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Book Review- Waiting for callback by Perdita and Honor Cargill

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I’m not sure if this is a popular book for others or not… I feel as though I’ve seen this book everywhere but then I didn’t know the storyline (Other than what the title tells you!) before… I think its probably aimed at people a little younger than me….
The book was Ok. It was written well. I’m assuming the authors are mother and daughter but please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not exactly sure how they wrote it as there is only one writing style so it wasn’t as though they wrote a chapter each or anything… From my research it seems the daughter Honor is the main author, I’m not sure how Perdita comes in… Quite a bit of the book is semi-autobiographical for Honor.
I found the book quite clichéd in a strange way. I mean, it wasn’t a story idea I’ve come across often before and it was interesting about the drama side of it but I knew what was going to happen, especially at the end. It was very obvious. You can tell that the ‘ugly’ girl is going to end up with the amazing role in a massive film and end up with the man of her dreams who she mentions on every page of the ENTIRE book!!! One part I did enjoy was the side story with Daisy. I thought it really showed that the situation doesn’t necessarily need to be stressful to make you feel overwhelmed.
The moment I found funniest (for those who have a copy, midway down page 294) made me sit there for about 5 minutes just laughing. So it could be considered a comedy… Actually, reading it back it’s not even that funny a paragraph… oh. WHAT??!!! Don’t judge me it was about half midnight and I was tired…
Overall I would give this book *** stars.

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