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Reactions on Christmas adverts 2016 | Blogmas Day 12


One thing I love about Christmas is the adverts. They’re always such thought out videos. The most effort goes into these adverts. And I want to share my thoughts on this years Christmas adverts.


John Lewis- To be honest, I was a bit disappointed by the advert this year. I always have such high expectations for this advert. I like the adverts having a sad story and a good song (My favourite ones the one with the bear and the rabbit.2013, I think?). I loved the CGI effects in the advert but I just don’t feel as amazed with it as usual?!… I did a poll in my family and out of the 4 of us, 3 were unimpressed and 1 (my brother) liked it. He always was a different child!

Sainsbury’s- I love the Sainsbury’s advert this year. I know the song completely off by heart even the bit where the granny goes ‘ninety-one, ninety-two’. That’s probably quite sad! This is definitely my favourite advert this year! Plus, James Corden. I’m just going to leave that there. The song was featured in my Christmas playlist (HERE)

Marks and Spencers- I do love this advert although me and my mum disagree over it a bit. She says the adverts about family love and the little boy’s love for his sister, whilst I say it’s about female empowerment. It could be about both I guess…?! It is very good, my mum’s favourite and it did surprise me. I can’t remember being impressed by M&S any other year…

Waitrose– For me, It was ok, it felt quite long for not much happening and I don’t really get how it links to Waitrose other than getting publicity from people drawn in by the cute robins. It was better than the John Lewis one but still not in my faves list!

Aldi – It’s quite sweet with the little carrot, not the best or most imaginative but still fun. I like the mix of real and graphics and it is a very good advert for the products of Aldi in my opinion.

Heathrow airport– this made me cry and I’m not even exaggerating! It’s so sweet and the story is such a good one. It is definitely one of my favourites! It’s just so sweet!!!!!

Macy’s– I love the make-a-wish advert for Macy’s although I did keep thinking about the fact that Christmas isn’t all about the gifts and I want doesn’t get. I feel like it was lots of fun to film and it is a fave of mine.

Hope you enjoyed this! What’s your favourite Christmas advert from this year or past years?




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