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An Autumn Collective Haul – Autumn 2016


Hey Guys,

I’ve decided to post a haul post because I’ve never done one before but also because I’ve made a few big purchases recently. It’s not going to be a massive post because I always try and save my money in Autumn because, does anybody realise how expensive Christmas presents are?! I can’t find all of the product to link them for you but  I’ve linked them where I can!                  Anyway on with the blog,

Unicorn Onesie – H&M – £24.99

This ended up being my Halloween costume because I needed a quick and easy costume. A new onesie was on my Christmas wish list anyway so I’m counting it as an early Christmas present. It was quite expensive considering the normal price of thing at H&M and it isn’t particularly thick material. It’s incredibly soft and I love the design but it needs to be layered with other clothes to keep you warm. It served me very well on Halloween and I’m excited to be a unicorn this winter. Sadly, It’s not for sale in H&M anymore 😦
Black Velvety Boots – George in ASDA – £20.00
These are something I’ve been looking for for such a long time. Up until now I’ve had to borrow a pair of my mum’s boots which means my outfits rely on whether or not my mum is wearing them and she’s a size 7 while I’m a size 8 feet so they’re quite tight. Anyway, I saw these in ASDA while on holiday and I love them. I’d been holding back on buying boots as I hadn’t found any that I really really liked and they were too expensive  to be unsure about. However, these weren’t expensive at all, they seem good quality and I love them. I love the heel on them and have worn them so much. The only downside I have found so far is that although they fit, they are still quite big and so I have to wear thick-ish socks with them. Not that I’m complaining, Thick socks are a highlight of Autumn/Winter!
Forget-me-not blue Lunarglide 7 trainers – DW sports – £90.00
Another pair of shoes, I know. But to be fair, they were much needed. Before I got theses and the boots above, I owned 4 pairs of shoes which included a pair of slippers, 2 pairs of trainers and a pair of school shoes. Yeah, not great selection. I really needed new trainers because my other pairs STINK!!! They smell so bad I’ve had to use so many cans of air freshener on my room after I leave my trainers in there overnight. I get complaints constantly about the smell so they weren’t really ideal for wearing out & about. These trainers are so pretty, I absolutely love them. They were very expensive, but Nike stuff always is! I know if I was rich I’d spend the majority of my money on Nike stuff. They’re very comfortable and I still don’t know if I’ll wear them purely as wearing out trainers or sports trainers as well yet but I’ll decide as time goes on.
Canon EOS 1300D Camera with EFS 18-55mm Lens – Curry’s PC World – £270.00
I broke my last camera (which was no where near as nice as this one) while I was in the desert in Jordan exactly a year ago. Either I got sand in the lens and it broke or my face was so ugly it broke the camera as my last photo on it was a selfie…that’s awkward! Anyway I’d done a year without a camera and had been using the camera on my phone for photos, which is a very good camera, but I just felt less comfortable taking photos on my phone. And also especially blog photos, when the photos were transferred to my computer screen, they just seemed to become ore pixelated and less good. This was also an early Christmas present of a sort. When I first decided that I wanted a new camera, my parents offered to get it for me for Christmas (not long to go now!) but, me being me, I couldn’t wait that long so I bought it with money from my bank account (which I’m meant to be saving for University…) and then my parents will give me some money to pay back  some of the money I took out my bank account. I don’t know if that makes sense! Anyway, so far I love it, I still have a lot to learn but I’m so excited to take lots of photos in the next year. You can check out my favourite photos I’ve taken so far here…. Maybe I’ll start doing YouTube videos (not likely though because that involves showing your face and mine’s ugly as!!)
Hope you enjoyed this mini haul!
Let me know down below what you’ve brought recently and if you have a camera.
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13 thoughts on “An Autumn Collective Haul – Autumn 2016

    1. I love them too! People kept complaining that unicorns aren’t horrible enough for Halloween but I’m perfectly fine with it. I’d love to do at least a few YouTube videos at some point… thanks for commenting xx


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