I don’t know about you but I’ve already seen so many baby animals springing up all over the place. Lambs, chicks, piglets… They’re all so cute! I love the arrival of new life that Spring brings that I don’t think you really see in any other month. No other season sees so much new life of both plants and animals as Spring does. I know that the first thing people think of when they think of spring is generally the baby animals but there’s a reason for that, they’re the best part of spring!!
  2. Blossom. I always think of this as a late spring thing, but this year I’ve already seem several trees full of Blossom. I think it’s so pretty and is always a sign Summer will arrive this year (because we all start to doubt it on the cold Winter days). The only thing about Blossom that I don’t like is how vicious it makes spring weather look. One gust of wind and every petal on the tree falls off! Blossom is very Instagramable which is good as anything that provides easy photos for your ‘feed’ has to be high on the list!
  3. Bluebells and Daffodils. These are normally the first exciting signs of spring. There’s just something so happy about spring flowers. The colours are usually so iniques for spring. Daffodils are a lot more common, in my opinion, so there are always loads of them in clusters everywhere which I love. I also love it when you go to woods and the whole forest floor is covered in bluebells. SO pretty!
  4. Bright green plants and trees. I know this might seem strange because you might be thinking ‘trees are always green, at least while they still have leaves’. But anyway, in spring, the trees turn a vibrant, lighter green rather than the darker, duller green. And the grass starts growing too! This makes everything seem more optimistic, a key theme in this post!
  5. Easter. (aka the CHOCOLATE!!!) I love chocolate. You probably already know this because I mentioned it before. Anyway, I love Easter and it’s so rare I have any chocolate left by the end of Easter Sunday. This year, I be eating my first bit of chocolate since 1st March on the morning of Easter Sunday and leaving to go on rowing camp (which will no doubt be a ‘no chocolate and healthy eating’ week) in the afternoon. How much chocolate can I scoff in a few hours? We’ll have to wait and see! (Spoiler: a lot!!)
  6. Spring/Summer clothes. I love it when the shops refresh their clothes and get rid of the jumpers and replace them with shorts and tank tops. I love LOVE the summery clothes and I can’t wait to go on a shopping spree and fill my wardrobe with pretty spring clothes. If you saw my last post (HERE), you’ll know that the colours of spring clothes really suit me and it’s impossible to find clothes of the right colour in the colder months!
  7. Longer Days. I can’t wait to be able to leave home and then return after school while it’s still light outside. I don’t know about you, but I feel a lot more productive with longer days. When I get home and it’s already dark outside, I just want to climb into bed whereas if it’s still light outside, I work to get my work out of the way so I can get on with other things as the evening seems so much longer. Do you get what i mean?? Using this word again, but it all seems more optimistic and less dreary. 
  8. General Liveliness. I feel that March turns a corner in how we feel. Everyone feels like a spring lamb, metaphorically. They feel like springing around with joy and smiling so much more often. That might just be me but I can’t stop smiling when spring arrives! It’s a sign to me that better things are on the way. Not that I hate winter but, summer’s so much better!!
  9. Going out without a jumper. I’m such a cold blooded human. Not as in a cruel human, but as in, I actually cannot go outside without a jumper if it’s not over 30 degrees outside. That might be a very small exageration but not by much. The only time I felt truely comfortable without a jumper last year was in Crete (27-34 degrees) and America (above 30 degrees). So I don’t feel comfortable without a jumper in spring but it’s close. And at least I don’t get a cold if I attempt to lower the number of layers I’m wearing!!
  10. Sunshine. I love love love the sun. Even if it’s not tanning weather, the sun on my face makes me very happy!! Spring sunsets and sunrises are a step up from those of winter although they’re harder to see as you have to be up earlier but still!! Again, a sign of optimism and hopefully, it will be a common part of our lives this year. That’s not common in the UK!!

I hope you enjoyed this! This post was actually a part of the ‘Bloggers go on Spring Break’ collab which you can find out more about here.

I’d love it if you checked out the other blogs which are linked in the link above. 

What are your favourite things about spring??



Q&A #1


Can you believe I’ve never done a Q&A on my blog yet. I decided it was time I finally got around to doing one so I asked on both Twitter and Instagram for questions and I’m going to answer them now. I hope you enjoy!


(@_monochromedaisies) What made you start blogging?

This is something everyone seems to want to know about a blogger and for me, I honestly have no idea. My favourite thing to do from about the age of 10 until last June was to create blogs on so many different topics and then write two posts and delete the blog. I think I must have created more than 20 blogs before deleting them. Anyway for some reason, this time it just stuck! ‘Life in Kateish’ was originally a book blog but I literally now only post a book post every few months or something so I really have branched off!

Do you feel like you’ve improved in certain areas since starting?

I feel like I’ve improved in so many areas since I started. My posts are longer and I put in more effort and in my opinion, the posts are more interesting…? (Do correct me if I’m wrong!) I do now include photos in my posts although I don’t think the photos are particularly good yet! My promoting could still do with a bit of work but it’s getting there!

Do you take inspiration from other blogs/bloggers? Which ones?

I like to take inspiration from similar/likeminded bloggers so most of the blogs that inspire me are often teen bloggers. The main ones are ‘Thoughtful Tash’, ‘Daisies and Delights’, ‘Life as Tilly Rose’ (I swear I mention her in so many of my posts!). They’re the people I look at for inspiration for post ideas or photo opportunities and I have read every single one of their posts! They’re not the only ones but the most recent.

(@girlyblogger.xx) What is the best and worst thing about blogging from your point of view?

I love the actual blogging part of blogging (obviously). I love the community as cheesy as that is but I love the fact that blogging ties us all together but we can all be so different. I love the bloggers that are all out to promote and support other people. I often hear things about how hateful the blogging world is and while I do feel that some people feel it is very competitive, I’ve never experienced the hate they talk about. I don’t like blog photography. I love photography but I struggle soo much with making them turn out how I want. I’m working on that though (as I say in every post!)

(@vagaryfox) Who are your favourite bloggers?

My favourite bloggers definitely include the people I mentioned above but I literally have a list as long as my arm. At the top of my list is ‘It’s Everything Erin’, ‘Elzita‘, ‘Rose Tinted Pics’ and ‘Bepbeee’. There are so many bloggers I love so I’m doing a whole blog post on them soon!

(@amyslifeblogs) What is your favourite type of post to write?

I love goal posts and lists and things like that. As in terms of actual topics, I love lifestyle posts the most at the moment although as I mention quite a lot, I want to branch out into other areas like Beauty and Fashion, maybe?

(@basiicallygrace) Favourite Yankee candle scent?

I only have 5 Yankee candles. They’re the really small ones, 4 of them I got for Christmas and I bought during summer last year. I love the fresh smelling ones. I think my favourite is ‘Vanilla’ or ‘Summer scoop’. I haven’t actually burnt these yet but just from smell… And ones I don’t have but love the smell of, The black yankee candle. Coconut something? I don’t know, do you know which one I mean?


Would you ever go cruelty free?

This is definitely something I’m interested in doing especially for makeup. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but from my research so far, very little of my makeup is cruelty free so I definitely will give it more research. It wasn’t really something I was that aware about, I guess you could say, but due to some of my favourite bloggers talking about it so much (particularly Eleanor Claudie) I’ve become more aware of it and will be taking steps to become cruelty free soon.

(@Cassidy_siler) What’s your favourite candy?

I love Chocolate but I’m not really a sweets person, as it were. I love sweet stuff but not really anything sugar coated. I also am quite particular about my chocolate. Plain chocolate only, please. No fillings, especially not honeycomb or something like that!

(@lifeofabbiejenkins) What music are you loving at the moment?

There’s so much but not really the latest music as it were. I love ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran and also ‘Scars to you’re Beautiful’ by Alissa Cara. I love the ‘La La Land’ soundtrack and the ‘Moana’ Soundtrack. Again, I could go on and on!

(@HarrietDayBlog) Ketchup or BBQ Sauce?

BBQ Sauce. I’m not really a huge fan of either but particularly not Ketchup as I can’t stand tomatoes and believe it or not, Ketchup is made up of Tomatoes. Therefore BBQ sauce. I like it when it’s covering Chicken but not much else!

I hope you enjoyed this and I will be doing another one soon if you have any questions for me!


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Colour analysis with House of Colour

I wasn’t sure if I was going to write this because I didn’t know if anyone was interested in colour analysis but I ran a poll on twitter and 73% of voters wanted it! So here we go!

Colour analysis is something that has really interested me in the last few weeks. It’s basically the science of why certain colours suit you and make you glow and other colours drain you. It was a very popular trend in the 80s to ‘get your colours done’ and apparently this year is  the year that it is coming back into fashion!

If you remember back to my ‘What I got for Christmas’ post, you might remember that my parents got me a ‘colour analysis’ session. I had it the other week and I found it so interesting. I learnt a lot about both myself and the history of colour analysis! The initial explorations into colour analysis were first done in the 1930s but in Germany so when Hitler came to power, he banished these explorations and the scientists had to flee therefore abandoning further exploration. It was basically forgotten until the 50s when Hollywood costume designers became curious as to why some actresses (and actors but mainly the ladies) looked as though they’d aged 10 years just by a costume change. The previous research was brought to light and ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ was born in the US. Scientists realised that everyone has fatty acids beneath their skin and whether these acids reflected blue or yellow decides what colours suit to you. More recently, this science technique has been used to decide the colour of the iconic dresses in La La Land to make sure they looked stunning!

The techniques and science used by ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ was brought over to the UK and ‘House of Colour’ (HoC) was developed. HoC works on the basis of 4 seasons split into pairs of ‘Spring and Autumn’ and ‘Summer and Winter’. The former pair are the ‘gold’ seasons and the latter are the silver seasons. Each season contains a unique colour spectrum. Red is the only colour which is featured in every spectrum. The initial diagnosis of which pair you belong in is pretty simple. Makeup free, a piece of gold jewellery is held up to your face before being removed and replaced by a piece of silver jewellery. One will make you look amazing and will make the jewellery look expensive while the other will look cheap and tacky. Once this has been decided, it narrows down the possibilities of your season to 2. For me, my ‘metal colour’ was gold so I had the possibilities of Spring or Autumn.

The next part of the analysis is done using numerous coloured scarves. To begin with, your clothes are covered with a large white sheet to prevent them from altering your results. Next your ‘stylist’ starts comparing the seasons by placing 1 corresponding scarf from each of the 2 seasons around your neck. An example is ‘apple green’ (from Spring) and ‘Forest Green’ (from Autumn). She keeps comparing the scarves (and the ones of other colours) until she has worked out which seasons colours suit you best overall. Then just to confirm, they will drape bunches of scarves over your shoulders. A bunch from each possible season. If anyone is wondering what it is the stylist is looking for, one colour/season will make you glow and make the material look expensive, the other colour will drain you and make the fabric look cheap. Not every colour from your season will suit you head to toe but in general every colour will look good on you. Sometimes, it’s easy to tell which season you are and other times, it’s more difficult. For example, there was a moment when we thought I might fit into the Autumn colours but when we put the fabric into bunches it became obvious spring suited me much better! There are varying degrees of a season. For example, if you’re a spring but there was a possibility of you being a autumn, you’re a ‘gold spring’. If it’s the other way around, you’re a ‘gold autumn’.

After your season has been decided, your colour stylist will make you up using the ‘House of Colour’ makeup range to suit your skin and season (I’ll talk more about this is a moment). Then begins a really fun part although it’s quite fast! In a process called…, your stylist will place each colour from your season around your neck and decide how it suits you using a specially coded table. The columns vary from 100% (you could wear this colour head-to-toe) to 25% (this should just be an accent colour). Your stylist quickly decides how well each colour suits you and then decides your optimal colours. For me, they were … and are my possible prom dress colours for this year! Then you receive your wallet. It’s a carefully coloured display of all your season’s colours to carry around with you to help you decide if the colours of clothes etc are ones that will suit you.

I talked about this earlier but ‘HoC’ have their own makeup range too. It’s made at the same place as MAC apparently (although I don’t know if this means they have the same animal cruelty policy as them) but it is specifically designed with the seasons in mind. You can buy it on their website even if you don’t have a consultation session with them although it’s cheaper if you buy it after a session! For me, having my colours done has really helped from both the makeup and clothes side. I’ve always struggled to know what colour lipsticks suit me and I’ve wondered if brown or something like that would suit me. Well now I know! (it wouldn’t!) It’s also really encouraging me to be more adventurous with my eyeshadow. I barely leave the neutrals but it suggests moss green (!?) We’ll have to see!

Of course, colour analysis might not interest you now After all, fashion is all about what you want to wear but wearing the right colour clothes and makeup shades sets you apart from the others as you glow. Even if it’s only for work, wearing your colours makes you seem more put together and professional. And, as I mentioned earlier, colour analysis is coming back into fashion. It’s going to be less about the ‘in fashion’ colours and more about the ‘you’ colours.

Ever since my consultation, me and my mum have been wondering around, thinking about what seasons other people fit into and what season each piece of clothing we see belongs in. We really are obsessed! And also bad news if you ‘only wear black’, you only have a 1 in 4 chance of getting it in your season. Black only appears in Winter!

So what now? You’ve had your consultation, you know your colours. Now you can go and have fun and basically replace your whole wardrobe! And once you’ve done that you can go to one of ‘House of Colour’s’ image sessions where they’ll define what shapes of clothes will suit you. I can’t wait to go on my shape day although they suggest you wait until you’re at least 17. Only 1 and 1/2 years to go!

To find out more about House of Colour, visit their website.


(This post is not sponsored by House of Colour in any way, I just really enjoyed my experience!)

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My UK ‘to visit’ list

This year I have 11 weeks of Summer Holiday. 11 WEEKS!!! That’s insane… Anyway, as it’s likely to be the longest break I ever have, I want to make the most of it. Of course, I’d love to be visiting all these exotic overseas locations with my friends but that’s really not realistic 😦

Anyway, I realised that you don’t have to travel overseas to go ‘travelling’. There are plenty of places in the UK I’d like to visit this year and for many of them, I already have trips planned.  This summer, I’d like to get more confident at travelling alone. Last July, I went to France by myself and I love it! This year, I’d like to start catching the train down to London alone. Anyway, onto the list!

  • Brighton – Ahh, Brighton. The classic ‘Must Visit’ place. Home of more Youtubers then I can count of one hand and also a very photogenic town. It’s been a goal of mine to visit Brighton every since reading the wonderful descriptions in ‘Girl Online’. Since then I’ve been constantly pestering my parents to visit Brighton with me but as my mum grew up in Eastbourne, the next town across (and also very pretty) she doesn’t see why I’m so desperate to visit. I think it would only really be worth the visit if it was nice weather. Good enough for sunbathing on the beach. This is somewhere I haven’t got any plans to visit yet but if you’d like to visit Brighton with me, let me know!
  • Bath – I have absolutely no idea why I’m so keen to go to Bath but I think it’s to to with the Roman Baths. In Latin, Bath is a constant feature in our stories and we’ve spent many weeks learning about the baths themselves I just want to actually visit them! I love towns that have historical backgrounds so I can see the remains from the past. Again, apparently it’s very photogenic but only worth visiting on a good day.
  • Oxford- Fun Fact: I used to live very near Oxford and yet I can’t remember it at all. I think Oxford is filled with very photogenic places and I just want to spend a day wondering around and taking photos! My ‘friend’ (I call her that but we actually really don’t get on!) loves Oxford and spends so much of her time here. Unfortunately, as Oxford University doesn’t teach veterinary, I won’t be studying at Oxford in the future but I am very interested in it, due to the Cambridge-Oxford boat race.
  • Cambridge- The first place I’ve mentioned that I actually have plans of visiting already! I’m going to be visiting Cambridge for basically 3 days in April and I’m very excited. Cambridge is one of my university possibilities and I can’t wait to actually visit it. Obviously the other half of the ‘Boat Race’ and as I’m interested in studying here, maybe someday I’ll end up rowing here?!
  • London- I’ve been to London many times before and have lot of plans for more visits for this summer. I do love London although I don’t think I could ever catch the Tube alone, it’s too crowded and everyone’s too grumpy! I really want to spend a day shopping on Oxford Street and just having a general touristy wander around. Isn’t it such a great city? If you stand on opposite sides of the city, it can feel like a whole different world!
  • Birmingham- Ah yes. Birmingham. Known for it’s outstanding beauty. Not! I live quite close to Birmingham but I’ve only been shopping there once about 5 years ago. I need to go back because the shops in the city closest to where I live are awful and I have an ‘Urban Outfitters’ gift card I need to spend!
  • Liverpool- Possibly a strange choice for some people but it’s another of my Uni possibilities and I think I’m going to like it. My cousin went to University there and loved it (and not just for the alcohol!). I hope I won’t be disappointed but I know it’s not considered a normal tourist destination! Let me know if you’ve visited and what you’d recommend I visit.

I’m sure there are other places I should visit near to me. So many of these trips rely on good weather apart from maybe Birmingham because all the shops are inside! Anyway, I’m looking for a travel mate so let me know!!