Christmas Wishlist | Blogmas Day 8

So far I’ve kept up Blogmas, Im quite proud. Sorry today’s is later than usual, I had some technical difficulties!! 

Today I’m sharing my Christmas Wishlist. I always struggle with my Wishlist as i either don’t know what to ask for or I don’t like to ask. Why is it that all throughout the year I have ideas for my Wishlist but as soon as my mum asks what I want I can never think of anything? That’s probably why his year I started my Wishlist as soon as my birthday was over. I’m lucky in the fact that my birthday is halfway between Christmas and the next Christmas so I have two chances a year to get the things I want. I never expect to get the stuff on my Wishlist although one thing that’s always on my list is socks so I hope to get those! As for feeling guilty about asking for specific things, I was talking to a friend recently about this. We both agreed that it’s a waste of money if people buy us presents we don’t like and will never use so the present might as well be something we like and want! I feel that sounds very stuck up but I hope you get what I mean! Anyway, on with the Wishlist! There’s not much on it although I always like receiving books! 

  • Elf essentials 14-piece brush set basically any makeup brush set but to me, this looks good. I own no makeup brushes not that I own much makeup but I’d like to get more into it!
  • 2 mini Yankee candlesI only own one candle but it’s a very summery smell and I want some more of the wintery smells. Just the mini ones, not the flat ones but the mini spheres.
  • Nike trainers I put these on my Wishlist before I bought my latest trainers but I do really love Nike stuff so I’d still love more! Not something that’s very easy to buy for someone else if there’s not an exact item!
  • Gift cards/money I really need to redo my wardrobe. Honestly I’m not exaggerating, the majority of my wardrobe is Tie-dye shirts. I really want to go shopping and buy a ridiculous amount of clothes but that needs money! I don’t have money!!!
  • Dressing gown I’ve had the same dressing gown since I was 10 and while it’s still soft, it only just passes my hips so I’d quite like a new one!
  • EOS lip balm Again, this is something I’ve admired from afar but they’re too expensive to justify buying for the sake of it. If it’s a gift, that’s different!
  • S’well water bottle I’m in need of a water bottle as I really don’t drink enough. The only worry I have about this is that it’s metal, knowing me I’ll drop it and sent it straight away!
  • Portable charger My family bought a REALLY cheap one a few months ago and it didn’t work. When I went to America, I borrowed other people’s ones so much, they’re just so useful!
  • HAPPY plugs rose gold headphones Particularly at the moment, teachers are allowing us to listen to music when revising in class but I never have headphones with me so these would be so helpful
  • Baby lips Purple oneThis is my favourite of the baby lips but I broke mine so I could do with a new one! I don’t know what’s it’s called but you know what I mean!!

Let me know what you want for Christmas!! 

Frohe Weihnachten (happy Christmas in German)



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