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School Goals- Year 11

WOW, I can’t believe I started year 11 on Monday. I swear I was 11 years old a few days ago… It sounds so old and I’m in no way mature enough, especially if I compare myself to other girls in my year… I feel like Year 11 is a BIG year, not only have I got GCSEs next summer but I feel like life gets more serious. Like, you’re not just playing at life, this is an ACTUAL SERIOUS LIFE SITUATION. The things I do this year could affect the rest of my actual grown-up life. People older than me probably think I’m so weird for freaking out so much over this year, it’s probably no different from other years. But oh, well!!

Anyway, I think it’s fair to say I’m not a very popular/social person (for some reason, I seem to freak people out…:)) so as well as academic goals for this year, I also have some personal ones. Ok, let’s go!!


8.16.15 | 4:12pm | finished another set of quotes  for a book. my hand is killing me:
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o   Improve handwriting, even in exams My handwriting isn’t bad… It just could be neater… Some of the girls in my year have LOVELY handwriting and it’s so neat and amazing and I just want that to be my handwriting. The boys handwriting, not so neat!! (No sexism meant!!)

o   Have pretty and organised revision notesI’ve been looking on Pinterest for ideas to help me stay motivated when it comes to revision and some of the notes are gorgeous and you could probably frame them in an art gallery and people wouldn’t look twice. This is probably linked to number one because you need nice handwriting for nice notes.

o   Get A* in most GCSEs OK, so I made a bet with my brother about my GCSE results and there’s £55 to play for and I can’t afford to give away that money so…He bet I couldn’t get all A* in my GCSEs and I bet I can. I have the recording to go with it! I got my first GCSE result this summer and, really shocked myself, got an A*!! I’m so happy so now just 10 more subjects to keep that up with… I’m not sure it’s going to happen, especially as I chose Latin and Music as two of my options… why??
OK WHAT THE HELL??? | 25 Studying Photos That Will Make You Want To Get Your Shit Together  [:
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o   Do a speech in front of a large number of people I actually had the choice of doing this yesterday but it was in front of too many people for my first speech. The whole school, of about 1000 people, is too much for my first speech given that I can’t talk in front of my class without feeling very sick with nerves… Hopefully, I can start with a smaller speech (as a matter of fact, I have one planned for a week on Tuesday).

o   Go to at least one of each subject clinic As my mum keeps reminding me, my school provides a lot of help if you’re struggling or just generally don’t understand something. They provide clinics with the teachers, for each subject, at breaks for you to go to but the only time people go, is if they’re forced to. This year I want to go once to each clinic especially during my revision times later this year, voluntarily and actually get something out of it!


o   Make at least one new close friend who I would feel happy inviting to a party As I mentioned before, I’m not a very sociable person. I end up insulting or scaring away or hating anyone new I meet. I guess the fact that I don’t wear makeup and get glammed up etc. often (although I’d like to!) also give people a reason to hate me for some reason. I’m a quite shy person, or seem like it to the untrained eye, but rowing in the past year has really made me feel like I have a lot more friends, even if there are moments I feel I haven’t. There are still more people to ‘explore’ and find friends in (wow, that sounds dodgier than expected!) so that’s what I want to do this year.

o   Get invited to 3 parties It makes me laugh when the girls (and boys) who I consider to be popular, complain about only being invited to 20 parties this year when their friend has been to 21. Err, HELLO! I’ve not attended a party in 3 years!! Anyway, hopefully this year will be my year! Most people in my year are turning 16 soon so there will lots of parties for that. So far this is going well with my first party next weekend, AND with people I don’t really know that great. Maybe a solution to no.1 has arrived!!
gorgeous glamping tent makes a lovely spa spot from love, sarah schneider blog!:
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o   Spend more time outside/in the gardens at school My group of ‘friends’ (more on that later) spend every break time, winter or summer in the same locker room. It’s just no fun so this year, when the sun is shining, you will find me outside! I need sunshine to stop me fro being vampire pale, I can’t live inside!

o   Leave behind the people I hate OK, so, a lot of my friendship troubles all lead back to this one group of friends. I might write a post sometime about our problems but it’s got to the point where I can’t stand them anymore. So me and my best friend (hello Emily!!!) have decided to get away from them. Yes, so far, it means our lives are a bit lonelier but it’s so much better!! I want to make sure I don’t end up drifting back to them later…

o   Become less afraid of boys and popular people Some of you will probably scoff but talking to the ‘popular people’ in my year, especially my ex-best friend, scares me so much. I just find them so judgmental and can’t deal with it. It all comes back to by bad confidence levels but I really want to sort it out. They have no reason to scare me. Oh, and boys, they scare me too.
always wanted a library in my house with a roaring fire...:
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o   Be top of the library ‘Top borrowers’ list This is probably the geekiest thing on the list but, every year, our school library published a list of the people who have borrowed the most items from the library. I’ve never been 1st. I’ve been 3rd and 2ndin the past two years always just a few books away from the top. It’s actually sad how few books it takes to get on there. I think 5th borrowed 9 books last year and 6th was 2 or something!!

Ok, so I hope you are all having a splendid back to school/university/work time. I’m most certainly not enjoying the homework, thanks teachers! Let me know your goals for this academic year below and I’ll check back in with these goals in February or March.

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