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Makeup starter kit -Collab with ‘Sprinkle of Flo xo’

Hey Everyone!!

Today’s post is exciting for me! It’s my first ‘Collab’ post.  Today’s collab is with the lovely ‘Sprinkle of Flo xo’. You can find her blog here and Instagram here . Please go and check out her post over on her blog. We decided to do the ‘Makeup starter kit’ which is also exciting for me as it is my first makeup post!
As I don’t have a lot of makeup, this is basically all my makeup but there are some pieces missing if I don’t really like them!! In my opinion, when you begin with makeup, it is better to buy cheaper makeup to give you room to experiment. So here as my cheap (ish) choices for a make-up starter kit. I’ve really tried with my photos for this post and I hope you notice the difference. Anyway, on with the post!!

Foundation- Rimmel Match Perfection. £7.99 I personally wear 101 True ivory. It is really good because while it is a good coverage, it isn’t too heavy. There are so many varied skin colours which makes the choice very good

Concealer- Rimmel Wake Me Up. £5.50 I have to say, I’ve never tried another concealer but this is very good for me. It’s very good at covering the red spots/acne scars but not amazing at covering the under-eye purple bags. The liquid is quite runny and thin but covers ok.
Powder- Collection Pressed Powder. £3.99 I have to be honest, I haven’t really used this but it’s nice and cheap but good (ish) quality! There is again, a large range of skin tones so you can get one perfect for you.

Mascara- Collection Volumising Mascara Extra Volume Waterproof £2.99 I use this pretty much everyday, which for me is a lot! It is very good at volume but doesn’t clump. I like the brush as it is nice and voluminous! The only problem I have is it leaks a bit and its quite hard to get off your lashes!! (is that even a complaint??)
Lipsticks- Collection £2.99 These are nice and cheap but provide a lot of colour and feel as though they are also nourishing your lips. There isn’t a large selection but what they have is good.
Also the Body Shop lipsticks-£10.00- are very good and have stronger colours than the Collection lipsticks although they feel less nourishing and are a lot more expensive

Eyeshadow- Colours by Technic complete makeup palette.£12.99 It is a complete pallete (which Includes 105 Eyeshadows, 7 Lipglosses, 7 Blushers/Bronzers, 1 Lip Brush and 2 Double-Ended Foam Applicators. ) but I love the wide range of colours. I got it for Christmas last year so it’s a bit harder to find now . It’s defintley a good pallette to get if you’re wanting to experiment with different eyeshadow looks. I also like the fact it comes with all the other things as well.
Eyebrows- Sleek makeup ‘A new Day’ eyeshadow pallete- £8.99  So last weekend I actually went to a party (*Cheers*). Ok so it was my friend’s mum’s party but at least it was a party, right! Anyway someone actually did my ‘brows for me and I really liked them! So she used this and I love the fact that even though it’s eyeshadow, it has perfect colours for brows!

For Brushes I use the Hema mini makeup brushes-£3.50 they really aren’t expensive (and probably aren’t very good quality) but they work. I am hoping to get the ELF essentials 14-peice brush set for Christmas.

Thank you for reading, sorry if you didn’t enjoy this, I’m only just starting out with makeup and so my choices were quite limited!!
What would be the one makeup item you would suggest to beginners?

All comments returned!


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