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August Goals

It’s ALMOST August!!!

Hello August | via Tumblr on We Heart It.. Summer will soon end and once gain fall comes calling with it's crisp air and burnished leaves of gold. TG
From Pinterest

I love August, not only because it’s my birthday month (it’s the 9th if you want to get me a present!) but also because its the one month where for the whole of it I have no school!!   I only had a week of school in July, but still. I’ve achieved much more than I expected in my first month of blogging and so I decided to set some aims for August, for my blog and for me.

Blog Goals:

  1. I’d like 600 page views here by the end of the month.  At the time of writing I have 315 and that’s in just over a month so I’m hoping it’s possible…
  2. 10 comments here. At the moment, Blogger won’t allow me to reply to comments which is really annoying because the 2 (!) people that have commented deserve replies. If you could help me with this please let me know. Otherwise, if you’ve commented, I want to reply but I can’t  and love you very much!
  3. 100 followers on Instagram. My Instagram isn’t nicely themed or organised or anything but I post what I want. I’d love to have a themed feed but I don’t have the patience. However if you’d like to see the photos I post there, follow me @myinterneth .
  4. 20 followers on bloglovin’. I don’t really like bloglovin’ but lots of people do so follow me there here
  5. 30 twitter followers. I LOVE twitter I’m just not very good at it. I always think of things that are 143 characters or something and it doesn’t work. Follow me @myinterneth
Deep personal goals (ONLY JOKING!!)
imgfave - amazing and inspiring images:
Again from Pinterest
  • I only have one goal which is to create a photo wall. See the photo if you don’t understand hat I mean but I’m going to need to take the time to print them all out. I’ve wanted one for forever!
  • I hope you have a very jolly August!
    Tell me below how I could improve my blog and/or social media.
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