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My views on School | Mocks 2017

This isn’t a philosophical post or anything even if the title sounds like it but tomorrow is the first day of my GCSE mocks. I’m not going to lie, even though I devoted ‘so many hours’ of my time over the holidays to revising (not…), I don’t feel prepared. I guess it’s just lucky these don’t actually count for anything and so therefore are a good time to see if my revision techniques actually work! I wanted to write a post taking about how I’m finding each subject so that if you’re about to chose your GCSE options I can give you some advance warning, or if you’re midway through starting, you know what is heading your way or if you’re in the same situation as me, can feel comforted it’s not just you who feels like that. And I guess if you’ve already done your GCSEs you can use this as a morale booster to remind you what you’ve left behind you!

I’m generally happy with my subjects but I do wish I wasn’t doing one or two of them!

Biology– This is without a doubt my favourite subject. It was the one with the most to learn for the mocks but I enjoy what we learn about (well, the human biology parts…) and so don’t find revising it too annoying. I really like my teacher as she’s taught me literally every year since I was 11. I think that this mock will go well ut that’s probably far too full of myself. Pride comes before a fall! This is one of the subjects I’m certain I will continue to Sixth Form.

Chemistry– Chemistry for me isn’t easy but it isn’t impossible. I can do it if I put in the effort to learn. For mocks we only had to learn a few topics but for me I find it hard to apply to a situation. I might know the theory of a certain experiment but as soon as they put chemical names I get confused. And then Structure and Bonding and stuff like that I have no idea about. I can tell you the tests for hydrogen and oxygen and that though (please let that come up in the mock!) I really don’t know how this will go, I think if I keep calm it won’t go dreadfully but it has the possibility of completely going wrong…. This is another of my certains for Sixth Form. Possibly my most challenging option but it’s good to challenge yourself, this might just be too much!

Physics– Physics is definitely the subject I’m least gifted in. I don’t hate it but I also don’t enjoy it. I guess the problem for me is I don’t understand it. I’ve got to the point where I’ve given up understanding it. If my teacher says it happens, it must happen. I can’t tell you why it happens but as long as I write the right thing n my exam paper no one will really care that I don’t actually know why that happens. Physics was an option for Sixth Form because the universities I’m interested in generally only take you if you’ve done physics at A level but I spoke to my teacher and we both decided that me and physics are not a match made in heaven and continuing it to A level might just be the straw that breaks the camels back! So now I just have to do particularly well at GCSEs to get into Uni….

Maths– The biggest problem I have with Maths is my teacher. I don’t doubt that she’s very clever and a good teacher but she’s just disgusting. She spends our lessons bare-foot even though our classroom if filled with pairs of her shoes. She burps regularly and acts as if everyone burps while teaching a lesson. And her room STINKS. Me and my friend had to leave the class because we were feeling ill for the smell/humidity. Anyway enough of a rant! As for the actual maths, I don’t find it too hard. As long as you know the equations needed, you have a calculator so really it isn’t too difficult (apart from algebra, that is quite tricky!) I’m hoping this exam will go relatively well as it would be a good one to be confident in! This is my most likely option for one of the options for Sixth form but possibly the one I’ll give up after a year.

English– I did my English Language exam last May because that’s just how my school does it. I sort of regret that because English Language with all the creative writing is a subject I’m confident in and it would be nice to go into my exams in May knowing I could ace an exam but oh well… English Literature is definitely one of my horrible subjects. I don’t have a natural talent for noticing what the author actually means when they say something strange and I just don’t know how to revise it. If anyone has tips do let me know! Why do teachers try to make a point out of any words in Literature? If the author says there are blue curtains, they probably mean that there are blue curtains not that ‘blue shows the characters melancholy feeling and gives a sense of sadness to the story’. Seriously! It was a possibility for A level but I realised I couldn’t bear to do this for another 2 years!

French– I do love French and it’s an aspiration of mine to become fluent in it. I can do it all but not necessarily well. I struggle especially with my accent when speaking, I know what I should say but it doesn’t sound french! And the tenses are also a tricky topic for me but I’m working on them. I’m hoping french will be an ‘easy’ GCSE for me but it probably won’t be! I’ve spent quite a while just speaking french everywhere I can. I speak it around the house as my parents are both almost fluent, I babysit french children and I visit my french exchange by choice (She’s really lovely so I don’t mind too much!). Why am I not good at it! This is probably going to be my fourth option for A level but I need to decide as it also features Literature. I guess I care less about Literature when it’s in French…

History– History is a subject I enjoy and don’t find too difficult although I can’t do the Cold War! I’ve done my coursework but I don’t know how I’ve done yet… All I had to do for Revision is read through my notes, I remembered it all which surprised me. I find it interesting and I love writing notes. History is the only subject I do where the teacher gives you a slide for you to make notes from, all the other subjects give you pre-prepared notes. My mum really wants me to continue History to A Level but really, it just doesn’t interest me enough!

Latin– Why did I choose Latin? I can’t do Latin! For me, the Literature part’s ok but grammar, I can’t do that! It doesn’t help that my teacher last year didn’t teach me the right stuff… This year’s teacher is amazing especially as she’s trying to catch up last year’s work as well. The only thing that’s really keeping me going and working hard with Latin is the fact I get 2 GCSEs for it if I pass! I will 100% not be continuing this. The girl who sits next to me in orchestra does Latin A Level and she has to learn about 150 words a week. I’m not even exaggerating!

Music– Again, why did I take this?? There’s nothing majorly wrong with Music other than the fact that everyone else is a music genius (seriously they have diplomas in piano and stuff) and play the piano whereas I can’t get the tunes I’m thinking of down on paper. And all my ideas are too simple. I’m hoping to pick up as many points as I can in the exam to make up for my lack of points in the composing side of things. I won’t be continuing this!

In all my subjects I’m doing the ‘old’ GCSEs which is good in my opinion, for example, in the new GCSE you only get 1 GCSE for the same amount of work and the history topics sound so boring! However, the new Music GCSE does sound good, they study songs from Wicked for goodness sake! That’s amazing!!

As for school in general, I find it ok. Of course, I’d love to be at home all day instead but I understand that I need an education to be a vet and that I should appreciate school more as many people especially girls would give anything for an education. I try hard in lessons but this year I need to work on speaking out in class and doing my homework on the night it’s set. I used to be good at doing homework but now I get distracted by things like this blog. Oppsie!!

I really hope my mocks go well as I know that my parents think it’ll go badly and I want to prove them wrong!




9 thoughts on “My views on School | Mocks 2017

  1. Good luck with your mocks and the real ones in the summer! I took my GCSE’s nearly 3 years ago!

    Hannah |


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