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This Time Next Year Tag-2017 edition

Happy New Years Eve!

I hope you’ve all had a great Holiday season so far! I’ve been revising for my mocks pretty heavily but I’m allowing myself a bit of time off. Anyway today I’m doing my first 2017 themed post. I’ll be doing this wonderful tag which was set up by Sarah over at ‘A little Reader’s Blog’. She actually nominated me for this tag back in November but I held back from answering it until now as I feel this time of year is more appropriate. So Thank you Sarah! I’m finally doing it!


So, this is how the tag will work:

  • Thank the person who tagged you
  • Write your goals for next year
  • Write how you’re going to achieve your goals
  • Tag at least 5 of your blogger friends to share their goals
  • Then if you wish in 365 days write a post for everyone to see if you have been successful or not!

This time next year: I hope to be happy with my blog

I’ll achieve this by sorting out my design, not publishing a post until I’m 100% happy, taking care with photos and going through my old posts and editing them and adding photos/better photos.

This time next year: I hope to be writing this blog for me and about what I enjoy

I’ll achieve this by stopping caring about stats and followers. I’ll still promote my posts but I won’t care if it’s one reader or 100 readers looking at my blog

This time next year: I hope to have passed all my GCSEs with grades B or higher

I’ll achieve this by working my butt off from now and May and giving up my social life in aid of revision (oh, wait… what social life!)

This time next year: I hope to have built up my work experience

I’ll achieve this by going and helping any farmers I can and being hands-on with our animals.

This time next year:I hope to be exercising regularly and enjoying it

I’ll achieve this by keeping up the exercise I do already but adding in extra stuff that I find really fun and enjoy. Also find some good music to exercise to.


I nominate:

I hope you all enjoyed this! Let me know what your New Year’s plans are/were! I can’t wait to call in midnight…




2016 Favourites!

What a cracking year 2016 has been. Well maybe not for the world or anyone famous with the worry that the Grim Reaper could be just around the corner, but for me. If you read my two ‘Year in review’ posts (PART 1 and PART 2) you’ll see what I mean. When I was thinking back on 2016, I suddenly came up with my favourite things from this year and decided to turn it into a post. Lets go!

Book-Without a doubt, my favourite book from this year has been ‘Paper Butterflies’ by Lisa Heathfield. I’ve been writing a review on it ever since I read it but I just can’t get the greatness into words. To begin with, Paper Butterflies was just a book I bought in a rush at YALC, not really thinking about it but desperate to get a signed book. I flicked thorough the first few pages, found it a bit weird so put it on my bookshelf and forgot about it. However when I picked it back up again, I’m not lying when I say this book effected me. I think it’s the first book that’s really moved me. I mean, many books make me cry but I mostly think ‘that’s a nice story I wish I could write like that!’. This book was so much more. I don’t really know how to explain it. I found myself thinking about randomly weeks after I read it, without even having seen it for days. It explained racism to me in a way no other book has been able to and just generally touched me. I think I’ve raved on to everybody about it, my mum, my dad, and now you! I’ll do a full review next year if I can find the words I want to describe this masterpiece but for now it is the rightful winner of this award.

Song- This is a more difficult winner. For favourite 2016 song, it’s definitely ‘Shout out to my Ex’ by Little Mix. I don’t know, it just makes me feel so empowered and badass! I haven’t really listened to it a huge amount because to be honest, I’m not Little Mix’s biggest fan but when I was debating the winner, it popped into my head! As for my favourite non-2016 song, It has to be ‘Fix you’ by Coldplay or ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri (the twilight theme tune… ?). Both of them are sad and are my ‘go to’ sangs if I’m feeling down and want to channel my inner sadness. I feel ‘Fix You’ sums me up in so many ways. ‘When you try your best but you don’t succeed’. As for my favourite singer, that would be Grace Vanderwaal, the 12 year old winner of ‘America’s got Talent’. I love both her songs and her singing voice. I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for her but boy, I wish I could sing!

Makeup- As I probably mentioned Once or seven times on here, I’m not a very makeup-y person. That will all change now due to one of my Christmas presents (more on that another time) but basically, there wasn’t a lot of competition for this position. However, my winner is my ‘Collection Waterproof mascara’. I’m not sure that I’ll rebuy it as I’m sure there are a lot better ones out there but it adds INSANE length which is what I mainly look for in a mascara. It does have it’s downsides but it’s still my favourite and most used product!

TV- This year has seen so many good TV shows take to the screens although the majority were in this last run down to Christmas. We’ve had ‘Strictly’ and ‘Great British Bake-off’ as well as ‘Victoria’ (which I haven’t yet watched but it’s on my To Be Watched list). However the winner for me is ‘Michael Mcintyre’s Big Show. It’s just so hilarious and I love the pranks he pulls on everybody and me and my mum sit on the sofa on Saturday nights with tears of laughter streaming down our faces! (I knew choosing the mascara above in the waterproof edition would come in handy, it’s so I can watch Michael Mcintre without canals of black pouring down my face!)

Blog- And now time for the biggest award of the night (or day…) so far. The Winner of my ‘Favourite Blog of the Year award 2016. This is a tough contest but at the same time an easy choice. There are so many great blogs and people that I’ve been lucky enough to get to know this year and I could happily proclaim that anyone of these is the winner and that would be rightfully so but for me, the winner is so clear. I go on and on about how much I love this blog (literally, the comment section is just me drooling over how amazing every post is!) and I aspire to be even a segment of how great she is. I see this blog going so far and it will clearly become a much followed blog and therefore my winner of the ‘2016 Top Blog award’ goes to ‘Life as Tilly Rose’!! (Can we all just appreciate the beauty of the blog and the beauty of Tilly herself!)

Blog post of Mine- This year so far, not including this post and any that will follow this, I have written 47 blog posts. However out of those my favourite has to be ’15 things I noticed in America’. It is my most commented on post and I like to think that that is for a reason but it might just be that people were feeling in the commenting mood that day! It wasn’t I post I’d planned to write but it just came to me and I’m really happy with how it turned out! It perfectly sums up one of the most amazing things that happened to me in 2016.

Clothing- I’m going to choose quite a random item for the winner of this prize. The hoodie I’ve chosen isn’t something people would necessarily call ‘fashionable’ and it’s probably not something I should leave the house wearing (and yet I do, what does that say about me?!). It’s a hoodie from my trip on the London eye when I was in (surprise, surprise) London in July. It’s very comfy and not black which makes a change from all my other hoodies. I think it’s technically the men’s hoodie but I preferred it so much more than the sickly purple ‘women’s’ one. And it’s massive. When we were choosing sizes, my mum told me ‘Go for a bigger size and then you can pretend your borrowing your boyfriend’s hoodie even though it’s obvious you don’t have one’. Thanks for that Mum.

Youtuber- This is probably the last award for today and it’s not one I would have awarded a year ago. I didn’t really discover Youtubers that I enjoyed until August (GCSE results day to be precise!) but since then I’ve watched them a lot. I didn’t really think about the fact that there are UK Youtubers my age I might find interesting but now I’ve found them, there’s no going back! So my faves for this year go to: Eve Bennet and Molly at Beauty Spectrum.

I hope you enjoyed this. I really enjoyed writing this! Let me know your 2016 faves down below.





I hope you all had a great Christmas! I had a lovely day spent with just my close family which was lovely! I was very spoilt and I cant wait to show you what I got in the next few days!

You might have noticed that I failed Blogmas. I started ok but once I missed one day it went a bit all over the place, so I decided not to try to and catch up because no one would be able to/want to read all the blogmas posts in one go. So yeah, I failed but I hope I’ve learnt from my mistakes and I’ve already written a post scheduled for mid October on why I failed and how to prepare better. It’s mainly aimed at me but yanno, when I comes around it might help someone else too!

Even though I failed Blogmas, I still did my giveaway and I’m so grateful to everyone who entered. I’d put time and money into creating it and although it wasn’t thousands of entries, I’m so happy people were interested! That’s now closed and the winner is Erin from ‘It’s Everything Erin’. She’ll receive the prize shortly and I really hope she likes it. I’ll do another giveaway sometime through next year, maybe makeup relayed this time?!

I’m sort of hoping that from now onwards will be the start of a new and better blog. I want to improve my photos and content as well as my following but more on that in the next few days (look out for a goals related post or two!). I’ll be posting more in the next few weeks and I really hope you enjoy it!

So that’s me all caught up. I’m currently recovering from an awful fever followed by a cold which luckily didn’t ruin my Christmas! Let me know any tips you have for dealing with colds below!

See you soon!


Year in Review Pt 2 | Blogmas Day 17

Here comes Part 2!!! (If you haven’t seen yesterday’s section, it’s HERE)

So when I left you all yesterday, I’d got to the first week of July when School broke up for summer. Lets continue from there!



Straight from my school’s ‘Speech Day’, we headed up to Newcastle for my Great Aunt’s Birthday party. We stopped on the way at Durham, mainly the university, as that’s where both my parents studied. It was a bit boring because they wandered around saying ‘this is where we first kissed’, ‘this is where we met’. Urgh! When we finally reached Newcastle, it was lovely to meet my family even though most of my cousins were missing. The party featured the BEST chocolate pudding. I love chocolate so anything chocolatey is great!

We then carried on to Edinburgh and got to visit all these different places. This was a very relaxed week and it was my first trip in my memory. We also visited ‘The Elephant House Cafe’ which is where the first few Harry Potter books were written. And then into Scotland to visit the other side of my family. Yet another really relaxed week. So far we’re only 2 weeks into July! I should probably warn you now, July and August are going to be very busy!

After Scotland, I was home for one day before travelling (by myself for the first time!) to visit my french exchange in France. I met her for the first time 2 and a bit years ago but it had been almost 2 years since I last saw her. I still email her regularly so it was easy to pick up convocation (in french!!). I had a great week and her family were so kind. I really hope it helps my GCSE in May! The weather was honestly so good and I had lots of time to top up my tan!


When my mum picked me up from St Pancras it was so great! I really missed speaking English but I still had a good time. I stayed with my Aunt in London for 2 days. Day 1 was spent on the London Eye, a boat cruise and in Covent Gardens where I bought a (faux) leather jacket as an early birthday present in French Connection. Then me and my mum went to ‘The Curious incident of the dog in the Nighttime’. It was so so good but very loud even though we were on the back row- as far away from the stage as we could.

Day 2 was spent at YALC (you can find my round up of it HERE) which I won’t say much about.



August was another busy month which started off with early birthday celebrations and a trip to ‘Mamma Mia’. While we were in the station to go home, a random woman came home and started curling my hair. It looked nice but it was a bit weird!


And then I went straight to America. This trip was definitely the highlight of my year. I know I kept saying I’d post a thing on it and I haven’t but maybe I’ll post a ‘travel guide’ thing next year… Anyway, on the trip, we went to New York, Niagara, Toronto, Montreal, Vermont, Boston and New York again. It was such a fun trip and some of the girls are now very close friends.

When I got back, I did have a few days to recover. I’d survived on 6 hours sleep for the last 4 days of the trip… I met up with my bestest friends and prepared for school.

Then off on my final holiday of the year. It wasn’t abroad, just a week long trip along the Thames by boat. It was very relaxing and great fun to see all the rowing clubs that I race against from the river, as well as Eton Dorney (where we accidentally interrupted the final Paralympic canoeing training session! We met my mum’s friend and went to Winsor for the first time. The boat broke a few times, I promise it wasn’t my fault but it was a good final week!


The day before term started we had a pre-season rowing training which I didn’t hate as much as I expected. It was also the day of my first Twitter Chat. I hosted the #chattybees chat which I LOVED (so if anyone wants me to host a twitter chat, let me know!) Then term started and it’s been downhill from there. Jokes. Some of it’s actually been ok but don’t get me started on History Coursework!


I went to the theatre to watch ‘Blood Brothers’ with my mum and maybeee I cried! I can’t hep it, it’s sad! And I also got invited to my first party (*gasps* yes, you heard that right, I went to a party). It was so much fun and I got to know the people there so much better.

At the end of the month was the first race of the school year, in Monmouth so my family decided to make it a weekend trip there. I had a great milkshake and then won my race which was wonderful!


A photo diary: October Half Term

October started with the second race of the school year. I won this one as well which means I’ve double last year’s prizes already! Another few boring weeks of school and then half term. You can see my half term in pictures HERE but I had a great time with some great purchases which you can read more about HERE. And then another school party, this time for Halloween, I am on a party role. This one was even better as there were more people there and so I got to know them all a lot better!


This started off with Bonfire night which I always really enjoy especially if Hot Chocolate is available! It was a great variety of fireworks and because we were on top of a hill we could see the fireworks from loads of other displays as well.

My Grandad was staying with us for 2 weeks which was nice, not that we did much! My certificate for my English Language GCSE (which my school takes a year early) arrived which basically just reminded me how close my GCSEs now are…

All my subject teachers have been rounding up topics ready for mocks, which I am most definitely NOT ready for. I visited my town’s Christmas fayre which is always less good than I expect. I need to go to a better one before Christmas!


At the time of writing, we’ll just have to see what this month holds!

Wow! This post has featured lots of (mirror) selfies! Apologies for that! xx

What has been your favourite thing that’s happened to you this year?


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Year in Review Pt. 1 | Blogmas Day 16

As we’re so close to the end of the year, I wanted to take the time to look back / the year. As 2016 has been such a big/busy year for me, I’ve split it into two posts so come back again tomorrow for Part 2. Lets get going!



I rang in the New Year 2016 twice. Once at 9pm and then again at midnight. I was staying in Cornwall with friends so we rang in the New Year early so the ‘little ones’ could see it and then when we stayed up until the actual midnight, we were all so tired! The weather of that week was awful with a particular memory for me being when we had a picnic on top of a cliff and all our food blowing off the cliff into the sea. Great.

Then it was my brother’s birthday which we celebrated with afternoon tea and then going out to a Chinese Restaurant. Just after his birthday we bought 4 new piglets who were all very cute!

Not much happened in February  other than a boring half term and another Valentine’s day without a Valentine so I’ll skip over that!


In March, I was off on my practise DofE expedition. I’d expected there to be TERRIBLE weather but it was actually amazing so I got badly sunburned all over my face. I really enjoyed it though!

I rowed at Eton Dorney lake (the Olympic lake) for the first time. I don’t do very well but the atmosphere was great!

It was my mum’s birthday but again we went out for Chinese. And then it was the Easter break!



In the first week, we went away to Salzburg in Austria. It was a very laid back week but I really enjoyed it. We spent the first day just wandering again. The next day we visited some traditional Austrian houses and looked at some traditional clothes along with taking part in an Easter egg hunt aimed at 3 year-olds! We also tried a Sacer Torte which is delicious! The next day we visited the Salzburg fortress and the puppet theatre. We took a carriage ride around Salzburg at sunset. The next day we went on a ‘Sound of Music’ tour which I enjoyed so much especially as there was sing-along on the bus!! The final day we just did some more wandering.

The next week of the holidays, I was on rowing camp. It was definitely the hardest I’ve ever worked sports-wise but I was really happy with the results and I got to know the other girls in my squad who are now some of my closest friends.


The final week of the Easter holidays was spent in Eastbourne which is where my mum grew up. It was also very laid-back and we just visited our favourite places.


May was a month of revision but I did manage to do a bit of other stuff too, mainly revision. The first thing I did was attend a party thrown for me to celebrate that I received my Baden Powell award which is the highest badge you can get as a guide (Girl Scout) as took me about 2 years to complete.

Then I attended 3 local regattas for my rowing, three weekends in a row before half term. The first day of half term I went to the ‘National Schools Rowing’ Regatta. It’s a very big event and I’m so happy my crew came 6th in our category of 70 or so! I traveled straight from the lake to the airport to catch the plane to Crete for a week. It was so sunny! The only downside was that I had to revise but revision by the pool is not too bad!



Mainly exams and rounding up the year. I spent a lot of time with my rowing chums and we hatched out some ducklings. Someone smashed our car windscreen while we were at a school concert so that was great… My exam results weren’t great but I’ll have to leave that due to the fact that sunbathing distracted me from revising a lot…

Overall, when school finished in the first few days of July, that year had been a very good school year filled with new friends.

Bit poesy but hey…!

Part 2 coming tomorrow. Come back then to see how I fared in the second half of the year including my VERY busy summer holidays.