Winter on the Farm

Welcome to the first ‘season’ post of my new series! If you want to read more introductions to the ‘farm’ and get to know the animals, you can read the first post in the series HERE. Winter is one of the hardest times for us when looking after the animals. As everything is so muddy, looking after the animals and cleaning them out is such hard work. Also as it’s England, it’s nearly always raining! Sometimes, although very rarely, the mornings are so cold that no matter how much you try to smash the ice on the water containers, it just keeps re-freezing just as quickly! This winter, there were several days where the ice didn’t melt for 3 days or so!

For the alpacas, Winter is a bit of a love-hate relationship. They love the brisk or snowy mornings but dislike the damp or rainy days. There haven’t been any snowy days and due to dear old Storm Doris, quite a lot of the days recently have been rainy days. Not their favourite! This Winter has been particularly difficult for one of the younger alpacas, Coconut. One morning when we went to feed them, he was limping quite badly. After a vet visit (who diagnosed it as mud fever), we weren’t convinced that it was to do with his foot itself. His foot wasn’t excessively warm and he didn’t react at any pressure to his leg. A month later and everything we’ve tried hasn’t worked. We think perhaps either it’s a problem with his shoulder or he pulled a muscle in his leg and it’s taking a while to heal. Hopefully we’ll discover it’s cause soon. We’ve been treating another youngster, Minerva, for mange by moisturising her ‘dry patches’! Sounds a bit like me (although I don’t have mange!)

Sam is still visiting his 3 female ‘friends’ at a local farm and Stephanie is looking ready to pop! She’s due March 1st so the next update should contain lots of cute piggy photos! This litter will be Steph’s 4th litter with the size of her litter ranging from 9 to 11. We’re expecting more this time and so for reference, I’m going to tell you our estimations for litter size. My dad only thinks she’ll have 8 piglets while my mum is hardly more optimistic with 9 piglets. My brother estimates 11 and I think she’ll surpass this all with 13 piglets! This is only the 3rd time we’ve had at a pig birth on the farm but hopefully this time I’ll actually be there as both of the previous times, I’ve arrived just after the last little one pops out! In Spring, Sam will be spending a few more weeks with his friends before returning back to us. We’re not sure what will happen next although he’ll probably have a few weeks break!

The Winter has been hard on our ducks as well as they’ve been battling against a mink. The mink has a cruel method of clamping it’s jaw around their necks so they either die or are left with injured and deformed necks. Happily, several of the attacked ducks have recovered and we’ve now completely mink proofed the duck enclosure. We’d never really thought about mink and the dangers they impose for the ducks but now we have, we’re a lot happier with their safety! Hopefully for the ducks we will have several ducklings this spring although at the moment the number of male duck greatly outnumbers the females so you never know. The geese are still there usual docile selves. One funny story I do have for you though from this winter. We have a lake/pond and it freezes over every winter, in some places, the ice is quite thick in others it is thin. But anyway, the geese got spooked by something and flew straight at the lake which is their ‘safety place’. One goose landed on the ice and skidded straight from one side to the other while the other went straight through the ice in the middle of the lake and couldn’t move. We tried to see if coaxing her out with food would help but when she still couldn’t move, we sent my brother in a boat to crack a path for her to escape from. It was actually the sight of the boat sailing towards her that got her out of the ice but still it was quite an unusual experience!

I don’t know what people’s opinions on these animals are but we have rats. Not intentionally, either. It’s very hard to have animals of any sort and not have rats and no matter what we do, we can’t get rid of them. Anyway, the rats have taken acquaintance underneath the chicken house and it’s not a house you can move so at the moment we’re slowly dismantling it. They’re moving into another new and moveable house and it’s very exciting as the chicken house has always been in the same spot ever since we moved into this house in 2010 and now it won’t be. The chickens are a bit of a mess at the moment purely because they’re just coing out of moulting and so their feathers are just growing back. Give them a week or 2 and they’ll be back to their fluffy (if that’s the right word!) selves.

The sheep are also in the late stages of pregnancy. They’re due roughly around the start of April although we can’t be more precise about the dates as the Ram is in with the Ewes all year around. This year we’re particularly watching our oldest Ewe, Kerry, as we think this will be her last time as a mother as she’s getting too old. I can’t wait for the lambs to arrive! The goats are on a ‘New Year’ diet at the moment as they’re getting a bit large however this does mean they get grumpy particularly around dinner time!

Both the dogs have had their birthdays this winter with Inca turning 4 on New Year’s Day and Ferdi turning 6 on February 8th. Today (27th February) marks 4 years since we brought Inca home. Where has the time gone? They both seem like puppies to me still, it’s crazy!

I hope you liked this update and I can’t wait to share with you the arrivals that spring brings! For first news about any babies, follow me on Twitter (HERE)

Do you have any pets?



Book Review- The Struggle is Real by Eva Gutowski

I’m sure many of you with have heard of Eva Gutowski, better known as MyLifeAsEva. After all, she has over 7.6 million subscribers on YouTube and 5.2 million followers on Instagram. She’s funny, relatable and gets to travel all over the world. #lifegoals Now she’s released a book! Of couse, me being both a book lover and avid YouTube watcher, I snapped up a copy straight away!  For anyone who wants to know a bit about it, ‘The Struggle is Real’ is a book of tips and autobiographical stories from Eva herself to cheer you up and help you survive school, general social situations and love.

I used to watch Eva’s videos religiously for a while. In fact, she was the first Youtuber I subscribed to and the only one I watched for about a year. But then I think she took a break or something and I guess I forgot about her. Oops! Anyway, I saw her announcement video about this book by chance and immediately pre-ordered it. The video was released on 21st December and even though I was basically bankrupt from buying Christmas presents, I rushed to buy it anyway. So I guess you can tell I was excited for it! I didn’t even know what it was about but I NEEDED it! I actually forgot I’d ordered it due to the whirlwind that is Christmas/New Year/ Mock Exams but it arrived on my doorstep on the 14th February. That NEVER normally happens, I never forget about parcels! But it was a great surprise, great for cheering up a very dismal and lonely Valentine’s Day! The perfect gift from myself given no one else got me anything…

The first thing that hit me was the colours and picture throughout the book. The aesthetics are AMAZING. I love the colour of the cover and the pictures throughout are such good quality and stunning!  Just by looking at Eva’s Instagram you could tell it was going to be a book of great photos! The book is bright and colourful, and I love the fact that none of it is blocks of text but it always broken up by coloured words, drawings, photos or lists. It makes the book pass in a flash! I could happily have posted any page of this book as the photo for this post as they’re all photo-worthy!

The whole book to me is very Eva-ish. You can feel her presence seeping through each sentence of the book and you can basically imagine her sitting and reading it to you. It perfectly sums up her personality and every word is a thing she would say. For example, ‘Fetus Eva’. Watch her videos and tell me if you can find one without this saying in! The whole book is full of direct speech rather than 3rd person so it speaks to you. It feels as though Eva has written this just for you and is sat there speaking these tips to you alone. It really makes you absorb each word. The extra details in each sentence adds hilarity and even though it is a very motivational and though provoking book, these details help you keep engaged by breaking up her tips and guidance for you.

At the moment, I feel this is just the book I need because while it is the perfect read for any age, it is particularly aimed at surviving school and college. I really need the motivation of my fast approaching exams and this book has it by the bucket-load. It also teaches the art of ‘saying yes, no and goodbye’ which is something I really need to learn. I once wrote a blog post on one of my former ‘failed’ blogs about how I wanted to start saying yes to EVERYTHING as I felt it was what I needed to remove me from my cave of shyness. However this book also reminds us it’s perfectly OK to say no to the things you’re not happy with. Even if you’re wanting to take every opportunity, it doesn’t make you a failure if you say no. Eva also reminds us that sometimes it’s best to say goodbye to something or someone. I don’t know about you but I’ve had friends who doesn’t make me happy and spending every day with them wasn’t very fun. This September, I finally took the plunge and left them for some other girls and I’m so much happier. However I also have a girl who was my best friend a few years ago but we drifted away a few years ago as I ‘wasn’t cool enough’ for her. Even though I have new and wonderful friends, I’ve still spent the last 4 years hoping maybe she’ll change her mind and take me back as her best friend. Reading Eva’s book made me realise, I’m happier now, I should let go of her and continue on with the friends I have now. I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true!

The only downside I have with the book isn’t actually with the book but with my knowledge. I know I could easily solve it with a quick google search but I don’t understand the American years? What’s a ‘Junior’ and a ‘Sophomore’? As in ages and in comparison to English school years? Just wanted to warn any English readers out there to research this before you read. I’m struggling to tell how old she was in certain situations and while this doesn’t retract from the stories in any way, me being the curious bean I am, would LOVE to know!

There are some great ‘youtuber books’ out there. For example, the ‘Girl Online’ series by Zoella, ‘Tanya Bakes’ by Tanya Burr and so many more and I do love them but what is so special to me is how much Eva cares about this book. Sometimes I feel that these ‘Youtuber books’ are done for popularity or as a source of extra money when they know they will sell but you can tell she’s done it because she wants to and after watching her book announcement video, I know Eva would’ve released a book anyway even if she hadn’t become ‘famous’ on the internet. Two more things that give this away, are the personality that runs through this book as I’ve already mentioned and also the lack of ‘Youtube’ in her book. In total, I think her channel is mentioned three times in the book and therefore doesn’t focus on this aspect in order to sell. Instead we learn both funny and relatable stories that make us feel better as if Eva struggled with these things and so do we, and she’s doing great, surely this means we will too?!

In conclusion, I loved this book. It’s different from so many of the other books I read as even if I read a autobiography, it’s just telling me stories not teaching me lessons. I know this won’t be the only book Eva writes and I can’t wait to see what she brings out next. I guess I never appreciated how wise she was and yes, for anyone asking, I’ve started watching her videos again!


I hope I don’t sound like an over-excitable fangirl but I do really really love this book!!


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10 things that make me happy | Collab

Hello and welcome to my first Collab post of 2017!

I’m really trying to do as many collabs as I can this year as I think it’s a great way to make friends and show off your favourite blogs!

Today’s collab is with Laura from ‘Blossom of Hope’. We’ve known each other pretty much since I started blogging and had aimed to do a collab last year but never got around to doing one! She’s been blogging for almost 2 years and the progress her blog has taken really shows! After you’ve finished reading my post you should go and check her blog out because I LOVE it!!! Anyway today, after lots of umming and ahhing, we decided to both sharing 10 things that we love/make us happy! My 10 things vary from very specific small things to larger more generalised topics. In life, I believe it’s always important to know what makes you happy, no matter how small, so that when you’re feeling down you have ways to pick yourself back up! The next 10 things are fool-proof ways to cheer me up from even the gloomiest of moods!

  • Chocolate- Come on, who DOESN’T love chocolate! My love for it definitely borders an unhealthy obsession. I get through very few days without having at least some chocolate. I don’t have a particular preference on chocolate type although I don’t really like mint chocolate and ADORE orange chocolate!! I do actually give up chocolate every year for Lent (this year it starts on 1st March) and I feel so proud of myself for doing it but I make up for the 40 days of no chocolate within a week of Easter. It’s very very rare for me to have any Easter eggs/ Easter chocolate left by the end of Easter day! Oops…
  • Blogging– I do love blogging, my blog and the blogging  community so much! Whenever I’m awake I’m normally subconsciously brainstorming blog ideas which probably isn’t great for my schoolwork but doesn’t fail to make me happy. I really would love to keep improving my blog until I’m 100% happy with it. I love receiving comments especially those that I know come from the heart and I could happily spend days writing and editing my blog posts! I have to keep reminding myself I’m not doing a GCSE in blogging because I definitely spend more time on my blog then doing school work…
  • Music– now, I don’t listen to music much and I don’t have a specific type other than the fact that I’m awfully boring and generally just like the popular ‘pop’ songs found on the radio. What I do like is anything I can dance to or sing along to. I’m not a great dancer but as soon as music is on, I’m generally dancing! It doesn’t fail to make me happy especially when I make others laugh with my brilliant dance moves!
  • Pets– My pets never fail to cheer me up. My dogs in particular can always sense my mood and act accordingly. They’re so eager to please it honestly melts my cold heart! I read the other day that the reason dogs are so affectionate when you’re crying is because it sounds to them like another dog whimpering. Awwww!!! With the other animals, being around them gives me a distraction from whatever sad thing is happening in my life, especially when I watch their crazy antics. I could never get tired of watching them mess around!
  • Reading– I will admit, despite one of my 2017 goals being to read 70 books, I’ve only just started my first book of the year! I know, it’s so bad… I love disappearing into a good book and so often I find myself daydreaming about characters from my favourite books and having to remind myself that they don’t actually exist! Reading switches me off from whatever is happening as I enter a whole different world. I love it!


  • Friends and Family– The cure for a bad day is a long hug with my mum and a Snapchat (or in-person) conversation with my best friends! I am surprised that they don’t get more annoyed at my crying-ness because as I’ve mentioned many times before, I’m a very big crier! I love the fact that my friends and family always know what to do to cheer me up, whether it’s my dad telling an awful joke (honestly, they’re not funny at all!) or my friends sending me funny screenshots. I love them more than can be imagined!
  • Travelling– Obviously this isn’t a quick pick-me-up option but at a push, thinking about places I’m going to travel or have travelled, makes me so happy. I love how much of the world is out there (that sounds like such a dumb statement, but it’s true) and how different the cultures and scenery is out there. Who knows what a day in a different country could hold, when travelling every day is different!
  • Long baths & Showers– I love long and hot baths and showers especially on cold winters days. I love the type of bath where the water goes cold so you have to empty it and refill it with stiffing water. Baths are a method of relaxation where you can allow yourself to drift off whilst showers are more methods of contemplation. I always get my best ideas in the shower and because I have the memory spam of a goldfish, I have to write my idea in the condensation on the shower surrounds!
  • Celebrating birthdays– I know some people think ‘It’s just their birthday‘ but I truly LOVE birthdays. I think they’re such special days and always always celebrate other peoples birthdays. I love planning presents and thing so give them on their birthday and I honestly don’t understand how someone can not be excited for their birthday!
  • Shopping– Shopping isn’t something I do a lot of because you know, money, but I do enjoy it especially when you find stuff you love. I struggle a lot to find clothes that suit me but when I do, it feels like a big victory! I am so excited to go on a big shopping trip with my best friend once the summer clothes arrive in shops. Exciting!

I really really loved doing this! I love doing collabs so do contact me if you want to do one!

What makes you happy?

Go and check out Laura’s blog!



A few tags!

I hit 100 followers on here (well actually now I’m over 120 followers) and I’m almost at 100 followers on Bloglovin!! Thank you so much💕 

In the last few weeks, I’ve been nominated by a few people to do some tags and so I decided to do them in one post! I have a feeling I’ve either forgotten a nomination or something so do let me know if that’s the case! Anyway, lets get going!

Tag 1- Mystery Blogger Award

The Rules:

  1. Put the award logo/image on your blog
  2. List the rules
  3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link to their blog as well
  5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  6. You have to nominate 10-20 people
  7. Notify each of your nominees by commenting on their blog
  8. Ask nominees any five questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)
  9. Share your link to your best post(s).

I was nominated by Hannah and Erin. Thank you so much! I LOVE being nominated for things because it shows that people think of me as their blogging friend and I’m SO thankful for all of the nominations!

This award was created by Okoto Enigma in order to bring smaller bloggers together and help them get recognised.

 Three things about me:
1. I’m 15 and studying for my GCSEs. I’m studying three sciences, maths, English literature (I did English language last year), French, Music, Latin and History.
2. I love food although I’m a very very picky eater! I hate Pizza, ice cream, chips, ketchup, cheese… and the list goes on!
3. My favourite colour is mint/aqua/pastel blue (you know what colour I mean…?!) 
My best post:
In my opinion, my best post is ’15 things I noticed in America’ ( THIS one) or ‘4 things that put me off your blog (THIS one)! I got the most positive interactions with them and I really enjoyed writing them!
Hannah’s questions
1. What is one thing you’d like to achieve in 2017?
In 2017, I’d like to achieve good grades school wise and to reach 200 followers on my blog. I’d love to do a box swap thing with a blogging friend and collab with a business! Also sports wise, I’d love to do well in a national competition and to continue to work on my fitness. In other areas, I’d love to do 3 or so weeks of work experience and start to decide which university I want to go to!
2. Do you have any blogging advice for new bloggers?
Blogging advice for other people is so difficult as I rely so much on other people’s advice for running my own blog but I’d say, it takes time but just blog until you’re happy. If you’re happy with the content, photos, layout etc so will others (I feel that’s such a generic answer) and therefore people will be more interested than if you just do it for the views. Also promote, promote, promote. I know I need to get better at this as I really don’t do it at all because I don’t want to appear like I’m in it for the views or pushy or whatever but people do realise that you are doing it so that more people see your blog, so don’t hold back. Community is everything. Making friends gets you repeat views. I’m not saying I make blogging friends just for views because I do LOVE getting to know everyone (I’ll probably do a post on my blogging friends soon!) but they will always be the first to view your posts and always be reliable as long as you do them same to them!!
3. For a silly/random one, would you rather be stranded on a desert island on your own or with someone you hate?
Definitely on my own! I much prefer to be on my own then with screechy annoying people (I’m so nice!) I don’t actually mind solitude and I think it would be so much better than being with someone who complains the whole time. My opinions would probably change once I actually got to this island but for now, I’d prefer to be on my own!
4. Your proudest moment of 2016?
I have to say, winning ‘Most Improved Rower’ out of my whole school was definitely up there along with getting an A* in my English Language GCSE! And travelling to France on my own for a week as I’m such a shy person.
5. If you had to live somewhere else in the world, where would it be?

Somewhere warm, I suffer from the cold so badly! I’ve been thinking and as I want to be a vet and I want to be fluent in French, I think maybe the south of France or another French Speaking country. Maybe one in the Caribbean, like the one Death in Paradise is filmed at.

Erin’s Questions

1. What was the last song you listened to?

The Greatest by Sia. This has been a long time favourite of mine (well since it came out) and it just empowers me as cheesy as that sounds!

2. What’s a talent you have people may be surprised about?

I don’t really have a talent, that’ sad… I play the oboe which always surprises people as I’m not particularly musical. And I can make any situation awkward and embarrassing, if that counts as a talent!
3. What’s your favourite TV series – I need a new good one to watch! 
I love, Love, LOVE ‘Death in Paradise’ on the BBC. This year’s series has finished now but I always watch it every year not only for the humour, sun and great cinematography but also for the murders! I love murder mysteries although I’ve never read or watch the typical mysteries like those of Agatha Christie but still!
4. Current beauty essential?
Lash Sensational Mascara by Maybelline. Isn’t it everyone’s essential?
5. And the silly one… if you could be an animal for a day, which one would you be and why?
I would be a dolphin, I think. They just seem like they have a great like and they’re so cute! I was lucky enough to see them in America last year and it probably made my year!
My Questions:
1. What country do you most want to visit and why?
2. Describe your perfect breakfast.
3. Guilty pleasure?
4. Pet peeve?
5. For the funny question, what is your favourite joke?
Tag 2- The Blogger Recognition Award
I was nominated for this Tag by ‘The Heart of Me’. This is one of the bloggers I’ve loved getting to know in the last few months so do check out their blog!

img_2382The Rules

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  5. Select 15 other bloggers for this award
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How my blog started:

I have started several blogs before this but they never got very far and then this time it just worked. I felt able to keep up my posts and after I made social medias for this blog, there was no turning back. I kept it a secret until YALC just as all my previous blogs had been and then I told my mum who thinks it’s such a good idea! My best friend found out about my blog in September giving me even more motivation to keep up my posts! I have always liked creative writing and writing a blog is just something I’ve always wanted to do!

Advice for new bloggers

I mentioned my tips for new bloggers above so I thought I’d link my favourite blog help posts here.

It’s Everything Erin has some great tips which you can find HERE. And Charley Lucy is great too (find them HERE)! Obviously I wouldn’t be able to run this blog without advice and I find a lot of my information on Pinterest and google! I really recommend Pinterest to find out things especially on photography, getting more views and things like that!

I nominate (for both awards!):
(sorry I can’t think of anyone else in particular to add but do feel free to do these Tags if you haven’t yet!)
I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Well done if you’ve got all the way to the end of this post!
I’m planning to do a Q&A in the next few weeks so leave me some questions down below!
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Welcome to the farm!

Welcome, welcome!

If you read the title (which I presume you have!) you might be a bit confused! The farm? What’s that? Well, let me tell you a little-known fact about me (which you will already know if you read THIS post). I live on a farm-y place. I wouldn’t quite describe it as a farm, it’s a bit too small for that, it’s more of a smallholding. (But for this post, I’m using exaggerating it!) But anyway, we have a few animals and today signifies the start of (hopefully) a new series on my blog. This series will be called ‘The farm’ (not very catchy, I know!!) and will be posts telling you about what’s going on here at the moment. The posts will probably have more ‘action’ photos than staged photos. But today, I thought I’d start it off by introducing the animals and telling you a bit about them.


Let’s start off with the first animals we got when we moved here. They actually came with the house and if they hadn’t, we wouldn’t even have considered getting them. These animals are our alpacas. We currently have 9. We started with 6, got to 12 and then sold 3 to take us back down to 9. They’re a mixture of genders colours, ages and temperaments but I’ll start with their names. We have: Micah, Cappuccino, Minerva, Vanilla Ice, May, Jubilee, Coconut, Juno and Salcombe. (We didn’t name the majority of these, only the one’s that were born while we’ve lived here (3)!)  Micah is our oldest alpaca who we bought as a father’s day gift a few years ago. Cappuccino and Minerva are her offspring. Juno and Salcombe are a fawn coloured brother and sister and definitely our ‘best quality’ alpacas whilst the other 4 are white and all related. Vanilla Ice has 2 daughters, May and Jubilee and then May had Coconut. May is our grumpiest alpaca and very protective of her son. Coconut is ‘polydactyl’ which means he has extra toes which in Peru (where they originally come from) is very lucky and he would have days of worship named after him but here it is considered unlucky as you can’t get any money from him if we ever chose to sell him. I’m particularly close to Minerva, Juno and Jubilee as I taught them to walk on a lead rope in 4 weeks and took them to a competition and so I’ve had the most contact with them!

We also have 2 pigs called Sam and Stephanie. Normally when we have pigs they are bought and raised purely for the intention for getting meat from them. I often get asked what my opinion on eating meat, especially hand-raised meat, is and to be truthful, I only am happy eating meat if I know where it came from (especially for pork, lamb and beef) because then I know what sort of life it led and particularly with animals we’ve raised ourselves, I know they’ve been given the best life we could’ve given them. I hope that makes sense but do me any questions you might have! We’ve had Pigs pretty much constantly since we moved here. We arrived at this house at the very end of July 2010 and had pigs by 5th September! We’ve had a mixture of all breeds, numbers, sexes and uses. We had piglets with 2 sows 3 years ago and I loved having them around! Stephanie should be giving birth to quite a big litter at the start of March and I can’t wait!!! Steph is a black and white spotty crossbred pig that we only bought a few months ago and she’s so friendly!! Sam is our ginger boy who spends his days frolicking with the ladies! At the moment he is visiting April, Red and Pip. He’s enjoying it a lot!! I can’t wait to update you as soon as the piglets are born!

We have 2 goats, Fig and Faye, who are half-brother and sister and also long standing inhabitants of our patches of grass! They were a Christmas present for my mum in 2010 but as they were only young then we got them in February 2011. I can’t believe they’re already 6! Technically, they’re pygmy goats although Fig doesn’t seem to have got the message!! He’s about the size of a normal goat. Both of them are very fat, no matter what diet they go on, they just can’t seem to shed the pounds. They find food EVERYWHERE! Faye is particularly smitten with our ram which takes us on to the next animal on my list, the sheep. As they’re Hebridean sheep from an island in Scotland, they aren’t woolly, only hairy. They look like goats, behave like deer (you know the prancing about deer do? they do it too!) and are actually sheep. How cool is that!? We have Norse the ram, 4 ewes and 4 ‘lambs’. We should have some more lambs arriving in April. I do love spring!!

Finally, bird wise, we have geese, ducks and chickens. The geese are at least 10 which we think must be a record for oldest geese ever! (actually, I’ve just googled it and the oldest goose ever was 49, still a while to go then!!) They’re very friendly even if it’s only because they dislike humans and have taught some of my friends who hate geese ot love them again. They really are such scaredy cats!! The ducks are a mis-match of all sorts of breeds. Most of the ducks we’ve reared from ducklings so they’re tame but some of them honestly have the ugliest feathers I’ve ever seen! I do love them a lot especially as they seem to lead such simple lives. They’re not clever but they don’t try to be! They spend each day pottering around and food is always their number 1 thought (animals after my own heart!). Chicken wise, our numbers have varied so much over the years. I think at one point we had 24 or so but now we only have 7. They’re very shy and so we don’t have a particular relationship with them!

Other than ‘farm animals’, we also have a rabbit called Chubby, 2 dogs called Ferdi and Inca, 6 budgies, 2 Java Sparrows, gold fish and tropical fish! I might talk about them as well later in the series!

What animals/pets do you have? Are you looking forward to this series??