Battle of the Somme – Hopefully

This is something a little different from what I would normally do…

1st July 2016 was the centenary of the start of the Battle of the Somme (wow that’s a lot of ‘of’s!). For those who don’t know, it was a battle during the 1st World War that began on 1st July 1916 and ended 18th November the same year. It was the bloodiest and most horrific battle of the war and possibly ever. During the war, over 1 million people from both sides were killed or fatally injured.
On the 1st, to commemorate the war, I took part in a creative writing workshop at my local archives. We looked at letters and video footage of the war and had to write something about it. I wrote a poem. I love creative writing but poems are something I really don’t like. However I felt it was right for this occasion. And out of all the poems, mine was chosen to be read out in a memorial service in front of a lot of war veterans (not battle of Somme veterans obviously as they’d have to be at least 118!).

I decided to share it here just because. I know it doesn’t rhyme, it’s not supposed to!


Hopefully, I tell them
Hopefully it will be over soon
One big push and we’ll get there,
I’ll be home soon
There were six of us to begin with
Six from my small town
Friends since we were children
I’m the only one alive
The promised us it’d be short
A few days, weeks at most
But the days are all stretched out 
And the weeks became months

I’ll be home soon I tell them
In every letter, again and again
Remember me to others
and I’ll see you soon

I can’t tell them the horrors
The number of bodies on the ground
The mud, the wounds, the injuries,
people from my town

I try to sound jolly
With my pen in my hand,
How are you? What’s life like?
Don’t worry, I’m fine

Hopefully I tell them
Hopefully it will be over soon
One big push and we’ll get there
I’ll be home soon

I hope you enjoyed that. It still suprises me how quick it was to write. Trust me, poetry is not my thing but I’m really proud of this!

Comment your blog names below and I’ll check them out!



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