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A Christmas Gift Guide | Blogmas Day 5

Welcome to the 5th day of Blogmas! 20 days to go!!

If you’re anything like me, finding and choosing gifts for others is hard. I prefer it so much more when people tell me exactly what they want, otherwise I end up buying them useless stuff for Christmas that they really don’t want just because I feel I need to buy them a present. Trust me, last year I spent £10 on one of my friends to buy them a huge number of rubbers…Really, they never used them, not a great Christmas present!

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I’ve always heard that if you don’t know what to buy people you should get them 3 smaller presents; a handmade present, a joke present and a more serious present. If you do that, you can almost guarantee that they’ll like at least one of their presents!

I love making handmade presents although they do take time and effort and aren’t always the best quality! Some ideas of handmade Christmas presents are:

  • A CD of their favourite songs- I made this for my mum last year. The hardest bit for me was finding out what her favourite songs were. After that, with a bit of help from my dad, I just copied and pasted the songs from ITunes onto a blank CD. It sounds difficult but it really isn’t.
  • A hot chocolate set- All you need for this is a mug, some marshmallows and some chocolate powder and wrap them nicely and then you’re done! It’s so easy, I gave this to my brother two years ago!
  • A bored Jar- Again, a present I made for my brother. I’m sure many people have seen this idea floating around on the internet but if you haven’t, basically you get a jar and fill it with pieces of paper with activities they should do when they’re bored. For Example ‘Make Pancakes’.
  • Teddies/Sock toys- I made these for all my family when I was younger, basically stuff a sock and sew buttons and extra material onto it. That’s a bit vague but that’s exactly what happens. I made all mine look like the family member I was giving it to.
  • Food- Who doesn’t love food! You could bake a cake or, as I’m aiming to do this year, gingerbread men or anything! If you have the time, food is always a good option.

I love joke presents as well although I always struggle to stop laughing when they open up the present if I think it’s paticually funny! Some ideas are:

  • A joke Chocolate orange- So this is something I got my brother a few years back because I thought it’d be hilarious! I opened the chocolate orange removed the chocolate, and filled the wrapper with rolled up newspaper so it looked like normal. Then I wrapped and put it under the tree. I found it so funny, I sort of gave the joke away. Anyway, my mum made me buy him a new Chocolate Orange…
  •  Jars of nothing- For this, you wrap up a bottle or jar or a container with nothing in it other than a slip of paper saying ‘nothing’ on it. Basically the point is to be disappointing!
  • There are so many ideas if you search on google!- There are so many ideas out on the Internet. Maybe if you have a running joke with that person you can get them something related to that or anything really!

And then the serious presents. It does depend on your budget… But here are some ideas!

  • Chocolate- Who doesn’t love Chocolate. If you feel this is a cop-out option, buy them lots of chocolate or more expensive chocolate. Find out what Chocolate they like and get them that.
  • Jewellery- Again with this you can alter the price of it. You could buy £5 set of earrings or an £100 set. Earrings, necklace, bracelet etc.
  • Phone case- You can get really cute Phone cases at the moment just make sure you get the right size!
  • Makeup- Makeup is always an option, if you really don’t know what to get them, ask what makeup they ask (assuming it’s they’re sort of thing’.
  • Books- I only know a few people who absolutely HATE reading, many people are OK with it as long as the books ok so buy them your favourite book!

I hope this helped, I don’t know if it did but it was fun to write!

häid joule (happy Christmas in Estonian)




2 thoughts on “A Christmas Gift Guide | Blogmas Day 5

  1. I love these ideas Kate! I actually found some hot chocolate sets when I went into town last week and I found a his and her hot chocolate set with two mugs, some hot chocolate and marshmallows to share, I got it for my brother and his girlfriend and they’re so cute!! Lovely post ☺️😘 – Sarah xoxo


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