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Today’s my brother’s 13th Birthday. It’s about time he officially became a teenager, he’s been grumpy enough to be counted as one for ages. But today in honour of his birthday he agreed to do a post and as we’d both seen ‘sibling tags’ on YouTube, we decided that it would be a fun thing to try!  And before we start, yes, my name is Kate and my brother’s is Will. Yes, just like the royal family members! We were around first! Anyway, here we go!

1. How old are you both?

Will: I’m nearly 13     Kate: Yeah, you’re 13 on the day this goes up.  And I’m 15 but I’m 2 and a half years older.
2. Describe each other in one word?

W: OK.     K:I was going to go for annoying but you’ve gone for an ok answer… Um, not funny? Oh, that’s not one word. Unhumorous? I don’t know if that’s a word but I’m going to stick with that!
3. What is something that annoys you about one another?

W:Everything     K: I was going to say how much time you spend on your phone and Xbox and stuff…
4. Do you ever argue?

W & K: YES!!        K: A lot because it’s really funny to get Will annoyed! Because he gets really angry!
5. What’s the best thing about one another?

W: She sometimes lends me money!      K: He’s very good at buying Christmas and birthday presents as long as he knows exactly what to buy! Not if he doesn’t because then it’s a bit awkward!
6. Favourite inside joke?

K: We don’t really have an inside joke… We should get one!      W: No, It’s fine..
7. Favourite memory together?

K: You’ve got 13 years of spending time with me you should have at least one memory.     W: Nope     K: I remember when you were born. Well, not when you were born but the first time I saw you. That’s probably my favourite memory because we weren’t arguing and you weren’t annoying…
8. Are you full, half or step siblings?

W:Full     K:Unfortunatley.

9. Guess each others favourite singer?

K: Ok, I’ll go first… George Ezra?     W: No     K: do you have a favourite singer?    W: No    K: oh, Ok guess mine…     W: Taylor swift?     K: No, come on guess harder! It’s easy.      W: Adele?    K: Yes    W: I was going to go for Adele first!
10. Who takes longer to get ready?

W: Kate, by a long way!     K: See, I was going to say you. It depends. On a school day, I’m so slow at getting changed so yes, me. But if I’m going out without any makeup or anything, you, because you take HOURS to do your hair.     W: No. I don’t.     K: Yes, you DO!! And you’ve got to spray your deodorant.
11. What’ your favorite animal?

K: What’s your favourite animal? No let me guess! Is it a bird of prey? A peregrine falcon?   W: Yeah. Is yours a dog?      K: No. It’s an animal I’ve seen in my lifetime. Actually, it’s an animal I’ve seen in the past year, over the summer.    W: I don’t know.     K: It was a dolphin.
12. If your house was burning down, who would you save and why?

W: Mummy.     K: yeah, I was going to say her as well. Why?    W: Because she… I don’t know.   K: Yeah, I don’t have a reason either.     W: Sorry, Daddy!
13. Comedy, horror, or chick-flick?

W: Comedy       K: Yeah, although you always fart at the funny bits!     W: Don’t put that in…     K: YES, I’m putting that in!! I don’t know for me, comedy or chick-flick? I don’t really watch chick-flicks.     W: What are they?       K: Like romantic comedies. Mean Girls and ones like that.
14. Blackberry or iPhone?

W: IPhone, obviously!!     K: I was going to go for the same. I think it used to be quite equal but now it’s not. IPhone is so much better than blackberry.       W: I can upgrade my phone to an IPhone 7.     K: Wow, fascinating (sarcasm)
15. Favorite movie?

W: Probably Rogue 1. I saw it, it’s good.        K: I don’t know what my favourite movie is. I do like ‘Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging’ although it always make me cry which my friends find hilarious!    W: That movie sounds dodgy…     K: Just because it has a weird title for you doesn’t mean it’s a bad film! But I also like ‘Fantastic Beast (and where to find them)’ and I liked ‘Mean Girls’.
16. What is something weird that you eat?

W: Nothing, that I can think of.     K: I think I know what my weird thing is. Like, when I finish a chocolate yogurt I always get a banana and scrape out the pot.
17. Do you guys have anything matching?

K: Not PURPOSEFULLY matching.     W: Equally bad jokes…     K: Yeah, well, yours are worse! I do less jokes but they’re more funny or they’re just rude. I mean they’re not like RUDE rude but I accidentally offend people. But other then that we don’t really have anything alike. We don’t look alike, apparently we do but I don’t see it.
18. What’s your favorite TV show?

W: Modern family.    K: Although I do quite like Michael MacIntyre’s Big, Big show.      W: No modern family is better.      K: Modern family’s more like a ‘Tv show’ TV show, if you get what I mean. The other one’s just a show.

19.What is one thing you’re wishing for, for your birthday this year?

W: Um, I’m not sure…      K: Well, you want FIFA points or whatever they’re called. I would like, probably some makeup of some sort or clothes vouchers…

Happy 13th Birthday Will. As much as you annoy me, you do have some uses. For example providing me with blog posts! Nah, Love ya really!

Comment down below if you like this style of post because I think it’s an unusual idea (that might just be my view) and if you think me and Will look alike!



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