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Summer favourites 2016

Well, as its October, I guess you can say Summer is officially over 😦 So I thought it was about time I posted my summer favourite for this year in a way of kidding myself into thinking that it’s still sunny outside! Its going to be quite long so sit back and relax, but don’t worry, I won’t go into detail on everything!


  • Mamma Mia soundtrack- I went to see the musical at the Start of August and I’ve been listening to it pretty constantly since! My favourite, I think, is SOS. The songs just generally make me happy!
  • Ex’s & Oh’s by Elle King – I don’t really know why I like this but it makes me feel, again, very happy. I’m more into happy songs than sad songs because I feel that there’s enough sad in the world already (Adele is an exception!)
  • Cheap Thrills by Sia- I love this song and again don’t know why but I know it pretty much off by heart with my own added dance moves!
  • The Greatest by Sia- Another Sia song but who can really complain?! I listen to this because it makes me feel powerful (is it just me or does that sound weird?) and I listen to it especially before rowing races as it’s all about having power and strength and stamina.
  • Grace Van Der Waal- This wonderful singer won ‘America’s got Talent’ this year and honestly , I love her singing so much and think I’ve watched the videos on her youtube account at least three times each!
    • Dried Mango- I’ve always loved dried mango but I’ve been eating it a lot over the summer. I prefer the ‘Soft Mango’ to the ‘Dried Mango’ as it’s sugared (and less good for you!) and tastes less sharp.
    • Mars Bar Ice Creams- I hope I don’t offend anyone but I don’t actually like ice cream… Mars Bar Ice Creams are an exception and something my family buys a lot every summer. You always know summer has started when you find the ice creams in the freezer!
    • Banana Milkshakes- for the last few summer, I’ve been visiting as many different places as I can and trying their banana milkshakes. The best are the ones made of real banana, preferably with chunks of unblended banana in them. The least good are the ones that are artificially flavoured… This summer I’ve been really going for it with the tasting. The best are in Scotland so far if you’re wondering!
    • Ryevita- My breakfast nowadays is 2/3 slices of Ryevita with butter and Bovril. Its probably not counted as healthy but it’s nice, as long as you like Bovril!
      • Great British Bake off- I know I’m not the only one crying about the move to Channel 4 but I’ve been really enjoying this series. I guess it really shows us to appreciate things while they last! 🙂
      • Chronicles of Nadiya- Another GBBO related program, I really enjoyed learning about Bangladesh (which to be honest, I didn’t know was a country before) although I enjoyed the cooking slightly less
      • The Olympics- I missed a lot of the early medals as I was in America where they didn’t show anything but I’ve enjoyed watching it on catch-up and also watching the Paralympics


      • Boots Tea tree & witch hazel with active charcoal facial wash
      • Boots Tea tree & witch hazel with extract of berry jelly facial scrub
      • Collection Waterproof Volumising mascara – I talked more about it here
      • My new necklaces- For my birthday, I got two new necklaces. One from my cousin and one from my best friend, Emily. Emily’s necklace is a lovely ‘K’ because, obviously, my name begins with a K and my cousin got me a rowing necklace. I’ve worn the K a lot but am yet to wear the rowing one although I know I will wear it a lot!
      • Polaroids- This summer I’ve taken more polaroids than I’ve ever taken before and I’ve really started to love them. Of course, being me, many of them are too exposed etc but they really capture the moment.
      • FreePrints App- One of the girls I went to America with suggested this app to me. Basically, every month you receive 45 free prints (6×4 size). You have to pay for extra and postage and any other sizes but the quality is so good. In my opinion, the matte photos are the best so don’t forget to tick the matte box when you check out. For 5 extra prints a month use the code kemsley4 when you sign up.
      • Wattpad- I’ve been reading so many stories on here this summer partially because it’s already on my phone and therefore easy to carry around when travelling but also because there are so many good free books there!
      What have you been loving this summer? Let me know below
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