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Book Review – Notes on being Teenage by Rosalind Jana

I spent my leftover Christmas money on this. I ordered it the day before it was released and spent more money on next-day delivery than I did on the book and rushed home as soon as I could to read it only to find it wasn’t going to arrive for another WHOLE DAY!! Amazon have given me a refund for the delivery which is good 🙂

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Now I’ve got around to reading it and its really good. It’s far more autobiographical than I had expected as I’d thought it would be full of tips but that means you read the words a lot more than if  it was just bullet points. Rosalind Jana prides herself in interviewing over 50 teens in the lead up to publishing her book but in my opinion, the interviews weren’t necessary. They just seem to repeat exactly what she said but in italics with a name at the bottom. One of the best bits of the book is that the author is ONLY 21. She gets us. However before I knew this, I thought she was so much older (NO OFFENCE!). I’d never heard of her before but have since read her blog and checked out ther Instagram. The whole book is made up of personal essays on all sorts of topics and I’m so glad I found it. While it doesn’t teach me to apply make up like I originally thought it would, it gives me confidence and has inspired me to write this blog.
If truth be told, I haven’t quite reached the end but I was so blown away by the rest of the book I was desperate to post my review I didn’t think that would matter… If the ending is sooo terrible and I hate it I’ll let you know…Jokes.


See you here shortly,



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