15 things I noticed in America.

In case you hadn’t realised from my last couple of posts, I went to America for the first time this holiday. I will be writing a review of my trip but in the meantime, here’s 15 things I noticed that are different from over here, ost of the obsivations are from New York but some are from Boston.

o   They eat MASSIVE meals. Everything is massive, even if you only order a simple salad, it will still be too much to eat.

o   There were lots of buskers on the subway but every time they started coming down the carriage to collect money, it seemed to coincide with an announcement reminding people that giving money to them is banned. In London, I’ve never seen buskers on the actual tube although sometimes in the stations but in New York, there was at least someone on each train.

o   M&Ms are very expensive. Given that they’re an American food, it’s weird because they are so much cheaper in the UK especially one you convert it to pounds.

o   People recognise Girl scouts everywhere. Because my trip was organise through my guide unit we had to wear neckers (like scarves) all week and as soon as people noticed them they always said something like ‘Girl Scouts! Got any Cookies?’. Which leads me onto my next point…

o   They’re much more open to start conversations. Just standing on the train people would start up conversations with us. In England people would start worrying about stranger danger but in America, apparently its the norm. Also Americans are so self-confident. We had a 60+ guy give his phone number to several girls in our group (who were 15) and they were so sure they would get a text from them. They’re going to be so disappointed at the moment!

o   Not many cars but A LOT of Taxis. The only cars I found were all from ‘outta state’. I loved the Taxis though. I took so many photos where you can tell it’s obviously New York because of the yellow Taxis.

o   It took me a lot longer to find an American accent than I expected! I expected to walk straight through the door in the airport and to be greeted by a annoying American accent but it wasn’t until we reached our hostel I actually heard an American accent, and it was a lot less annoying than I expected!

o   New York was a LOT bigger than I’d previously thought. I had imagined it all as a walk from one place to another but everything is a lot further away from each other than I thought, I shouldn’t be so surprised because London is huge but for some reason, I thought that New York was a lot smaller but the metros were fast (and very confusing) so we could get all over the city for our sightseeing.

o   There aren’t many dogs but the dogs there are, are only walked in specific places. You can’t just walk them in the street. They had designated ‘dog parks’ which are the only places dogs are allowed off the leads especially as not many people have gardens. The dogs get there either in someone’s handbag or straight out someone’s car and into the enclosed park. Most of the dogs were small to medium as I imagine large dogs needed more exercise than the park could provide. I know my dogs would go mental if that was them!

o   They have weird (or amazing) flavours of everything. E.g. Pringles. There was Ranch flavoured, pizza flavoured, baked potato flavoured. What does Baked potato flavoured even taste like? surely that’s just plain crisps…

o   People in New York don’t know their city. We asked so many people directions, but they couldn’t give us directions as they didn’t know where they were. Granted, they were tourist attractions which the New Yorkers are unlikely to visit often but thank goodness for the free Wi-Fi to help us get around!

o   In most places, especially the more touristy places, water is a lot more expensive than any other drink, which is unfortunate for me as I only drink water. Most places that you had to pay to get into had free water fountains but still…

o   There are a lot of chain food shops and a lot of each chain. I think there is a ‘Dunkin’ donuts’ on every street/avenue of most cities in America. For the two weeks we were there, we only had one meal that wasn’t in a chain fast-food restaurant. It was a lot more chain-y than England.

o   There’s only 1 Primark in America and it’s in Boston. It’s massive and amazing. We found this out after a guy on the metro told me how much ‘larved‘ my sunglasses and I told him I got them from Primark for £2. We visited it when we were in Boston and it has so many floors. And the toilets are on the top floor, which isn’t great when you’re bursting!

o   The Americans LOVE their flag. Trust me, it’s everywhere! I swear british people aren’t that proud to be british but yeah! just check out this building!

I hope you enjoyed this. This just popped into my head: Another thing I noticed, although it’s the same in many other countries, is how much they love the Royal Family. I had one lady talk to me for half an hour while we were on a bus about how much money she’s spent on memorabilia (a lot!).
Have you ever been to America? Did you notice the same things??


Disclaimer- This shouldn’t/wasn’t intended to offend anyone!


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