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Book Review- the Matched series by Ally Condle

I was bored in the library the other day (if that’s possible!) between exams and picked this series up by chance because I liked the minimalistic covers and checked out all 3 at once.

As I said above, I’d never heard of this series before, although a lot of my friends have read it and loved it which is surprising as they are so picky and clashing interests, but I felt as I was reading that I already knew the story. The first book is called Matched and follows the story of Cassia. I really enjoyed this it was gripping and at some points sad (which was embarrassing as I started crying in public!) but this was definitely my favourite book in the series. Book 2, Crossed, was the least interesting in my opinion. I could tell what was going to happen from the beginning which was disappointing… Book 3 is OK. Book 2 was from 2 POVs and book 3 is from 3. I don’t really like this although I can tell it was done to tell more parts of the story. I’d have preferred it from just Cassia’s POV. It left me with a lot of questions unanswered which I wanted to know…
The concept of the storyline is very good and left me and my friends discussing what our lives would be like if we lived in a place where every single aspect of our lives was controlled by a government. Definitely something to think about and I’m so glad we don’t!


Let me know if you have read this series and what you thought down below…

P.S while I was writing this I was listening to a playlist of Christina Grimmie’s best songs. I am truly upset by the deaths of her and all those pointless deaths in Orlando. PLEASE WORLD CAN’T WE HAVE PEACE???



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