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Chloe Bee’s Life Makeup Desert Island Disks

Go and check out my previous Desert Island Disks with Erin here. Now over to Chloe!!

Hi everyone!

I’m Chloe and I’m so excited to be taking part in Kate’s Desert Island Discs series! Kate gave me a list of 9 different categories and out of them I chose makeup! So without further ado here are 10 makeup items I would want with me on a desert island! (In no particular order!) 
1. No7 beautiful matte foundation in the colour calico, this foundation is one of the best I’ve found! 
2. Collection lasting perfection concealer in 01 fair, I completely swear by this concealer! You can bet it’s coming with me!
3. HIGHLIGHTER OF ANY KIND !  Highlighter is my all time favourite beauty product and I wouldn’t go anywhere without it!
4. Revolution flawless matte pallet, this pallet is my go to for eyeshadow it has everything you would need for any day to day look!
5. Revolution blush queen pallet, this pallet is the same as the eyeshadow! It just has so many beautiful shades that you would never need anything else. Also they have a beautiful highlight in them! 
6. Mac velvet teddy, I’m in love with this lipstick! I only bought it a few weeks ago but it has quickly found a place in my heart!
7. Rimmel stay matte powder, I’ve tried many different powders but I always end up back at this one, it is just such a lovely powder that doesn’t make you feel caked but still manages to keep your makeup in place all day!
8. Benefit precisely my brow eyebrow pencil, like my mac lipstick this is a new purchase that I instantly fell in love with. The one thing that bugs me the most about my makeup whenever I do it is my brows! I’m just so bad at them but this pencil makes them a little easier to do!
9. Mac false lash mascara, I don’t actually own a full size version of this product but you can bet I’ll be buying one! I got a free sample of this mascara the day I bought velvet teddy and OMG ITS FANTASTIC! It makes your lashes so long and dark, it’s honestly just amazing!
And last but not least
10. NYX felt tip liner, I don’t really have anything to say about this product? It’s an eyeliner that works but I very much doubt that it’s one of the best, it’s just one I like to use!
Also my luxury item would be my phone! I know that’s such a basic answer but that’s what I would want to take because then I could phone and get someone to come rescue me and then I wouldn’t have to only have 10 makeup items! 
Thank you so much to Kate for letting me take part in this!! I had a lot of fun being on your blog! Hopefully this won’t be the last time! 
Bye everyone!

It’s been 3 interviews in 3 weeks but I promise next week (as it’s half term) will have a bit more variety!
As always, all comments will be returned! Comment on Chloe’s blog, tell me that you’ve done that in the comments and I’ll comment on your blog!!


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