Wilkos Bath Bomb review

I love LUSH. I love Bath Bombs. I don’t have the money to constantly buy LUSH bath bombs so I decided to try our a cheaper option. The Wilkinsons Fruit Bath Bomb. For those who don’t know, Wilkinsons (or Wilkos as most people know it) is a small, cheap supplies shop in England. I’m not sure if that’s a good description but you get the idea, it’s cheap!

According to the label, the ‘Fruits’ bath bomb is a ‘Rhubarb & Vanilla Fragrance Explosion’. It is 170g and costs 95p. So yes, it’s definitely cheap!
The packaging wasn’t great. I don’t know what it is about LUSH, but no one seems to mind it just comes in a paper bag. This came in a tight bright pink plastic bag and I couldn’t get the bath bomb out of the bag for ages. Once you’re inside. remember to take of a layer of plastic surrounding the product. I didn’t realise it was there and couldn’t work out why the bath bomb wasn’t working  when I added it to water. Once you take it off, the actual bath bomb is quite pretty.

It’s a sort of speckled cream and pink sphere. It wasn’t the bright colours that LUSH has but it seemed quite sophisticated.
It became especially disappointing for me once you added it to your bath. Nothing really happened. It fizzed for a while but not violent fizzing and gave off no colour. That’s my favourite part of a bath bomb (although not for my mum, she always panics that I’ll stain the bath with them!). Instead, it turned the water cloudy for a short time before returning to clear water. The smell was really lovely, I’d have been happy to wear body spray smelling like that but it also didn’t last long. All in all, if someone had gone into the bathroom after I’d had a bath, even if I’d left the water in, they wouldn’t have been able to tell you I’d used a bath bomb.

Overall, I don’t like this bath bomb. There wasn’t something wrong with it as such but it didn’t impress me enough to use it again. If you don’t like colour in the bath when using bath bombs and only take short (5-10 minutes) baths you might just about be able to manage with this but I know I won’t be buying this again.

Have you ever tried a Wilkos bath bomb? What did you think?
Leave me suggestions of other bath bombs to try below.

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