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Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great 2016 and lets bring on an even better 2017!

If you saw my last post, you might be thinking ‘isn’t this basically the same’. And it sort of is but, I don’t know, I just have a way of differentiating them. The last post was more events with ways of working toward them,and this one is goals in general. Some of these are blog related, some are school related and some are me related.

A photo diary: October Half Term

  • Stop biting my fingernails– This being here isn’t going to surprise anyone who knows me. I was reading through my past resolutions since I was 5 and this was on here. The only year it hasn’t been a resolution is the year I had braces because I couldn’t actually bite them! I can stop for a few weeks and grow them really long but them it only takes me 5 minutes to make them as short as they can be, mainly I bite them when I’m nervous or bored. I’ve read all sorts of tips to help you stop; Paint them-I’m not allowed them painted at school, Paint them with yucky stuff-believe it or not, I actually like the taste of the yucky stuff….
  • Learn to take photos– as I’ve mentioned a lot, I got a new camera in October and I want to start taking lots of photos. My aim is to take 500 photos I’m happy with this year. I feel this is a ‘weak’ goal but I just want to take photos!
  • Take more care in appearance and weirdness– I want to be happier with how I look, now I don’t mean I’m going to suddenly become OBBSESSED by my looks but what I mean is check I’m not wearing clothes with food spilled down the front before going in public and maybe also throwing away my tiedye shirts…. For weirdness, I simply mean avoid eating cake off the floor of the school changing rooms again. If it drops, I’m going to have to leave it, no matter how good it tasted…
  • Read 70 books– This was my goal for 2016 as well and I’m pretty sure I smashed it but I forgot to actually keep track of how many books I’ve read but it should be well over 70. Anyway, this year I’m going to actually keep track!
  • Take part in Nanowrimo– For anyone who doesn’t know Nanowrimo stands for ‘National Novel Writing Month’ and this is November. For the last few years I’ve been meaning to take part but only remember a week into November… If I don’t think I’ll be up to it, there are other similar events which take place in April and June I think…
  • Reach 200 combined followers on Bloglovin and WordPress– I know this contradicts my goal on the other post of caring less about my stats so maybe this isn’t tat important a goal but 200 is quite a nice number don’t you think!
  • Publish a post once a month– Obviously I’m going to publish more than this otherwise I’ll only have 12 posts but I mean particularly during May and June when I have my GCSEs. I don’t want to have a stagnant blog so yeah…
  • Clear my skin– This is another one that’s been on here for the longest time so can this year finally be the year I can tick it off for once and for all? It’s not too bad compared to what it has been but it would been nice to have nice skin.
  • Work on my confidence– this is sort of linked to the one above as my bad skin looses me confidence but I’d like to be able to speak in class without my voice shaking… I don’t know how I’ll achieve this we’ll just have to wait and see…
  • Learn how to do makeup– I can’t do it and would like to be able to do it. Enough said. Don’t know how I’ll do this…
  • Learn to cook– I’ve suddenly realised in less than 3 years I will be living away from home (hopefully) and I will be living on plain pasta and scrambled eggs so this year I want to expand my repertoire. Not to anything particularly fancy but something tasty!
  • Spend some time doing Charity work– I was talking to my friends at Guide (Girl Scouts for any Americans) and they were listing all their charity work and I realised I do none so I hope to do some. Don’t know what but possibly with animals as I want to be a Vet in the future.
  • Learn to touch type– This blog post would’ve been typed much quicker if I could use more finger than just my two index fingers so I hope to do this as I’m expecting sixth form will feature lots of essays…
  • Blog about deeper topics– I know a lot of successful bloggers blog about personal/important topics and I have things I want to say but I struggle to get them into words so I hope I can find my ‘important’ voice this year and yet it into words.

I hope you enjoyed that! Let me know down below what your goals are for this year! And why not help me reach my goal of 200 followers by giving me a follow!


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18 thoughts on “2017-Goals

  1. All the best for your goals of 2017! The first goal,is as a matter of fact relatable because I used to bite my fingernails too. To grow out of the habit, I went to my local GP who recommended this kind of gel formula which you dip your fingers into and gives out a bitter taste everytime you go to bite your nails, preventing you from doing so. Believe it or not, it actually worked and now I couldn’t be happier with my nails. But anyways, Happy 2017 and all the best!

    #sweetreats xxx http://www.bakingboutiquebirds.blogspot.co.uk/


  2. Best of luck! Have you got your GCSE’s this year? I do and I’m really struggling with the New 9-1 Maths and English!! I hope your able to achieve your goals xx


  3. Good luck with all of these! Especially reading 70 books, a friend has challenged me to read 50 and even that seems a lot!
    I just did a post on my views on New Years Resolutions on my page, if you have a chance please check it out!
    CrowdedVlogger xx


  4. Really really like this blog! I just found it, and gosh I’m totally with you on the “blog about deeper topics” goal, I can never do that hahaha I struggle a lot to get my words and opinions out. You’re doing a great job! And I love the pictures you include in your posts ❤ they're so nice and beautiful, what camera do you use?


  5. This is such a good list of things! So much better than my new year’s resolutions! NaNoWriMo is great! I absolutely love taking part in NaNoWriMo! Something you’ve got to remember if you do take part this year is that you’re doing it for fun and you’ve chosen to do it, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself if you fall behind or don’t write 50,000 words. At the end of the day you’ve probably written something and that’s all that matters. Also, remember to save and keep saving your novel because in 2015 I wrote a novel, went back to it last November to inspire my new NaNoWriMo novel only to discover that my 50,000 words had been deleted into only a few thousand, so I lost all my work 😦 Good luck with all your goals! They’re great 🙂


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