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My True Love Gave to Me Review | Blogmas Day 3

Welcome back!

Long time no book review and this will be the last one until after Christmas but I wanted to give you a little overview of this wonderfully Christmassy book. I bought this just after Christmas last year for half price because someone had written in it but it had been on my ‘To Be read list’ since it first came out (in October 2014). It’s so pretty! Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the prettiness of this… The cover colour is my absolute favourite colour ever and I’d never thought of pairing it with hot pink! Plus just look at the gold detailing.


I was trying to decide how to review this as I feel I could ramble on about it for hours and probably repeat myself loads of times so I’ve decided to do a sort of summary. I’ll say which ones I love, which ones I hate and any really important things I feel I still have to say.

I love this book for 3 main reasons. I love this book because of:

  • the colours,
  • the all scenario inclusive stories
  • and the new authors to check out

I’ve already mentioned my love for the colour scheme above. One thing I feel is done so well in this book is the inclusion of all sorts of different senarios. For example one protaganist is gay, several are Jewish, one has foreign parents and more different situations. I feel this both helps people relate to the characters and to stop the stories from all being the same. They aren’t tackily written and it makes me think how people in different situations celebrate (or deal with) Christmas.


Although I recognise many of the authors who have written in the anthology and some of them are my favourite authors, There were also many new names. For some people, it encourages me to discover more of their work, but for the ones I didn’t like, I think I’ll stay away from any of their stories in the future!!

The ones I liked: Midnights by Rainbow Rowell, Angels in the Snow by Matt de la Pena, Its a Yuletide miracle Charlie Brown by Stephanie Perkins, 

The ones which were ok: Polaris is where you’ll find me by Jenny Han, Your temporary Santa by David Levithan, What the hell have you done Sophie Roth? by Gayle Forman

The ones I didn’t like: The Lady and the Fox by Kelly Link, Krampuslauf by Holly Black, 

Good vs Bad (I’m counting ok as good!) There are far more good than bad and really as much as I dislike the bad stories, the good stories make it worth the money. I love stories about Christmas and this book literally ticks all the boxes!! I’d really really recommend this book for anyone who wants a short and joyful read (although some of them were sad and made me cry but I cry at anything so that’s not really surprising!!)

If you’ve read it, let me know which was your favourite. If you’ve not read it I highly recommend it!!

glædelig jul (Happy Christmas in Danish!)

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