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Year in Review Pt. 1 | Blogmas Day 16

As we’re so close to the end of the year, I wanted to take the time to look back / the year. As 2016 has been such a big/busy year for me, I’ve split it into two posts so come back again tomorrow for Part 2. Lets get going!



I rang in the New Year 2016 twice. Once at 9pm and then again at midnight. I was staying in Cornwall with friends so we rang in the New Year early so the ‘little ones’ could see it and then when we stayed up until the actual midnight, we were all so tired! The weather of that week was awful with a particular memory for me being when we had a picnic on top of a cliff and all our food blowing off the cliff into the sea. Great.

Then it was my brother’s birthday which we celebrated with afternoon tea and then going out to a Chinese Restaurant. Just after his birthday we bought 4 new piglets who were all very cute!

Not much happened in February  other than a boring half term and another Valentine’s day without a Valentine so I’ll skip over that!


In March, I was off on my practise DofE expedition. I’d expected there to be TERRIBLE weather but it was actually amazing so I got badly sunburned all over my face. I really enjoyed it though!

I rowed at Eton Dorney lake (the Olympic lake) for the first time. I don’t do very well but the atmosphere was great!

It was my mum’s birthday but again we went out for Chinese. And then it was the Easter break!



In the first week, we went away to Salzburg in Austria. It was a very laid back week but I really enjoyed it. We spent the first day just wandering again. The next day we visited some traditional Austrian houses and looked at some traditional clothes along with taking part in an Easter egg hunt aimed at 3 year-olds! We also tried a Sacer Torte which is delicious! The next day we visited the Salzburg fortress and the puppet theatre. We took a carriage ride around Salzburg at sunset. The next day we went on a ‘Sound of Music’ tour which I enjoyed so much especially as there was sing-along on the bus!! The final day we just did some more wandering.

The next week of the holidays, I was on rowing camp. It was definitely the hardest I’ve ever worked sports-wise but I was really happy with the results and I got to know the other girls in my squad who are now some of my closest friends.


The final week of the Easter holidays was spent in Eastbourne which is where my mum grew up. It was also very laid-back and we just visited our favourite places.


May was a month of revision but I did manage to do a bit of other stuff too, mainly revision. The first thing I did was attend a party thrown for me to celebrate that I received my Baden Powell award which is the highest badge you can get as a guide (Girl Scout) as took me about 2 years to complete.

Then I attended 3 local regattas for my rowing, three weekends in a row before half term. The first day of half term I went to the ‘National Schools Rowing’ Regatta. It’s a very big event and I’m so happy my crew came 6th in our category of 70 or so! I traveled straight from the lake to the airport to catch the plane to Crete for a week. It was so sunny! The only downside was that I had to revise but revision by the pool is not too bad!



Mainly exams and rounding up the year. I spent a lot of time with my rowing chums and we hatched out some ducklings. Someone smashed our car windscreen while we were at a school concert so that was great… My exam results weren’t great but I’ll have to leave that due to the fact that sunbathing distracted me from revising a lot…

Overall, when school finished in the first few days of July, that year had been a very good school year filled with new friends.

Bit poesy but hey…!

Part 2 coming tomorrow. Come back then to see how I fared in the second half of the year including my VERY busy summer holidays.



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