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Book review- The Square root of Summer by Harriet Reuter Hapgood

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To get me into the summer holidays mood, I picked this book up from the library. I’d seen it before but had no idea what it was about.
To be quite honest, I still don’t know what it’s about….! I could give you a summary of exactly what the first half of the boom is about but then, I have no idea. The way it was written and the storyline to begin with was good but the book is based around maths or maybe its physics, and that confuses me. And it’s the summer holidays so my brain/me refuses to work…Anyone know what a wormhole is (physics-wise?)??
The first line of the book is my absolute favourite yet. ‘My underwear is in the apple tree.’ Personally, I had absolutely no idea where this was taking the story but I found it very funny. 🙂
I can’t lie and say I read every line of the book because there were a lot of technical explanations and I literally fell asleep reading them… I did, however, like the diagrams. I maybe a teenager but books with drawings in makes me so happy! If you want me to like your book add photos and drawings!!

The story was good because it wasn’t predictable. Would or wouldn’t she end up with the boy?
I’m assuming this book is talking about mental wormhole rather than actual wormholes because I’m assuming it is a real-life fiction book (opposed to a fantasy!) Honestly though, bleughhhhh. (That was what I understood from this book!)


If you haven’t already check out my interview on Thumbelina here. It was so much fun talking to Anna and getting to know her.

What did you think??



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