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Sty-DYING ; Revision tips and tricks

I’ve finished my exams for this year!

They weren’t as good as I had hoped but the results aren’t bad…

In this post I want to talk about how I revise and just a few tips and tricks for exams. I’m not saying I’m good at it or an expert in any way but in my opinion, the more tips you can get, the better.

When I revise I tell myself that the exams are 2 weeks before they are so I make sure I can fit as much revision in as I can. To actually do revision, I have whiteboard (bought from IKEA) and my books. I print out my syllabus from the Internet if I can. I read through my book/syllabus and write down the key info. For example, equations and definitions I must know. Once I’ve filled the board with as much information as I can, in as many colours as I can, I photograph it on my phone. After I’ve done one topic, I copy our the information again but from memory. I then check with the photos and carry on repeating until I remember all the information. Then I repeat it with every topic in every subject. It takes a while but it’s what works for me. I have to have a revision timetable otherwise I spend all my time revising the subjects I find easy and avoiding the ones I don’t want to do.
Then 2 weeks before my exam, I print out practise exam questions. I do them all and see where I’m losing marks and if they’re just silly mistakes or what… I copy the corrections to my mistakes onto a whiteboard and learn them as I did earlier. It is long and tedious and boring but for me, it works.
I print out the photos of the whiteboard slide and read through them just before my exam and mentally test myself on the equations etc.

I was taught in my first year of senior school that there are 3 types of learning: auditory (listening), visually (eyes), kinaesthetic (doing something). The most popular types of learning are auditory and visual. You need to learn what type of learning works for you. For me, I learn kinaesthetically. Most methods of revision you hear about are not kinaesthetic. And so you need to research ways of learning for each of these sections.

Another thing I do is set my exam timetable as my lock screen to remind me everytime I turn on my phone to revise because I’m a very good procrastinator! I chose a music playlist to play during exam week that is very calming and also powerful!
The most important thing (and you’ve probably heard it before) is to drink water, as much as you can, and to feel as prepared as you can. My dad tells me, because of course I’ve never been in this situation :), that there is nothing worse than walking into a major exam unprepared. I know revision is horrible but it’s more fun in the long run. As soon as the summer holidays finish, I’ll be revising for next years exams. fun.

How do you revise for exams??



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