Year in Review Pt 2 | Blogmas Day 17

Here comes Part 2!!! (If you haven’t seen yesterday’s section, it’s HERE)

So when I left you all yesterday, I’d got to the first week of July when School broke up for summer. Lets continue from there!



Straight from my school’s ‘Speech Day’, we headed up to Newcastle for my Great Aunt’s Birthday party. We stopped on the way at Durham, mainly the university, as that’s where both my parents studied. It was a bit boring because they wandered around saying ‘this is where we first kissed’, ‘this is where we met’. Urgh! When we finally reached Newcastle, it was lovely to meet my family even though most of my cousins were missing. The party featured the BEST chocolate pudding. I love chocolate so anything chocolatey is great!

We then carried on to Edinburgh and got to visit all these different places. This was a very relaxed week and it was my first trip in my memory. We also visited ‘The Elephant House Cafe’ which is where the first few Harry Potter books were written. And then into Scotland to visit the other side of my family. Yet another really relaxed week. So far we’re only 2 weeks into July! I should probably warn you now, July and August are going to be very busy!

After Scotland, I was home for one day before travelling (by myself for the first time!) to visit my french exchange in France. I met her for the first time 2 and a bit years ago but it had been almost 2 years since I last saw her. I still email her regularly so it was easy to pick up convocation (in french!!). I had a great week and her family were so kind. I really hope it helps my GCSE in May! The weather was honestly so good and I had lots of time to top up my tan!


When my mum picked me up from St Pancras it was so great! I really missed speaking English but I still had a good time. I stayed with my Aunt in London for 2 days. Day 1 was spent on the London Eye, a boat cruise and in Covent Gardens where I bought a (faux) leather jacket as an early birthday present in French Connection. Then me and my mum went to ‘The Curious incident of the dog in the Nighttime’. It was so so good but very loud even though we were on the back row- as far away from the stage as we could.

Day 2 was spent at YALC (you can find my round up of it HERE) which I won’t say much about.



August was another busy month which started off with early birthday celebrations and a trip to ‘Mamma Mia’. While we were in the station to go home, a random woman came home and started curling my hair. It looked nice but it was a bit weird!


And then I went straight to America. This trip was definitely the highlight of my year. I know I kept saying I’d post a thing on it and I haven’t but maybe I’ll post a ‘travel guide’ thing next year… Anyway, on the trip, we went to New York, Niagara, Toronto, Montreal, Vermont, Boston and New York again. It was such a fun trip and some of the girls are now very close friends.

When I got back, I did have a few days to recover. I’d survived on 6 hours sleep for the last 4 days of the trip… I met up with my bestest friends and prepared for school.

Then off on my final holiday of the year. It wasn’t abroad, just a week long trip along the Thames by boat. It was very relaxing and great fun to see all the rowing clubs that I race against from the river, as well as Eton Dorney (where we accidentally interrupted the final Paralympic canoeing training session! We met my mum’s friend and went to Winsor for the first time. The boat broke a few times, I promise it wasn’t my fault but it was a good final week!


The day before term started we had a pre-season rowing training which I didn’t hate as much as I expected. It was also the day of my first Twitter Chat. I hosted the #chattybees chat which I LOVED (so if anyone wants me to host a twitter chat, let me know!) Then term started and it’s been downhill from there. Jokes. Some of it’s actually been ok but don’t get me started on History Coursework!


I went to the theatre to watch ‘Blood Brothers’ with my mum and maybeee I cried! I can’t hep it, it’s sad! And I also got invited to my first party (*gasps* yes, you heard that right, I went to a party). It was so much fun and I got to know the people there so much better.

At the end of the month was the first race of the school year, in Monmouth so my family decided to make it a weekend trip there. I had a great milkshake and then won my race which was wonderful!


A photo diary: October Half Term

October started with the second race of the school year. I won this one as well which means I’ve double last year’s prizes already! Another few boring weeks of school and then half term. You can see my half term in pictures HERE but I had a great time with some great purchases which you can read more about HERE. And then another school party, this time for Halloween, I am on a party role. This one was even better as there were more people there and so I got to know them all a lot better!


This started off with Bonfire night which I always really enjoy especially if Hot Chocolate is available! It was a great variety of fireworks and because we were on top of a hill we could see the fireworks from loads of other displays as well.

My Grandad was staying with us for 2 weeks which was nice, not that we did much! My certificate for my English Language GCSE (which my school takes a year early) arrived which basically just reminded me how close my GCSEs now are…

All my subject teachers have been rounding up topics ready for mocks, which I am most definitely NOT ready for. I visited my town’s Christmas fayre which is always less good than I expect. I need to go to a better one before Christmas!


At the time of writing, we’ll just have to see what this month holds!

Wow! This post has featured lots of (mirror) selfies! Apologies for that! xx

What has been your favourite thing that’s happened to you this year?



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