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10 things that make me happy | Collab

Hello and welcome to my first Collab post of 2017!

I’m really trying to do as many collabs as I can this year as I think it’s a great way to make friends and show off your favourite blogs!

Today’s collab is with Laura from ‘Blossom of Hope’. We’ve known each other pretty much since I started blogging and had aimed to do a collab last year but never got around to doing one! She’s been blogging for almost 2 years and the progress her blog has taken really shows! After you’ve finished reading my post you should go and check her blog out because I LOVE it!!! Anyway today, after lots of umming and ahhing, we decided to both sharing 10 things that we love/make us happy! My 10 things vary from very specific small things to larger more generalised topics. In life, I believe it’s always important to know what makes you happy, no matter how small, so that when you’re feeling down you have ways to pick yourself back up! The next 10 things are fool-proof ways to cheer me up from even the gloomiest of moods!

  • Chocolate- Come on, who DOESN’T love chocolate! My love for it definitely borders an unhealthy obsession. I get through very few days without having at least some chocolate. I don’t have a particular preference on chocolate type although I don’t really like mint chocolate and ADORE orange chocolate!! I do actually give up chocolate every year for Lent (this year it starts on 1st March) and I feel so proud of myself for doing it but I make up for the 40 days of no chocolate within a week of Easter. It’s very very rare for me to have any Easter eggs/ Easter chocolate left by the end of Easter day! Oops…
  • Blogging– I do love blogging, my blog and the blogging  community so much! Whenever I’m awake I’m normally subconsciously brainstorming blog ideas which probably isn’t great for my schoolwork but doesn’t fail to make me happy. I really would love to keep improving my blog until I’m 100% happy with it. I love receiving comments especially those that I know come from the heart and I could happily spend days writing and editing my blog posts! I have to keep reminding myself I’m not doing a GCSE in blogging because I definitely spend more time on my blog then doing school work…
  • Music– now, I don’t listen to music much and I don’t have a specific type other than the fact that I’m awfully boring and generally just like the popular ‘pop’ songs found on the radio. What I do like is anything I can dance to or sing along to. I’m not a great dancer but as soon as music is on, I’m generally dancing! It doesn’t fail to make me happy especially when I make others laugh with my brilliant dance moves!
  • Pets– My pets never fail to cheer me up. My dogs in particular can always sense my mood and act accordingly. They’re so eager to please it honestly melts my cold heart! I read the other day that the reason dogs are so affectionate when you’re crying is because it sounds to them like another dog whimpering. Awwww!!! With the other animals, being around them gives me a distraction from whatever sad thing is happening in my life, especially when I watch their crazy antics. I could never get tired of watching them mess around!
  • Reading– I will admit, despite one of my 2017 goals being to read 70 books, I’ve only just started my first book of the year! I know, it’s so bad… I love disappearing into a good book and so often I find myself daydreaming about characters from my favourite books and having to remind myself that they don’t actually exist! Reading switches me off from whatever is happening as I enter a whole different world. I love it!


  • Friends and Family– The cure for a bad day is a long hug with my mum and a Snapchat (or in-person) conversation with my best friends! I am surprised that they don’t get more annoyed at my crying-ness because as I’ve mentioned many times before, I’m a very big crier! I love the fact that my friends and family always know what to do to cheer me up, whether it’s my dad telling an awful joke (honestly, they’re not funny at all!) or my friends sending me funny screenshots. I love them more than can be imagined!
  • Travelling– Obviously this isn’t a quick pick-me-up option but at a push, thinking about places I’m going to travel or have travelled, makes me so happy. I love how much of the world is out there (that sounds like such a dumb statement, but it’s true) and how different the cultures and scenery is out there. Who knows what a day in a different country could hold, when travelling every day is different!
  • Long baths & Showers– I love long and hot baths and showers especially on cold winters days. I love the type of bath where the water goes cold so you have to empty it and refill it with stiffing water. Baths are a method of relaxation where you can allow yourself to drift off whilst showers are more methods of contemplation. I always get my best ideas in the shower and because I have the memory spam of a goldfish, I have to write my idea in the condensation on the shower surrounds!
  • Celebrating birthdays– I know some people think ‘It’s just their birthday‘ but I truly LOVE birthdays. I think they’re such special days and always always celebrate other peoples birthdays. I love planning presents and thing so give them on their birthday and I honestly don’t understand how someone can not be excited for their birthday!
  • Shopping– Shopping isn’t something I do a lot of because you know, money, but I do enjoy it especially when you find stuff you love. I struggle a lot to find clothes that suit me but when I do, it feels like a big victory! I am so excited to go on a big shopping trip with my best friend once the summer clothes arrive in shops. Exciting!

I really really loved doing this! I love doing collabs so do contact me if you want to do one!

What makes you happy?

Go and check out Laura’s blog!



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