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What I’m excited for this summer


Summer is my FAVOURITE time of year and this year my holidays are jam-packed with exciting things which I CANNOT wait for!!! (apologies for the CAPITALS and exclamation marks!!!!)

Here are my top 15 exciting events happening this summer:

  • My BIRTHDAY!!!! I will be turning another year older this august. I am a huge fan of birthdays and can’t wait to be the same age as my friends because I’m the youngest by far…
  • YALC This year I’m going to the Friday of YALC. I’ve never been before and I’m so excited! I’m a bit nervous because I don’t know anyone and so I’m going with my mum. She doesn’t know anything about YA books and I hope its not too boring for her…
  • My BIG trip to America I won’t say too much about this until after because you know, internet security and all! I am going to America for 10 days with some friends and it’s going to be AMAZING!!
  • FREEDOM  NO SCHOOL!!! The summer holidays are my favourite time of year and this year my parents are letting me do basically what I want. I’ve only left 4 days rest for myself…I’m sure by the end I’ll be glad to get back to school for some rest.
  • Meeting up with cousins I haven’t seen in 8 years  They are all a lot older than me but I haven’t seen them in multiple years and they all live such interesting lives. Seriously, one is an actor in several films while another plays cricket for England! And they’ve all gone to either Oxford or Cambridge University. No pressure then!
  • Spending time with my mum I get on so well with my mum but I haven’t had a lot of time to spend with her especially during school time and so I’m really excited to spend a few days in London with her this summer. She’s not told me what we’re going to do but says we can have some ‘girly fun’ together!
  • Doing my first ever babysitting job I’m not yet certain if anyone wants me to babysit this summer but I’ve been wanting to babysit for ages… I love children!! Also due to my unhealthily large obsession for books, I need the money to get the titles coming out this summer. I actually tried to by the YA section of Waterstones the other day!!
  • Visiting my french exchange This trip has been in the planning for over a year as we wanted to do it last summer but our dates didn’t match. We get on really well despite the language barrier and although I don’t know what we’ll be doing, I know its going to be fun!
  • Finishing my Bronze D of E I’ve done everything I need to do to get this award, I just need to wait for my assessor to sign it all off. I just hope I don’t have to get my award in front of the whole school… 
  • Getting my first Scuba Diving qualification I was meant to finish this a few weeks ago but my instructor was ill and so I have my final two dives planned for over the holiday. The water in England is far too cold!
  • Visiting my granddad Ever since my gran died last year, he seems to be getting more and more lonely. He lives on a scottish island and so its hard for me to visit him but I’m looking forward to spending time with him.
  • Going shopping in London with my friends Its only for a day but it will be fun. I love London and so I’m excited!
  • Taking part in my first big Dog agility competition I do Dog Agility with my 2 dogs and I really enjoy it. I have taken part in small shows but this will be my first BIG show. Lets hope I don’t mess up!
  • Getting Fit!! I do rowing and to make sure I get into the top boats I need to keep exercising during the summer. I don’t know when because I’m quite busy…
  • Spending a week on a boat on the river For the last week of the holidays I’m travelling down the river on a boat. I’m glad we are because its very relaxing and I think I’ll need time to relax after such a busy holiday before school starts because school next year is going to be very hectic…
We have 8 weeks holiday which is more than some places and less than others. How long do you have? What are you doing this summer?

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