Book Review- The Struggle is Real by Eva Gutowski

I’m sure many of you with have heard of Eva Gutowski, better known as MyLifeAsEva. After all, she has over 7.6 million subscribers on YouTube and 5.2 million followers on Instagram. She’s funny, relatable and gets to travel all over the world. #lifegoals Now she’s released a book! Of couse, me being both a book lover and avid YouTube watcher, I snapped up a copy straight away!  For anyone who wants to know a bit about it, ‘The Struggle is Real’ is a book of tips and autobiographical stories from Eva herself to cheer you up and help you survive school, general social situations and love.

I used to watch Eva’s videos religiously for a while. In fact, she was the first Youtuber I subscribed to and the only one I watched for about a year. But then I think she took a break or something and I guess I forgot about her. Oops! Anyway, I saw her announcement video about this book by chance and immediately pre-ordered it. The video was released on 21st December and even though I was basically bankrupt from buying Christmas presents, I rushed to buy it anyway. So I guess you can tell I was excited for it! I didn’t even know what it was about but I NEEDED it! I actually forgot I’d ordered it due to the whirlwind that is Christmas/New Year/ Mock Exams but it arrived on my doorstep on the 14th February. That NEVER normally happens, I never forget about parcels! But it was a great surprise, great for cheering up a very dismal and lonely Valentine’s Day! The perfect gift from myself given no one else got me anything…

The first thing that hit me was the colours and picture throughout the book. The aesthetics are AMAZING. I love the colour of the cover and the pictures throughout are such good quality and stunning!  Just by looking at Eva’s Instagram you could tell it was going to be a book of great photos! The book is bright and colourful, and I love the fact that none of it is blocks of text but it always broken up by coloured words, drawings, photos or lists. It makes the book pass in a flash! I could happily have posted any page of this book as the photo for this post as they’re all photo-worthy!

The whole book to me is very Eva-ish. You can feel her presence seeping through each sentence of the book and you can basically imagine her sitting and reading it to you. It perfectly sums up her personality and every word is a thing she would say. For example, ‘Fetus Eva’. Watch her videos and tell me if you can find one without this saying in! The whole book is full of direct speech rather than 3rd person so it speaks to you. It feels as though Eva has written this just for you and is sat there speaking these tips to you alone. It really makes you absorb each word. The extra details in each sentence adds hilarity and even though it is a very motivational and though provoking book, these details help you keep engaged by breaking up her tips and guidance for you.

At the moment, I feel this is just the book I need because while it is the perfect read for any age, it is particularly aimed at surviving school and college. I really need the motivation of my fast approaching exams and this book has it by the bucket-load. It also teaches the art of ‘saying yes, no and goodbye’ which is something I really need to learn. I once wrote a blog post on one of my former ‘failed’ blogs about how I wanted to start saying yes to EVERYTHING as I felt it was what I needed to remove me from my cave of shyness. However this book also reminds us it’s perfectly OK to say no to the things you’re not happy with. Even if you’re wanting to take every opportunity, it doesn’t make you a failure if you say no. Eva also reminds us that sometimes it’s best to say goodbye to something or someone. I don’t know about you but I’ve had friends who doesn’t make me happy and spending every day with them wasn’t very fun. This September, I finally took the plunge and left them for some other girls and I’m so much happier. However I also have a girl who was my best friend a few years ago but we drifted away a few years ago as I ‘wasn’t cool enough’ for her. Even though I have new and wonderful friends, I’ve still spent the last 4 years hoping maybe she’ll change her mind and take me back as her best friend. Reading Eva’s book made me realise, I’m happier now, I should let go of her and continue on with the friends I have now. I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true!

The only downside I have with the book isn’t actually with the book but with my knowledge. I know I could easily solve it with a quick google search but I don’t understand the American years? What’s a ‘Junior’ and a ‘Sophomore’? As in ages and in comparison to English school years? Just wanted to warn any English readers out there to research this before you read. I’m struggling to tell how old she was in certain situations and while this doesn’t retract from the stories in any way, me being the curious bean I am, would LOVE to know!

There are some great ‘youtuber books’ out there. For example, the ‘Girl Online’ series by Zoella, ‘Tanya Bakes’ by Tanya Burr and so many more and I do love them but what is so special to me is how much Eva cares about this book. Sometimes I feel that these ‘Youtuber books’ are done for popularity or as a source of extra money when they know they will sell but you can tell she’s done it because she wants to and after watching her book announcement video, I know Eva would’ve released a book anyway even if she hadn’t become ‘famous’ on the internet. Two more things that give this away, are the personality that runs through this book as I’ve already mentioned and also the lack of ‘Youtube’ in her book. In total, I think her channel is mentioned three times in the book and therefore doesn’t focus on this aspect in order to sell. Instead we learn both funny and relatable stories that make us feel better as if Eva struggled with these things and so do we, and she’s doing great, surely this means we will too?!

In conclusion, I loved this book. It’s different from so many of the other books I read as even if I read a autobiography, it’s just telling me stories not teaching me lessons. I know this won’t be the only book Eva writes and I can’t wait to see what she brings out next. I guess I never appreciated how wise she was and yes, for anyone asking, I’ve started watching her videos again!


I hope I don’t sound like an over-excitable fangirl but I do really really love this book!!



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