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Book Review- Model Under Cover 4: Dressed to kill by Carina Axellson

Hello everybody!
I’m so sorry for the lack of posts in the last few weeks. I’ve just got back from America (which was AMAZING!!!) and I just didn’t get around to scheduling the posts while I was away. I wrote the majority of the posts I aimed to publish while I was away, I just ran out of time. It’s annoying because I was in such a flow! Anyway as I’ve taken a ‘break’, I decided now would be a good time to get into my new routine of 1 or maybe 2 posts a week. I was trying to have once every three days which was working but just wasn’t, realistically, possible to keep up once I go back to school. I have so many post ideas and so much enthusiasm about the blog but I just can’t give it the time to publish that many posts especially considering how major my next year of school is (GCSES!!!). I do rowing most nights after school and then have 3 or more pieces of homework. I will post as much as possible but I’ll apologise in advance. I also want to spend some time organising and redoing the look of my blog because I really don’t like it but I need help because I don’t understand blog decorating! Anyway, enough moaning and on with the book review. Also look out for a review of my trip to America which will either be up this Friday or next Friday because I’m about to lose my Wi-Fi for a week. How will I survive?!

Book 4 is the top one!

The Model Under Series is one of my favourite series (pretty much only beaten by Harry Potter…). I was very excited to buy the 4th book in the series recently. I read it quickly and had a lot of views on it. I like it when a book leaves me with views because all too often, I find myself finishing a book with very little good or bad to say. I like being able to review the books without feeling like I’m just rambling boring words because I have nothing to say. Do you understand what I’m saying? I want to feel like the books were a good use of my time, even if I didn’t enjoy them, I still took in the story. I don’t know if that made any sense…
Anyway, I read ‘Dressed to Kill’ which is set in Milan. I’ve never been to Milan whereas I have been to Paris, London and New York so for me, I found it harder to visualise the setting of the book purely as I don’t personally know the location. Milan is somewhere I would love to go and this feeling has become more urgent now I’ve read this book. I mean look at the architecture, not something I’d normally talk about but it really is stunning in the photo below!

Italia-Tour Italy| Serafini Amelia| Milan Cathedral, Italy | Incredible Pictures:
Photo from Pinterest

I love detective stories and I love the fashion element in these stories because while I’m not particularly ‘fashion-y’, I would love to be a model… I follow Carina [Axelsson] on both Instagram and Twitter and I see the amount of research, especially location research, that goes into her books. And she gets invited to all sorts of swanky fashion events which look amazing! I think the fact that two of my favourite series (Model under cover and Geek Girl) are both based around modelling is a clue as to how much I would love to be a model! Same you have to be pretty and thin! Anyway back to the story, the thing I love about detective stories is the ability  to have your own views on who-dunnit. I think that’s something this book is slightly missing. Books 1 and 2 had it but I personally feel that both books 3 and 4 have not given the reader enough clues to guess and that makes the book less exciting in my view. Of course, the reader doesn’t want to be able to get the right person but they want to be able to try and figure it out. Again, does that even make sense??
I read earlier that these books are aimed at early teens and I’m now 15 (which is basically half way through my teens) but the protagonist, Axelle, is 16 and I never feel like I’m reading a book for younger people so I don’t know… I don’t feel the need for the love story to be included but I think there were places that it was needed in this book. I just felt it wasn’t a big enough part of the story to make it worth it but I’m guessing that th lack of story is part of the story.  (seriously, why is this review today so confusing!)
I am very excited for the next book/s. I had a brief conversation with Carina on Twitter about how much I’d enjoyed the book etc, and I asked her if the next book would be set in Tokyo (it basically says it is in the 4th book!) and she said that it would be however there might be something extra coming along before that… Exciting!

I can’t wait for more Model Under Cover books to come out!


Have you read this? Let me know one question you have about it (whether you’ve read it or not) below!


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