I hope you all had a great Christmas! I had a lovely day spent with just my close family which was lovely! I was very spoilt and I cant wait to show you what I got in the next few days!

You might have noticed that I failed Blogmas. I started ok but once I missed one day it went a bit all over the place, so I decided not to try to and catch up because no one would be able to/want to read all the blogmas posts in one go. So yeah, I failed but I hope I’ve learnt from my mistakes and I’ve already written a post scheduled for mid October on why I failed and how to prepare better. It’s mainly aimed at me but yanno, when I comes around it might help someone else too!

Even though I failed Blogmas, I still did my giveaway and I’m so grateful to everyone who entered. I’d put time and money into creating it and although it wasn’t thousands of entries, I’m so happy people were interested! That’s now closed and the winner is Erin from ‘It’s Everything Erin’. She’ll receive the prize shortly and I really hope she likes it. I’ll do another giveaway sometime through next year, maybe makeup relayed this time?!

I’m sort of hoping that from now onwards will be the start of a new and better blog. I want to improve my photos and content as well as my following but more on that in the next few days (look out for a goals related post or two!). I’ll be posting more in the next few weeks and I really hope you enjoy it!

So that’s me all caught up. I’m currently recovering from an awful fever followed by a cold which luckily didn’t ruin my Christmas! Let me know any tips you have for dealing with colds below!

See you soon!


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