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Winter Makeup Haul 2017

I’m so sorry for the MASSIVE break in blogging. I’d been doing so well at sticking to my schedule and then mocks happened! I want to thank you for such a great reception to my last post (130 views in 1 day, that’s INSANE!!) and also 100 followers on here. I hope I’m now back on track! xxx

So, I know that 1 blog post doesn’t make you a genius, but can I point out that this is my 1st makeup post. I really am quite proud of myself for trying to make an effort! Who knows how it will go…

If you read my ‘What I got for Christmas’ post (HERE) you’ll know that I got a makeup lesson as a gift from my parents and along with that I got a bit of money to buy makeup, so I ended up with a bit of a haul even though most of this was bought with my own money. I’m practically bankrupt now and I have so much more I still want to buy! Donations gratefully received.

As I’m relatively new to makeup, I didn’t really want to splash out and buy the more expensive ‘high-end’ brands so I stuck with what I knew. I do have my eye on the ‘Tartelette in bloom’ palette or a neutral Morphe palette as my first non drugstore makeup item but for now I want to learn with what I have.

Maybelline Lash sensational intense black mascara – I ran out of mascara. It’s about time my last one was getting all clumpy and sticky. Anyway, several of my friends suggested this one and I’d seen it on several of my favourite blogs so I decided to actually get it. My friends suggested the one with the added oils (the one in the black packaging) but I went for this one purely because of the prettier packaging! Anyway, it was a great decision! I’ve received so many compliments on my lashes and I just generally really love it. There was a funny moment the other day at rowing training on Friday morning where we realised everyone either owned the same mascara and the majority of use were using it! I guess that shows how popular it is! Superdrug or Boots

Rimmel match perfection foundation in 100– This was sort of a rebuy. I bought this back in July when I did my first even makeup shop but I sort of knew I needed a new one by now, not because I’ve used it all or that it’s gone past it’s sell-by date but simply because I tan so easily but also lose my tan so easily and even though my other foundation was only in 101, it was still too dark already! So I rebought it because I actually really love it. And the makeup artist I had my lesson with said she used it and she looked stunning so… Superdrug or Boots

No7 Match made concealer in ‘Cool Vanilla’– the MUA I was talking about above also told me that the concealer I own is far more of an under-eye concealer (which the name ‘wake me up’ should have given away!) so I needed a new concealer to cover up the blemishes, of which I have a fair few! So I got this. I never realised how few good cover-up concealers there are in the high-street shops. It literally took me and my friend ½ an hour to find this rather than a under-eye concealer! It’s a stick concealer which I’ve never used before but I do realty like it and I think it works so well even if yo don’t use foundation as well! Boots

Makeup revolution blush palette in ‘Blush Queen’ – again this was what the MUA used and I need to take every step possible to make myself look good so I bought exactly what she suggested. I like the large number of different colours depending on how dramatic you want the look to be. I’ve only used it once so far but I thought I provided a very healthy ‘glow’! Superdrug

Sleek highlight Palette in ‘Precious Metals’ – This wasn’t what I wanted to buy. I wanted the Sleek ‘Solstice ‘ Palette but it was sold out in both Boots and Superdrug so I bought this one thinking it would be similar but I’m really not happy with it… I find it streaky and sticky as the highlights are creams. I need to try and get the Solstice one ASAP! Superdrug or Boots

Sleek Au Natural Eye Shadow Palette – The other Palette I have is quite a cheap (but good) Palette. So I wanted to try another Palette so I bought this. I’m not sure if the shadows will get ‘softer’ with use but my first impression is that they’re not very pigmented… I’ll update you on my views after I’ve used it a bit more! Superdrug or Boots

And finally, Real Techniques Beauty Blender. I was told I should get either a new foundation brush or a ‘beauty blender’ and as I’d heard so much about the sponges, I chose to get that. Personally I’m not very impressed as no matter how I use it, the foundation just seems to be absorbed by the sponge and NOTHING goes on my face. If you have had this problem and have solved it, please let me know what you did! Superdrug or Boots

I hope you have enjoyed my first makeup-y post, I’m particularly happy with the photos in this post!

What ‘high street’ makeup items would you recommend?



11 thoughts on “Winter Makeup Haul 2017

  1. I loved this post so much!! Don’t worry about the break – exams are more important in the real world! I would definitely recommend the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation as well as some of the MUA palettes which can be found in Superdrug. Those palettes are also good dupes for some of the Urban Decay Palettes too!! xxx


  2. I’m sooo new to makeup too! Hahaha. So I don’t really have any recommendations, sorry 😛 all I know is that an eyelash curler is definitely a must :O it’s amazing, I love how my lashes look when I curl them up. Ohhh and black eyeliner 😉 I’m not very good at it yet, but I do apply a little bit of it to my lower waterline and it makes my eyes look very nice. Loved your post! xx


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