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Book review-I’ll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson

Image result for i'll give you the sunI think anyone who posts or looks at the #bookstagram part of Instagram can agree ‘I’ll give you the sun’ by Jandy Nelson is one of the most photographed/ photogenic books around. The copy I read was the typical yellow cover but I personally prefer the white cover with coloured lines although obviously, the yellow copy fits with the title and the style she set up with her other book.

The inside of the book is covered with black paint smudges on most pages. You have no idea how many people asked me what I did to get the pages so dirty… I didn’t really like the smudges as while it helped with the arty theme of the book, it gave me a fright every time I opened the book. I hate messing up a book and getting something all over the pages would make me literally so upset. In my opinion, books are like temples and should be treated like the most precious things in the world!:)
As I’m sure anyone who knows the book knows, the book is about a set of twins, Noah and Jude (one boy, one girl). At the start, Jude is the confident and social character while Noah s anti-social and struggles with his identity. However events cause a complete character swap during the book which I did find very unrealistic. Yes, I know its a book and anything can happen but its a shame when the rest of the boom is so realistic. However this character change did cause a change in feelings. At the start, I disliked Jude strongly (Hate is too strong a word) but by the end, I empathised with her and disliked Noah. I guess this was probably the aim…
The story isn’t told chronologically as most are but in a way that flips between times and people who are talking (either Noah or Jude). Every time it changed  I ALWAYS forgot to check what time and person it was and so I spent the first few paragraphs of each chapter confused… The best part of this changing POV narrative was that it saved the best part of the story from becoming apparent until the last few pages which made it very  exciting! The book seemed to go on for ages and I have no idea why…
One disagreement I have with the book (as with many American books. No offense.) is the idea that English men are charming. Err, hello have you ever met an English man?!


I really love Nelson’s writing style and want to read ‘The sky is everywhere’ now, Maybe the ‘Zoella’s book club’ version because isn’t that cover the prettiest?!

Have you read this? What did you think?



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